A Sit Down With DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ

A Sit Down With DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ

DJ Sabrina The Teenage: EDM’s Next Big Thing

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ is not your average DJ. She has not gotten your typical widespread exposure on the major music festival circuit, but she is unique in that she’s your artist’s favorite artist. Any chance Porter Robinson got a chance, he was spinning DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ.

DJ Sabrina The Teenage is London-based, and can seamlessly blend the euphoria that was so present in the ’80s-’00s. You instantly get hooked on the starting track Next To Me, then the energy carries right through to the title track Charmed. It is truly a sight to see, as that one moment in each song has a way of connecting with each different individual. Party Guru Press had the opportunity to chat with DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ, keep reading below to find what drives this passion, that is soon to pioneer the wave of EDM.

Party Guru Press: It’s amazing how you worked out The Other Realm  and The Makin’ Magic Album IIin the same year. What was your thought process on releasing them at the same time?

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ: I wanted to hedge my bets by releasing a couple of albums that were pretty different so as not to disappoint anyone after Charmed”. It was far, far better received than I ever dreamed of it being (it was just another album for me, one that was going to be a bit bigger to finish the pentalogy) and any single album was going to be a bit of a letdown, I’d imagine. If I did an album that was more of the same if I did an album that was totally different. I sorta wanted to do an album that built on the lighter, emotive sound and another that built on the harsher, minimal sound rather than mixing them together. It also worked as a way to continue on the story from where the “Charmed” novelization ends, where she dies and lives in a reverse timeline in the The Other Realm  (which begins where “Charmed ” closes), then returns to the mortal realm in the forwards’ timeline that begins as Realms end.

Party Guru Press: It is absolutely incredible to hear that you have such a detailed concept, and your music carries that vision straight through. This leads me to my next question,  when did you start producing/DJing?

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ: A few years ago, but nothing really stuck until lo-fi house kinda made me figure out the right kinda sound to lead with, otherwise, I don’t think anyone would still be listening, lol!

Party Guru Press: It’s insane that you are accomplishing such a unique sound in such a small amount of time. There has to be a huge inspiration that is fueling this, what is that? 

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ: Listening to music, I think, I always loved music as a kid and just kinda imitated life, haha! I would have LOVED to make movies but it’s a lot harder to make movies without a huge team of people and music gives me the same creative, cinematic satisfaction or something, lol!

Party Guru Press: You say that you listened to a lot of music, what were the artists that inspired you the most to be doing what you’re doing so confidently?

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ: The Avalanches, Genesis (love all their music, but their late 80’s/early 90’s and solo albums are a big influence), 90’s R&B and Nu Soul, late 70’s/early 80’s West Coast/AOR/MOR/AC, millennium pop, 90’s country rock, 00’s rap, so much!

Party Guru Press: Let’s talk about the artists that you’re seemingly inspiring to use your music in their sets. How did it feel knowing Porter Robinson played you so much both days at Second Sky Music Festival? Did he have any contact with you at all prior? 

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ: Haha, nah, I just got a lot of messages and comments from people telling me Next To Me and some other tracks were being played, otherwise I’d probably still be completely unaware, haha!

Party Guru Press: Speaking of music concerts/festivals, are there any tours that are on the agenda for you?

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ: Not right now, but hopefully eventually!

Party Guru Press: What would be one place that you’re dreaming of playing the most?

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ: I love the Red Rocks Amphitheatre where Fatboy Slim and Chemical Brothers played live in 1999, it looks like an amazing place to play!

Party Guru Press: That would be an absolutely insane show to witness, and I myself am jealous of all those that got to see that live. If you could curate your own music festival lineup what would it be?

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ: Norman Brown, The Avalanches, Jai Paul, Haim, and Kaori Kobayashi.

Party Guru Press: To conclude this interview, what is your favorite pastime? 

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ: Old video games and making music!

Party Guru Press: Thank you very much for your time to sit down and talk with me, and we certainly hope to see you in Denver sometime soon!

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ: Hopefully someday, it would be amazing to come to Colorado!

An End To A Great Sit-Down

It’s safe to say that we all hope that DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ, can get the opportunity to showcase her talents to the world. Perhaps, we’re all a bit behind the 8-ball at the moment, but she’ll make sure that we notice her.

Photos by: DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ

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