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Denver-based EDM producer Mersiv is bringing a bonanza of bass to Red Rocks Amphiteatre in 2024. After he sold out the venue amid a two-night run in 2023, he’s back this year. That tandem of shows included an in-the-round set at the Mission Ballroom. This year, he’s bringing an eclectic lineup of artists for another otherworldly journey into freeform bass.

Saturday, May 4th — aka Star Wars Day — prepare for takeoff on his Journey 2 Mars! Mersiv, whose real name is Anderson Benoit Gallegos, has an epic night planned for Colorado. Gallegos is clearly ready to “Jump” back on the spaceship. His recent single by that name shows off heavier dubstep beats thanks to his collaboration with Seth David. Used as a teaser on a recent post for the Red Rocks show, I expect to hear the track when he visits.

Mersiv’s Beautiful Bass Sound

Gallegos spent several years formulating his style and performing as a DJ in northern Louisiana, where he grew up. Having lost his mother to a battle with cancer in 2012, he moved to Denver to start over. Carving out a niche of his own in the bass capital of the world could have been a daunting task. With a few breaks along the way, he established the Mersiv Sound Project, and Gallegos accomplished that goal.

One reason for his success is a method of production that seamlessly ties together many subgenres of bass. Describing his musical vibe early in his career, Gallegos coined the phrase “pretty, dark, loud.” Not confined to a single genre, he felt it aptly explained the feeling and emotion his tracks evoked.

EDM producer Mersiv poses in front of light beams

Elements of dubstep, house, hip-hop, and experimental electronic music can be heard in Mersiv’s works. After his debut EP Digital Eden spawned the successful single “Beautiful & Filthy,” Gallegos was off and running. He set out on a 50-date headlining tour supporting the works and played multiple festivals. That included several sets at Electric Forest and a packed performance to 10,000 fans at Okeechobee.

As things were ramping up for the producer, COVID forced him to slow down — on the touring front, at least. This wealth of time to spend without planning for tour production or curating set lists for shows was secretly a blessing. A less hectic schedule allowed Gallegos to focus on his first full-length record.

An Audio Emotional Release

When working on production for his debut LP, Pretty, Dark, Loud, Gallegos’ efforts were fueled by his emotions. In an interview with Dancing Astronaut, he explained that the creation process “was like a therapy for me. You know, dealing with a bunch of personal $#!t that life throws at you. Everyone has their things that they struggle with, and this was just a way to kind of get that out in an audio format.”

The record starts with quieter, more introspective songs. As it continues, listeners find themselves immersed in the fluctuating ebb and flow of the 20-track offering. Songs like “Ghosts,” “Afterlife,” and “If I Was A Raven” speak to the feelings of loss Gallegos experienced. The latter is a redux of an Elephant Revival cut featuring the band’s vocals, and it pays homage to his mother. Meanwhile, “Sky High” demonstrates heavier dubstep and hip-hop elements. That number features Knat Turner, who helped Mersiv break into the Denver scene.

Brightly shining stage lights at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

After Pretty, Dark, Loud

The writing process and subsequent results were far different when Gallegos crafted the new Mersiv LP. For Out of Bounds, he opted for a more joyous and collaborative approach.

Many of the songs feature guest vocalists, which he addressed in an interview with UKF. “The theme of this record is about having fun and being in the moment, just completely letting loose, and a lot of the vocalists on this record specifically are talking about having fun, dancing, and having a party atmosphere,” he said.

The single “I Like It When You Move” is a prime example. It’s the album’s first track, and sets the tone for the record. It flows into “Bounce” with Wreckno, a hip-hop banger featuring an upbeat tempo and dubstep crunch. The record dropped in 2023 via Gallegos’ label MorFlo Records, a platform he uses to help launch other genre-bending EDM artists.

The Return to Red Rocks

Having established himself in the upper echelons of EDM, Mersiv is making moves in 2024. He recently announced that he’s in the running for EDM Awards’ “Dubstep Artist of the Year” honor, along with industry heavyweights like Subtronics, Excision, and Zeds Dead.

As recently as 2022, Mersiv played night one of the latter’s legendary DeadRocks events. Having achieved a career goal when he sold out Red Rocks himself in 2023, Gallegos is ready to bring the heat! He’s teased new music and killer stage production for when he runs back the Journey 2 Mars this year. Coming off his hot set at Decadence, fans know to expect big things!

Poster for upcoming Red Rocks show featuring Mersiv

Check out the event page to get prepped for the upcoming show. I wouldn’t wait too long to scoop up tickets, as the supporting cast is phenomenal! This year, catch Ott, Smith., Sumthin Sumthin B2B FLY, Yoko, and Terrawave are heating up the stage for the Journey 2 Mars. If you’re feeling lucky this March, check out the Party Guru giveaway and enter to win a pair of tickets!

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