Marshmello SVDDEN DEATH MELLODEATH Red Rocks 2024

“It literally feels like a video game when you come here for the first time,” remarked attendee Gabrielle Greene during the debut of the MELLODEATH tour at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

On April 4th, the highly anticipated MELLODEATH show premiered in Morrison at the phenomenal Red Rocks. The experience left fans with a new perspective on the ever-evolving EDM world and the groundbreaking barriers broken by the collaboration of Marshmello and SVDDEN DEATH.

Depending on how creative artists get with their set design and the sounds they choose to share, attending a show at Red Rocks can become an immersive experience similar to a guided astral projection of sorts. MELLODEATH offered exactly this type of experience. 

Put simply, the show felt like a transcendence into an otherworldy reality. The visual projected displays, combined with the exploratory, melodic sounds of MELLODEATH, transported fans into the intergalactic and complex artistic minds of both Marshmello and SVDDEN DEATH.

The only earthly reminders present themselves as the natural red rock formations encapsulating the venue, as well as the clear view of stars above. There is nothing quite like seeing a phenomenal show at Red Rocks. 

DJ's SVVDEN DEATH and Marshmello performing on an elevated DJ booth during the MELLODEATH debut show at Red Rock's in Denver Colorado, April 4, 2024.

On the hottest recorded day of the year so far, the MELLODEATH tour debuted on the stage at Red Rocks. On this four-stop tour, Marshmelllo and SVDDEN DEATH defy conventional EDM boundaries by mixing dubstep, bass, and other styles as a remarkable blended experience.

Both artists have individually performed at Colorado’s legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre, but this marked their first joint performance on this iconic stage. Having debuted their collaboration at EDC Las Vegas in 2023, they later announced that their tour as a duo would begin in Denver and be followed by stops in Chicago, Minneapolis and Dallas.

The Colorado experience surpassed all expectations all the way down to the weather, as Colorado temperatures are always unpredictable in the spring. The weather for this show remained in the 60s for the entirety of the night, making for an evening of purely good headbanging vibes. 

The headline set began after the opening DJs MUNK, PYKE, and YVM3 played their bass-heavy sounds. Some appeared to not be on stage, and others wore nightmare masks for the first three hours of the night to synchronize the vibes and prepare the audience for the unforgettable MELLODEATH Experience. 

With much anticipation, MELLODEATH took the stage five minutes earlier than anticipated. Their intricate grand entrance visual display depicted a sacrifice as bass rhythms and grooves took possession of the stage with vibrant flares of fire. 

The duo brought a unique, double-decker setup onto the Red Rocks stage. This floating set design elevated the performance, with one DJ booth appearing to float above the other. After starting together on the elevated booth, the duo eventually split to perform separately and B2B, utilizing both booths.

The double-decker DJ booth setup proved stylistically brilliant, with projected visuals aiding in identifying the DJs onstage at any given moment. Moments of solo performances seamlessly transitioned into surprise remixes, showcasing a flawlessly executed EDM experience. 

Audience members, regardless of their initial allegiance to Marshmello or SVDDEN DEATH, definitely left without favoring one artist over the other. The stylistic blend exhibited an unparalleled synergy and collaboration between the duo, transcending EDM genre constraints.

This performance served as a trailblazer, inspiring hopes for more collaborative shows in the future. Matching the seamless synergy of MELLODEATH may prove challenging, however.

Perhaps soon, EDM fans around the world will also experience the Alison Wonder-Tronics show we’ve unknowingly awaited.

Photos by Damian Riniker

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