Bigfoot Electro 2022

On May 26th-29th in Tracy City, Tennessee individuals from all over collectively came together to experience the second year of Bigfoot Electro! With numbers close to selling out, the festival still remained an intimate and relaxing setting for all ages to enjoy. Throughout the festival grounds were vibrant green trees and warm summer sun. This year’s festival brought us three incredible stages: Mainstage, Big Chillin, and Underground Sound! Plus the awesome renegade stages that were set up around the festival for nonstop bass. Mainstage is where Danley Sound Labs created their magic. Over at the Big Chillin stage is where Hennessey Sound Designs completely took over. Finally, leaving Headway HiFi x Allegro Audio to create an amazing sound for the Underground Sound stage.

However, what really sold this event was the number of incredible artists on the lineup! Artists like Ternion Sound, Pushloop, The Widdler, Dmvu, and Integrate started the weekend out right on Friday night. On Saturday, the immaculate vibes continued with artists like Flintwick, Late Night Radio, Tiedye Ky, Yheti, and KLL SMTH giving us all types of distorted bass. Supertask continued to break boundaries with his new and improved audio-visual set on Saturday night as well, bringing custom-made visuals and sounds to the people of Bigfoot Electro. Lastly, Sunday night kicked off with an incredible set from ToneVision, which included Virtuosick on the violin for their Side-Project collaboration. Progressing into the night, the weekend finished strong with Thought Process, Player Dave, Khiva, Mr. Bill, and Truth.

Art, Vendors, & More!

In addition to the incredible places to catch sets, live painters were also set up around the main stage showing off their talent while getting down to great music. As a result, it was a great chance for people to chat with artists and get an idea of what’s going on in their minds while they’re painting. The vendors made it easy to get lost in the beautiful art and the creations of others. There were a wide array of different art and food vendors to catch your eye. From Julen the Artist, Hippie Street Co., and Space Fruit, as well as many others.

Some of the other vendors that made this festival so wonderful included The Pizza Machine, which ran a donation-based food vendor at the festival, so even if you couldn’t contribute to festival food prices, you wouldn’t go hungry. Think of it as a pay what you have donation!

Moreover, Manifest Green, a collective of people that help keep the festival grounds a clean and trash-free environment was also a must-have for the festival. We are lucky to call Tracy City, TN our festival home for the weekend. What better way to show our gratitude than making sure we leave nothing but our footprints behind on this gorgeous property! For reference, the photo below shows the repurposed art installation that was created out of excess cans during the event! It was truly wonderful to see it all come together.

Going With The Flow

If you’re into flow arts of any sort, you did not want to miss out on the insane performers Bigfoot Electro had in store for us all! Catch yourself getting mesmerized by the beautiful flow of others while hearing a wide selection of music at the same time. Every stage gave you the opportunity to watch how beautiful the element of fire can truly be. What’s even more exciting is that the festival gave individuals the chance to try this out for themselves in a fire flow workshop. You could talk to trained professionals about all things pertaining fire flow and even learn new tricks!

After Hours

Meanwhile, when most sets came to an end, it was time to head over to the projection dome. The Aether immersive experience powered by Microdose VR continued to blow minds. If you were lucky, you could catch some of the secret sets going on inside with KLL SMTH, Thought Process, and others! On the other hand, you could head over to the late-night renegade stage by the pond for some late-night bass if you weren’t ready for the night to end.

There were many late night/early morning activities you could find yourself at. On Saturday at 6 am, the special guest, Toadface came on the Big Chillin stage for an early morning set. You could also explore the area that surrounded Bigfoot Electro and find yourself at an extravagant waterfall and view to take in. Later in the night, The Wheel gameshow hosted by Levitation Jones gave two artists the opportunity to play a 20-minute set at the festival if the wheel landed on their name.


Overall, the weekend was one for the books; there are many reasons to mark Bigfoot Electro on your calendar for next year. Above all, you will have a beautiful time with memories and people you’ll never forget. To keep up with all things Bigfoot Electro, check out the provided links below. Nevertheless, if the music scene isn’t exactly your thing, this location also offers zipline tours and camping throughout the season!

Photos by Patrik Essy

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Dance all Weekend at Bigfoot Electro Festival in Tennessee

From May 26th to 29th, numerous fans will gather in Tracy City, Tennessee to attend the 2nd annual Bigfoot Electro Festival – an experimental music festival that combines dubstep, trap, glitch hop, and drum and bass into one unforgettable weekend. As usual, there will be a wide variety of local and international acts performing at one main stage, two sound camps, and surprise renegades over the course of the weekend. The phase two lineup is now live, check it out below!

Three Days of Fun in The Sun

Bigfoot Electro Festival is a four-day camping and music event, held annually during summer in Tracy City, Tennessee. The 2022 edition of the festival is scheduled for May 26th-29th. The lineup consists of many different types of bass-heavy music and will have attendees grooving all weekend long. The festival offers more than just music; attendees can also take part in yoga classes and workshops.

Hennessy sound will be brought out to the event this year to make sure attendees are getting the best possible sound. We can also see an interesting “Saturday Night Special” event featuring Levitation Jones & J-BLU! That will feature an open deck game show experience, something even we haven’t heard of before. Big Chillin will be there to power all those heavy-hitter speakers. You can find them over at this year’s sound camp.

Low Ticket Prices

Though it doesn’t have to be expensive, festivals are not cheap. However, tickets for Bigfoot Electro are inexpensive and cater to underground music seekers. The festival sells four-day passes that start at $169; which also includes your car camping. Three-day passes are also available for $159. All ticket sales will end on May 29th. Go grab those tickets now because the price will be increasing soon.

Regardless of whether you plan on making multiple trips back to camp or catching some shut-eye under the stars each night, these prices are relatively affordable for those who wish to enjoy a music festival without spending a fortune. VIP tickets are available for purchase also! Some amenities you will be able to enjoy with VIP include; Free coffee and OJ every morning from 7 am-11 am, air-conditioned bathrooms, mobile vendor food delivery services & closer camping to the main stage. Who doesn’t like to be in the center of it all?

Finally, multiple add-ons are available for all tickets. On-site RV parking with hookup is available. Water, electricity, and waste are all included with that add-on. If feeling sore after one of your favorite sets, full-body massages are offered on-site! Ziplining and shower tokens are also available to add on.

The Lineup

Fans of bass music will be pleased to know that, as usual, there’s an impressive lineup of DJs playing throughout all four days. Notable names include Mr.Bill, Truth, YHETI (x2), DMVU, EAZYBAKED, KHIVA, Late Night Radio, Pushloop, Resonate Language, SOMATOAST, Supertask (A/V Set), Ternion Sound (x2), The Widdler, Tiedye Ky, and many others. Make sure to give all of those artists a listen before attending if you haven’t, it’ll help plan your daily schedule!

Get excited to dance and explore! Arguably, this year’s lineup is one of our favorite so far—and it’s shaping up to be an unforgettable show! You can also expect sets from dozens of local DJs and special live visual performances that will accompany many of your favorite international artists. Visit HERE for more information on who you can expect to see over the course of four days. The lineup isn’t the only fire part of this festival, there will be performers over the course of this event. Attendees can plan on seeing a number of different flow artists, some including fire spinners!

New discoveries

Each year brings new music festivals to try, and with summer being the prime festival season, there are a lot of events worth experiencing. Bigfoot’s unique lineup makes it a good bet for adventurous fans of bass music. Explore the property with zipline courses or treat yourself to a full body massage. Adventure around the beautiful Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee. The 2022 phase two lineup is now live, buy your tickets and plan your adventure now. Get excited with a 2021 recap that can be seen below!

Why you should attend

Honestly, this festival is absolutely stacked with talent all around. Are you a fan of experimental bass music? Do you have a taste for weird and wild culture? If you answered yes to either or both, then Bigfoot Electro Festival may be for you. This eclectic gathering celebrates its 2nd year with an insane lineup of artists from all over the country. These monsters of sound will be playing four days and nights, so get ready to unplug from society and have some fun!

Photos provided by Bigfoot Electro

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