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The name Space Wizard conjures mystical, sci-fi-meets-fantasy imagery. Upon listening to his tech-infused dubstep, however, it feels more like my brainwaves got invaded by androids from another dimension! On Friday, August 11th, immerse your senses in the spectacular stage show captivating crowds across the multiverse.

Prepare to be amazed when Philly-born, Colorado-based producer Space Wizard brings The Cosmic Voyage Tour to the Summit in Denver. Anticipating the occasion reminds me of one of my favorite quotes. In his work Profiles of the Future: An Inquiry into the Limits of the Possible, author Arthur C. Clarke wrote, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” That notion perfectly captures the modern-day sorcery you can expect from Space Wizard’s upcoming performance.

Illustrative poster of DJ Space Wizard

Space in Your Face

Space Wizard, whose real name is Mike Munnelly, is a few weeks into his second headlining tour. In 2022, he played a series of festivals like Bass Canyon, Electric Zoo, and Lost Lands. Having also completed his first headline tour, he closed out 2022 with a performance at Decadence in Phoenix. To kick off 2023, Munnelly supported ATLiens on their own Space Cathedral Tour (see them below, supporting him, literally!). Since then, he has played acclaimed sets at Forbidden Kingdom and Electric Forest this summer and will perform at Lost Lands in September.

DJ Space Wizard held by Atliens

Munnelly recently dropped the fiery single “Heat Damage” with YDG in early August of 2023. When I reached out to Munnelly, he shared that he’s extremely happy to release the collaboration, which has been in the works for the past year.

Beyond sharing their single with the world, he’s even more excited for the pair to share the stage. YDG (which stands for “youth, death & glory”) released his Death & Glory EP in early 2022. The effort includes collaborations with Dr. Ushuu and Perry Wayne. YDG joins Munnelly at the Summit, opening the night’s festivities. I’m sure fans are hopeful they’ll catch them throwing down together onstage!

Something else attendees are sure to get on Friday is even more fresh music and dope visuals. Munnelly has recently teased new tracks and additional visual production effects for the Summit show via social media.

Bringing Beats Together

Munnelly is no stranger to working with various performers on their music. His creative studio and stage work helps him connect with fans and other artists. He has released songs with Jiqui, MOLOKAI, and Super Future, in addition to the latest single with YDG. Audiences have raged to his monumental remix of the White Stripes smash hit Seven Nation Army. If you’re not dancing along to that jam, are you even alive?!

Part of Munnelly’s appeal is his signature style of bass music, which incorporates otherworldly soundscapes with more familiar dubstep tempos. His tracks seamlessly blend mechanical rhythms with face-melting drops. The mix he released for the 2022’s Space Odyssey tour showcases the frenetic energy fans have come to love at Space Wizard shows. That tour took its name from one of the artist’s favorite movies by legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick.

Time to Blast Off

Now is your chance to catch a Space Wizard show in an incredibly intimate venue! With Munnelly’s soaring popularity, you may not get another opportunity like this soon. Make sure you secure your tickets now!

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