Wale Drops Hip-Hop Flower Bombs In Denver

The Ogden Theatre is one of Colorado’s oldest venues. On February 6th, it hosted one of 2022’s hottest acts last night: Wale and his Under the Blue Moon Tour. Opening in 1919, the Ogden saw its share of vaudeville and even live showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show when it was a movie theater in the ’80s. These days, thanks to a renovation in the ’90s, the Ogden hosts 150 shows annually, and it was Wale’s time to shine. This is Wale’s first tour since his most recent album “Forlarin II dropped, and his first tour since the pandemic. 

The Openers

With a sold-out show, the evening opened up with some amazing locals, including Ave Grim and Trayce Chapman. First up, Ave Grim has been hard on the grind with his new EP, “Therapy Session” dropping March 18th. However, Ave Grimm was feeling the love. Instead of dropping some of his heavier hip-hop songs, he was dropping it slow, with sexy jams for all the ladies in the building.

Next up was Trayce Chapman. He was happy to be back performing both of his newest EPs, both of which dropped back in 2021. His songs brought the grit and hustle that hip-hop listeners love. Both of these artists are true Coloradoans, bringing that Mile High energy and love to their hip-hop that had the crowd jumping. By the end of their sets, the crowd had filled in and was vibing hard. 

The Show goes on

Next on stage was Cam Wallace. Hailing from Houston, Texas, Wallace brings that Southern sound into his performance. A well versed- songwriter, producer and now recording artist, Cam Wallace puts his heart and soul into everything he does on stage. Cam Wallace lifted the energy in the venue even higher, dropping hard and fast verses. He definitely got the crowd hype and people were shouting along to his songs. 

Next up was Guapdad 4000. Bringing that California vibe he grew up around, Guapdad 4000 came with the party songs and dance moves that had the crowd lit. He was extra hype because the last time he was in Colorado and performed here was actually at the Ogden, weeks before the initial venue shutdowns happened during the pandemic. The highlight of his set was when he Facetimed Thundercat and performed their song, “Dragonball Durag”. By the end of their song, the venue was completely full, and everyone was ready to keep the party going with Wale.

Wale came out on the stage and the crowd went wild. The Grammy Award winner had the most vibrant stage, with a recliner chair surrounded by the most colorful flowers. Performing a mix of his music old and new, everyone got to hear their favorite song. Wale also didn’t forget about the ladies. Singing some of his sexier tracks, including Lotus Flower Bomb,” Wale threw roses out to the ladies, who were already head over heels for him. Just because he was serenading the ladies doesn’t mean he left out the fellas either. He ended his set with his verse on Waka’s “No Hands that left the crowd hype.

Photos by: Idalis Richardson

All of these rappers brought their A-game to Denver, and the crowd was loving it. Continuing on the Under the Blue Moon tour, next up the boys are traveling to Seattle and then onward to California. Check out tour details here.

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