The Floozies Take Over Mission Ballroom

Every weekend in Denver brings a fresh lineup of talented, nationally ranked musicians and artists from all over the country. Certainly, surprising the wide range of music lovers who live here. This past weekend on February 8th at RiNo’s Mission Ballroom, Denver favorites The Floozies took the stage paired alongside SoDown, Anomalie, and Since JulEYE for the official Dayglow Funk Tour.

The night was a much needed refreshing burst of funky energy. Which sometimes slips by unnoticed in the bass-heavy Denver music scene. But, the night was not short of booming bass notes and deep, funky 808’s which shook the room and had the entire crowd grooving all night. Brothers Matt and Mark Hill’s cutting edge style combining funk paired with heavier electronic synths and other elements make The Floozies an amazing show every time. Definitely, one that always leaves Denver fans in awe.

The Openers

The night started with a talented group of individuals. From local artists like SoDown from Boulder, and up-and-coming artist Since JulEYE from Denver. To, Anomalie from Montreal, Canada. Each artist brought a unique, fresh sound of both funk-based and other electronic genres. Which, kept the night unexpected, fun, and constantly moving. The beginning of the night’s music consisted of different guitar riffs, sounds of many different instruments both synthesized and acoustic or electronic, paired with hard-hitting bass lines and drums.

Finally, the time is here, and The Floozies take the stage. The funk party was on. The Floozies are known and loved by the devoted group of funk-loving fans in Denver which runs strong. They gave an effortless performance from start to finish and did not stop for a moment. They brought song after song which melted into one another, giving off constant and unforgettable energy. Some of the more popular tracks they performed had the whole crowd on their feet and moving. Even the fans who were not familiar with every single word were dancing the night away.

The night was filled with constant movement, an insane display of lights and lasers which lit up the entire room. Also, those deep and dirty funk tunes which kept listeners and music lovers begging for more. Overall, the night was another unforgettable performance by The Floozies. We can’t wait to see another show with the two brothers. They clearly deserve being nicknamed the Kings of modern-day Electro-Funk.

Photos by (Matthew Salamander) 

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