Open Art Night

Come connect and collaborate with our local creative community at Open Art Night! This monthly event invites live painters, vendors, and creatives of all kind to come together. We invite you to network with the group, shop around, sip on cocktails and converse! Maybe you are a lover of art and don’t know where to get started… or just want to hang out and soak up some creative energy.

Mirus Gallery wants to open its doors to Denver’s Art Scene! Yes that means you! This is how we create community around art! Each month we will highlight a different style of music and a DJ will set the vibe with juicy beats and cocktails to keep the creativity flowing. This is a time to network, practice and play! You owe it to your art practice to join this growing community and do your part in showing the Denver scene what is most important to you!

7pm doors , the gallery will remain open past 10pm for Temple Night Club in LVL

Free entry before 10pm, 21+