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The Birth of The Fillmore

The Birth of The Fillmore

Garrett PIckerill

September 7th, 2020

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The Fillmore Auditorium, located in Denver, Colorado, is known to many as one of Colorado’s largest indoor venue for general admission seating. How did it come to earn such an accomplishment? Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t always the venue it is known as today. The Fillmore started off as a skating rink for children that eventually turned into an automobile manufacturing plant. Then the space transformed into a recreational center open to the public. The list doesn’t stop there. This venue has been home of several functions, both private and public before it became Colorado’s go-to spot for indoor concerts.

It was 1907 when the venue first opened up as a skating rink called “Mammoth Roller Skating Rink” and it was an instant hit! It quickly became a prominent after-school hangout for the teens attending the East High School, which was nearby the skating rink. Sadly the skating rink closed in the spring of 1910, but the venue would continue on to be the home of the Fritchle Automobile & Battery Company until 1917. During the company’s rise the venue pushed out nearly 500 vehicles, at the time, this was huge. Among the very first, to purchase one was a woman named Molly Brown, who is actually a survivor of the crash of the Titanic!

As the years went by the venue would remain vacant until a day came along when Irving Jacob purchased the building with a goal and the determination to see it through. Becoming the cities very first recreational center, the Mammoth Garden Roller Club was born! The center offered numerous activities and sports of all kinds. It even attracted so much attention that it became the main venue for the popular hockey team, the Mammoth Garden Dodgers and even a professional basketball team before the Denver Coliseum had finished its construction.

The Old Filmore

The venue would go on throughout the next few years, continually closing and then reopening. That all changed in 1999, when it was finally opened as what we know it as today. Ever since, the spot has hosted countless events for the music scene with a wide variety of artists like, Widespread Panic, Foo Fighters, Owl City,  Paramore and many others. Ranked as one of the top 10 attended clubs in both the Pollstar and Billboard, it is no surprise events hosted here often go sold out! As the site became more and more successful, it was time to do some serious renovations. These renovations would prove to be quite extensive with the addition of over 50 men’s and woman’s restrooms, updated equipment, green rooms and even a kitchen and staff that serves the artists and crew.

The Fillmore has definitely come a long way since it’s earliest days as a skating rink. Today, the venue also serves as an office for the Bill Graham Foundation, a non-profit organization, which has provided a multitude of music grants! If you have not yet had the wonderful opportunity to experience your favorite concert here, you can check out their website for future events and to stay tuned!

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