Sunsquabi Takes Over Mission Ballroom

Sunsquabi Takes Over Mission Ballroom

After finishing up their Midwest tour, Sunsquabi finishes off their run in CO. Hosting their final date at Denver’s very own, Mission Ballroom, they have a few surprises up their sleeves. From giving out signed posters with the purchase of a discounted ticket to having most of the proceeds go to the Boulder County fires, this is a very amped-up show. Let’s not forget about that insane lineup they are bringing with them. Party Guru was lucky enough to have a chat with the band before the big Denver show.

Check out everything they had to say below! 

Finishing a Tour

Party Guru Press: Seeing that you all will be finishing up the midwest tour with a stop at Mission Ballroom, how will this set be different from the sets played before? What can attendees be on the lookout for? 

SUNSQUABI: Our hometown shows will forever be like a benchmark of what’s next for us. We design this setlist and production just like a Red Rocks show, and it will be the culmination of all of the touring we’ve been doing lately + new songs from our album that will be coming out later this year.

Party Guru Press: Any surprises for the Denver show that you can tease us with?

SUNSQUABI: Well that wouldn’t be very much of a surprise then, would it now? The production for this show is probably bigger than anything we’ve ever done. I will say that.

For a Cause

Party Guru Press: Very great concept selling discounted tickets and giving away signed posters with ticket sales. You all also accepted non-perishable food items, where did the idea come from? Will we see any opportunities like this at the show on February 4th, such as signed posters or a bin for food item donation? 

SUNSQUABI: We felt like we had to help in any way that we could after what happened in Boulder County. We will also be taking donations for Marshall Fire assistance at our merch booth at the show.

Party Guru Press: Dreamers Delight and The Funk Hunters will be support for this Mission Ballroom show, what made you choose those acts? Any other special guests that might not be on the lineup that will be there?

SUNSQUABI: Both Dreamers Delight and The Funk Hunters are some good friends that we have a lot of history with and we really wanted the vibe to be a homie vibe for this show. We have really been diving deep lately as a trio so we are excited to do a big show as just the 3 of us.

Party Guru Press: To get us all even more excited for Mission Ballroom, what is a sentence or two that you all would like to say about the upcoming show? Any changes in production for the upcoming Mission show?

SUNSQUABI: This show is a culmination of 2 years of planning and a lot of energy that we’ve all experienced together over the last 2 years. This show is a launchpad for us to a whole new level of shows and we love our fans so much!

Looking Ahead

Party Guru Press: Domefest was the latest festival announcement among a few, can we expect to see Sunsquabi at a good amount of festivals this 2022 season? Legend Valley is a very well-known venue, how will you all make that a special event for not only yourselves but attendees? 

SUNSQUABI: We have a very strong connection with legend Valley in particular from festivals in the past like Resonance and The Werk Out. This summer will be a busy one for us with Electric Forest, High Sierra, and a ton more that are announced every day.

Party Guru Press: From a live recording at Red Rocks to the last album, fans love your pieces of vinyl. Can we be on the lookout for any repressings? If you all could repress one piece of work, which would it be? Your merch also FLYS off the shelves, can we be on the lookout for any new merch? Can fans purchase merch at the upcoming Mission show? 

SUNSQUABI: I think we will probably do a re-issue of all of the old records, and we have a new album coming out this year so look out for lots more vinyl soon!

Party Guru Press: After a long tour can we expect to find you all in the studio, maybe working on something new? Or is that more of a time to relax and ground yourselves? 

SUNSQUABI: We just finished a new album and we’re already started on the next one. Always writing and working.

Party Guru Press: With having over 4.6 million streams in 2021(Congratulations!) and being listened to in over 129 countries, where is the “dream performance” at? Has it already happened, if so where? What can Sunsquabi fans be on the lookout for in 2022? Anything you all have up your sleeve? 

SUNSQUABI: We enjoy every single show so much that it’s hard to say. Red Rocks last year and this show at the Mission this year…every year gets better. We want to tour the whole world.

Party Guru Press: Would you all consider yourselves Party Gurus?

SUNSQUABI: We are just students yall are the Gurus, thank you so much!


After reading this we are nothing less than excited for the event. Bringing along an abundance of talent, we are in for a treat. Tickets are still available here, we hope to see you all there dancing under the disco ball! 

Photos Provided By: SunSquabi

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