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The Funk Hunters and Westwood Records Takeover the Ogden

The Funk Hunters and Westwood Records Takeover the Ogden

Justin Long

March 7th, 2020

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The Funk Hunters, an innovative Canadian based producer-duo, took the Ogden Theater by storm on Friday night. Which, included Defunk and Moontricks, all artists on Westwood Recordings. Westwood, founded by Nick Middleton of The Funk Hunters is a label that curates the freshest and hottest new talent. Their movement has been making a statement globally and their artists are a staple in the festival scene. No doubt, the show offered funky and heavy grooves that made for an irresistible dance party. And don’t forget, Denver based Ryan Maher kicked off the show with his blissful bass fusion. There wasn’t a single dull moment. The show definitely proved to be an immersive and dynamic experience that explored the boundaries of bass, glitch-hop, funk, and blues.

The Experience

The Funk Hunters, Defunk, & Moontricks showcased an international fusion of roots sentiments, funky grooves, and modern production. The flow of the show was thoughtfully designed and it seemed like all three artists were performing one big setlist. However, each act had its own distinctive performance and style. Starting off, Ryan Maher brought the party to life with heavy bass and impressive guitar chops. Following him, Moontricks engaged the audience with their addicting backwoods blues and bass. Despite still being early in the night, the whole crowd was stomping their feet and singing along with huge smiles on their faces. Moontricks have figured out how to delicately combine the raw and the refined sides of the musical realm. Overall, their performance offered a journey through the heavy emotions of roots music and the stimulation of modern EDM. 

Next up, Defunk stepped up to the plate. His performance really glued the whole show together. Clearly, Defunk is very versatile. Not only does he have heavy drops to please the rowdiest headbangers but he also has tasteful electronic that melts with funky grooves. He was able to maintain the euphoric vibe that Moontricks set had while building the energy before The Funk Hunters unleashed the climatic performance of the night.

The Funk Climax

By the time The Funk Hunters went on, the crowd was warmed up and ready to get the funk down. Production kicked in full force. Their set was full of surprises and included a drop in from Dominic Lailli of Big Gigantic on their new collab “Higher”. In fact, there is no doubt that The Funk Hunters have an incredible ability to work a crowd and the extensive repertoire to back it up. Plus, they are able to wrangle in a wide variety of fans from drum & bass heads to mainstream listeners.


All in all, the show was a memorable experience and introduced more people to the Westwood Recordings movement. It’s not often you attend a show that is so cohesive yet, offers such a depth of talented production, musicianship, and crowd interaction.

Photos by Patrik Essy / Written by Justin Long

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