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The Dead Rocks After Parties: An Intimate Affair

The Dead Rocks After Parties: An Intimate Affair

Samantha Williams

July 6th, 2019

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Every year the infamous electronic duo Zeds Dead travels to Red Rocks for their notorious festival Dead Rocks. This show is the pinnacle of each EDM Red Rocks season, and the members of Zeds Dead — Hooks and DC — always outdo themselves. The true epicness of the occasion are the two sets they perform at Red Rocks spanning over two nights. However, another amazing addition to Dead Rocks are the after parties at the Gothic Theatre. The artists Vampa, Holly, Moody Good, 1788-L, and of course, Zeds Dead all appeared to the after parties, and each set was an astounding completion to their annual showcase.

Photos by Ash Daniels

The Chicago based dubstep artist Vampa and the mysterious producer 1788-L started the after parties. Vampa is a creator that sticks to more traditional dubstep roots, who adds varied tempos and hypnotizing lyrics. However, this doesn’t prevent her from slamming an audience with wubs that create an atmosphere between chilling and extravagant. As for 1788-L, this anonymous artist holds nothing back as he creates beats that are head splitting. 1788-L will often mix extremely high synths and low bass lines at a mid tempo beat to create tension, and release that tension by sling-shotting the crowd into abrupt silence.

Moody Good and Holly were next to perform, and their performances were musically inclusive. Moody Good featured everything from drum and bass to mariachi. Moody’s eclectic style kept everyone on their literal and theoretical toes as he switched between genres in a fluid fashion. Holly did this as well, where he chose to implement less intense music into his set for something vibrant. The Portuguese producer has a style that is in between fast paced and melodic. While he didn’t hold back from a grimy set, his style was a nice break before the storm that is Zeds Dead

Each night took a turn as Zeds Dead (ZD) took the stage. Productions by ZD is entirely different from other artists because they’re able to fuse countless musical elements. They went from mixing Chris Lake, to playing “DNA,” and even featured a drum and bass remix of The Beatles. Until 4 am the duo exuded absolutely no chill as they hauled their fans through an intimate musical experience until that time. They hosted a party that seemed like it was never going to end, and when it finally did there were no feelings of shortcomings from the crowd.

Zeds Dead

Photos by Roberto Loya

As a word of advice — if it’s hard to make it to Dead Rocks next year, fans won’t be disappointed if they go to an after party instead. Zeds Dead are truly pioneers of EDM, and bring groundbreaking producers into their Deadbeats circle, and showcase them for Dead Rocks. Though the Zeds Dead holiday has ended this year, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they came to Colorado again within a year, possibly for Decadence. Until then, Deadbeats fans can listen to their radio and dream about what songs and who they bring out for next year’s affair.

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