Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox is a Denver venue that has started booking more electronic music acts downtown. This “boudoir-chic” venue is opening its doors on June 7th to bring a night of electronic fun, dancing, and community to downtown Denver and Bassdrip Productions is hosting it. It is also an official “Road to Sonic Bloom” Party. To learn the details of the venue, read more below!

Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox

The building that Ophelia’s sits in has some rather colorful history. The Victorian Brownstone opened in 1889 as the Airedale Building. Throughout the years, it has been home to a brothel, peep show, and sex shop. Nowadays, the building serves as a bar serving “gastro brothel fare” and a hostel called Hostel Fish above it.

The Gradient Perspective at Ophelia’s

Ophelia’s will host the The Gradient Perspective on June 7th. The Gradient Perspective is a Washington D.C.-based independent record label. Their mission is to bring together the global community of electronic music makers and lovers. They have only played here once in Colorado, and Ophelia’s hosted their founder, Choppy Oppy, back in March. They will bring four artists from the label and have other electronic acts booked for support.

The Gradient Perspective Records

Josh Teed

On the lineup for Ophelia’s is Denver-based Josh Teed. He’s classically trained on violin, which he began playing at three years old. He would go on to hone his talent and even win the Florida Fiddle Championship when he was only nine. He has blended his love of the violin with today’s electronic sounds, giving him a heavy and melodic style. His album The Journey East dropped back in 2021 and is fantastic.


This L.A.-based producer is bringing the jazzy vibe to Ophelia’s. Like Teed, ST4RFOX picked up his love for music at a young age. He has been playing the saxophone since he was seven years old. Known for mixing live brass, like trumpets and saxophone, he pioneered the neuro jazz and portal hop genres. His album The Nexus LP dropped late last year, and it is such a vibe.


Another Denver local, Phyphr will bring the Mile High sound to Ophelia’s stage. Phyphr is known for an electronic style that blends wubs with funk, soul and blues. He often plays live guitar over his music. Just last month, he played at Meow Wolf Denver. He also released his album Catalyst a couple of months ago.


Last on the lineup for Ophelia’s is another Denver local, Dredlok. Like ST4RFOX, Dredlok mixes live saxophone and uses more eclectic instruments, including a didgeridoo, electric ukulele, and more. Outside of the occasional DJ set, Dredlok only spins original music. His remix of Skrillex’s “Rumble” that dropped last month is absolute fire!

Also on the lineup are three electronic acts to open up the night. These three artists include Kizer, Neuq, who recently moved across the world from Israel, and Dooley. 

To catch these great acts, grab those tickets and head to Ophelia’s on June 7th. Head to Ophelia’s website for more information and to purchase tickets. 

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