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The Crystal Method Cervantes Takeover

The Crystal Method Cervantes Takeover


June 12th, 2019

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Crystal Method turned the Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom into an epic party on Saturday. The night started off with an amazing performance by the West Coast/Denver bass artist, Avry. The Crystal Method is a major inspiration for Avry. He stated during his set that it was a dream to be opening up for him. Catch Avry performing next at the Sonic Bloom festival!

Following this performance was the second opener Mikey Thunder. Thunder is the absolute life of the party, with his fusion of party rock, funk and bass music. Thunder has been a veteran to playing at Cervantes’. He had a live dancer as well as vocalists come out during the set as well. The crowd was raging with immense enjoyment. Thunder will also be performing at Sonic Bloom!

Then, it was time for The Crystal Method to come out. The place was packed with excitement.

The Crystal Method is an electronic music duo formed by Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland in the early 1990’s. The spot of this creation was in Las Vegas. Scott is now the only member due to Ken retiring in 2018.

The set was incredible to say the least. Scott was able to singe-handedly electrify the ballroom with his intense, yet up-beat sounds. He hyped up the entire venue. Party Guru Press was very happy to be able to experience such a fine set. The Crystal Method may have been formed over 25 years ago, but the duo will never expire with time.

Photos by Ash Daniels

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