Covid-19 hasn’t been easy for anybody. The music industry, mostly the live music scene, has impacted many lives. Said to be the “first industry gone and the last to come back” many promoters, artists, production members and many more have been effected. Venues having to close their doors and ticket sellers having to refund their customers are just a few of the issues that Covid-19 has caused. As time went by everybody seemed to start to adapt. Live music wasn’t on hold anymore.

Drive-In Shows

Denver being the bass capital of the United States, we were spoiled with some of the first ever drive in shows. Most of which were hosted by Denvers Dom, owner of Amplitude Presents. Bring insane lineups week after week he truly did mean it when he said, “It’s Colorado vs the world. EVERYONE is watching”. Dom created unique lineups for each show, first starting with headliners 12th Planet week one and Riot Ten week two. Moving forward we were blessed with two nights of Subtronics and friends. Full production for each show, a giant sound system, merchandise, and food/drink were all available. Social distancing was heavily enforced which made for one of the safest raves possible. There were a few drive ins north up in Denver also as we saw headliners such as Minnesota, Buku, Dirt Monkey, Peekaboo, SoDown and many more almost all in different shows. Be on the lookout as there may be more drive-in shows announced soon!


From the comfort of quarantine there was still live tunes played for all. From locals we are just discovering to artists we have all been listening to for years, these livestreams have been very unique. Some of our favorite production companies and artists putting together some of the best possible sets for us fans. Insomniac, Couch Lands hosted by Excision, Digital Mirage Festival and many more were some of the top livestreams during quarantine. Every artist seemed so happy to be back playing their music again. Make sure to go check out some of those livestreams, you may just find some new songs for your daily playlist.

Back to “Normal”?

As we all start to adapt to the times some have found a way to safely host a socially distanced event. Live music is making its way back into the world. Back into all of our lives. Red Rocks has been hosting limited capacity concerts, rooftop parties are being safely thrown at Club Vinyl, promoters are getting creative with how to keep the music playing. Now is the time to support your favorite local artist, promoter and venues. They need us. Be on the lookout for more socially distanced events happening near you. Photos by Amplitude Presents, Insomniac and Google Images.

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