Ean Thomas Tafoya Parody Fashion Show

Ean Thomas Tafoya is running for mayor of Denver. His campaign’s approach is to throw a lot of events for community outreach and fun. This April Fool’s Day, Ean Thomas For Mayor has sponsored a Parody Fashion Show at the Highlands Masonic Temple on 3550 Federal Boulevard.

Come join us for the Parody Fashion Show, which promises to deliver humorous designs from all of Denver’s favorite seamstresses and tailors. Radio Comic Devin The Blessin will be in the house to keep things humorous as the designers debut their freshest and funniest looks. There will be nine local fashionistas present to show off for those in attendance.

The Parody Fashion show in Denver at 3550 Federal Boulervard on April first

The event will also feature a selfie wall, local artists, a DIY costume contest, and of course, vendors. There will be plenty to do as this family-friendly gathering is set to go all day long. General admission and VIP tickets are both available for those who are interested.

Ironic LLP and and Ean Thomas Tafoya for Denver Mayor team up for the Parody Fashion show!

The event will culminate in a town hall-style chat with mayoral candidate Ean Thomas Tafoya. Tafoya’s campaign is committed to hearing out their potential constituents on how to improve Denver’s future trajectory.

Please join us for a day of fun fashion and stick around to chat with Tafoya. The town hall will be anything but boring as it will carry on the theme of the night. Ean Thomas Tafoya is a younger candidate for the mayor of Denver, so he wants to relate to the crowd in a genuine manner and showcase some of his own humor at this event. He will be in attendance so be sure to say hi!

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