5 Music Venues In Alaska To Blow Your Mind

5 Music Venues In Alaska To Blow Your Mind

Alaska’s got more natural beauty than you can shake a stick at, but there’s plenty of man-made magic to be found as well. If you’re looking to plan your next trip to Alaska, consider making it music-themed. This state has some of the best venues in the country! From intimate jazz joints to rowdy rock bars to laidback music cafes, you’ll find it all here. Here are five music venues in Alaska that will blow your mind!

1)The Seward Alehouse

You’ll find Alaska’s most beloved breweries at the Seward Alehouse. Their seasonal beers are delicious, but their menu of craft cocktails is to die for! You should definitely stop by and get something to eat while you enjoy one of their famous brews. The food is delicious, and even if it wasn’t, it would still be worth visiting for their great lineup of beer alone. Their music lineup is just as amazing as their beer lineup, with multiple genres of music rolling through. With everything from 80’s and Latin, to country and electronic, the Seward Alehouse will have something for everyone to love.

2) The Alaskan Bar

There are a lot of great music venues in Alaska, but the Alaskan Bar might be my favorite. Located right on the strip downtown (you can’t miss it!), you can hear some amazing local bands. Built in 1913, the Alaskan Bar operates inside of the Alaskan Hotel, the oldest hotel in Alaska. With weekly karaoke nights, jam bands and open mic nights, every night at the Alaskan Bar is a party!

3) Anchorage City Limits Music Cafe

Located just off of busy East Fourth Avenue, Anchorage City Limits (often called ACL) is a local favorite. What sets Anchorage City Limits apart from other local venues is their emphasis on supporting and showcasing Alaskan bands. If you’re an aspiring musician or are just looking for somewhere to have a fun night out with friends, check out Anchorage City Limits.

4) Juneau Jazz & Classics

The Juneau Jazz & Classics live music venue can be found on Front Street and offers a range of musical genres, including blues, rock, jazz and classical. The venue hosts local bands and musicians every night of the week and has been featured on numerous nationally syndicated radio programs. The club also features one of Alaska’s most impressive selections of spirits; many guests describe it as Juneau’s best bar.

5) The Malemute Saloon

A visit to Fairbanks, AK is not complete without a trip to The Malemute Saloon. If you like your music live and your beer frothy, then you’ll love a night out on their front porch. Listen to some of Alaska’s finest musicians while sipping local brews. This venue is filled with good music, good beer, and tons of history. It is attached to the Ester Gold Camp, which was founded in 1936. So grab a beer, listen to some tunes and take in some stories from the old gold mining days.


There are countless ways to have fun and take in awesome musical experiences when visiting Alaska. The above-mentioned venues offer a diverse collection of music, from classical to pop, rock, and electronic. Now that the world is reopening, the time to travel and see new places is now. If you’re looking for something new or love catching a performance by your favorite artist, then be sure to make one of these venues part of your next trip!