A KR3TURE in Your Mom’s House: What You Missed

Kr3ture Your Mom's House

It’s been six years since Your Mom’s House opened its doors to the public, and they celebrated their anniversary on January 27th. The following night, a slew of local DJs performed enthusiastically to continue celebrating the special occasion.

Live instrumentals with a sexy, intimate feel held firm throughout the evening. Each DJ complemented each other’s sets, among them newer (F1 Shifty and Habbit Daddi), returning (Sam Burt and DeezY le Phunk), as well as out-of-town (KR3TURE) performers to deliver a well-rounded vibe.

A Night of Intimate Performances

First was F1 Shifty with some chill electronic tracks to ease the crowd into the celebrations. Habbit Daddi kept this same energy and delivered for the bass capital. The party had just started and the dancefloor was filled with bodies bumping. More appeared every minute.

Up-and-coming DJ Sam Burt AKA Abrii showcased some of their signature hyperpop. In spite of technical issues, the crowd never stopped dancing and they powered through their set. Returning to his home venue, DeezY le Phunk held nothing back with a funky set full of passion and bass. The love these DJs showed for Your Mom’s House was as clear as day.

KR3TURE Takes Over

The night’s headliner was KR3TURE, who came all the way from Santa Cruz, California. He’s a multi-instrumentalist and producer, frequently improvising with sax, flute, harmonica, and more.

KR3TURE’s performance was up close and personal, putting the room in a trance with sexy melodic bass. With each solo we took to the face, he left us all wanting more. The set ended with him playing some upcoming releases, one of which was a years-in-the-making track aptly titled “A Long Time Coming.”

With the anniversary of the opening of Your Mom’s House upon us, they’re bringing in more unique pairings of electronic and instrumental music. The smaller venue leaves room for intimacy between the crowd and performers alike. There’s nothing like getting down on the mirrored dancefloor at Your Mom’s House!

Photos by Jake Duesterhoft