Wonkaholic Tour 2020 Comes to Denver with a Bang

It was another wild, wonky weekend in Denver this past weekend—this time bringing none other than the King of Wonk himself. Denver is known to get down and dirty to the heavier beats, and this time was no different. The event took place at Summit Denver, a local favorite venue for heavier dubstep and riddim shows. The night featured openers AOWL and MORF, with support from the infamous AFK and Jkyl and Hyde. The event was heavy from start to finish, with booming drums being able to be heard from the very back of the room. MONXX came for his Wonkaholic Tour 2020 and left Denver with a taste of those insanely sweet and heavy riddim synths which kept dubstep and riddim fans headbanging all night.

The Openers

The night began with local openers AOWL and MORF, who brought out heavy renditions of their own tracks as well as some from other artists which started off the night on a heavy-hitting note. The drums were so loud all night and paired with the typical heavy riddim synths Colorado bassheads know and love, it was an insane night of the heaviest sides of music from start to finish.

Next on the lineup came Jkyl and Hyde bringing some heat with a set by AFK shortly after. With AFK fusing more dubstep elements than just riddim into his set, it was a heavy night that kept the room dancing and moving constantly. The headbangers in the front were riding the rail all night and even the people towards the back were never at a still point and were always moving and dancing to the beats.

Monxx began his set with a ton of support and hype from the crowd, his devoted Denver headbanging fans filling the venue at this point and packing it out. The young riddim DJ played out some of his older and more recognizable tunes and of course, his remix of the infamous Wonky Song that gained him a large following and hype since Excision’s support. Monxx also played out some tunes which were sickeningly heavy which many of his fans had never heard before. The night was full of yelling and exclaiming when the heavier drops hit, creating a huge sense of unity in between all the bassheads and music lovers in the room.


The night overall was a massive success as Denver’s bass capital only continues to grow in size and support. Colorado riddim and dubstep lovers from all over the state came to support the King of Wonk this weekend, and the music brought the house down leaving fans sweaty but smiling messes as they left the venue.

Photos by: Dru Cook (Instagram.com/edm.colorado)

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Minnesota Kicks off Exit/Reality Tour With Two Nights at Summit Music Hall

Inspiration From the Greats

Minnesota Night One

Stop me if you have heard this story before; Christian Bauhofer, better known by his alter-ego Minnesota, moved to Santa Cruz, California in 2009 at the age of 18. There he attended his first electronic music festival Symbiosis Gathering. The festival included performances from some legendary names such as Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, and The Glitch Mob. Minnesota, newly inspired by the performances from the festival, purchased his first midi-keyboard and downloaded a copy of Ableton. And, within a few months, he was cranking out Hip-Hop remixes that his friends could not get enough of. In 2011 he released two EPs and began to make a name for himself in the scene. Fast forward to 2020 and Minnesota has played all over the country and has become a household name on festival lineups. To boot, he has also worked with some household names such as G-Jones, Adventure Club, and CharlesTheFirst

Exit/Reality Tour

Minnesota’s latest project The Exit/Reality Tour, kicked off this past weekend with a two-night stint at Summit Music Hall in downtown Denver. The Exit/Reality Tour is bolstered by a Void Sound System. Void Acoustics is known to produce one of the most crisp and heavy-hitting sound experiences available in today’s market. The sound system is featured in some of the most illustrious clubs from London to Budapest to Ibiza; the Void Sound System is a serious way to take a show to the next level.

The two-night stop kicked off on Friday, headlined by a special Minnesota Downtempo set with opening support from Thook and Eastghost. Eastghost previously played Red Rocks last summer in support for San Holo. He delivered another fantastic performance and looks to be a don’t-miss-act anytime he is in the mile high city. Minnesota’s Downtempo set was certainly an homage to his roots. For example, it included a handful of his older hits including “Relax”, “Stardust”, “Astral Projection”, “Gimme the Loot”, “Blast Off”, and “Indian Summer”. The Downtempo performance was a perfect welcoming act to the tour for any long-time fans. Also, it serves as a great way to test out the capabilities of the Void Sound System.

Eastghost Night One

Night Two


If the first night was a warm-up for the tour, then night two was game seven. Support for the second night included performances from Wreckno and Thelem. Wreckno, who has been making a name for himself lately, looks to be an emerging star in the world of Bass music. Wreckno will be taking to the road this spring on his first co-headlining tour. Additionally, he secured a lineup spot at Bassnectar’s Deja Voom. Main support for night two was provided by Thelem who delivered an expansive journey through a catalog of Bass and Dubstep tracks.

Minnesota, of course, stole the show night two, fresh off the release of his new single “Devour” which dropped last week to boost support for the start of the tour. Minnesota’s headlining performance showcased his ability to continue to expand his sound while delivering the deep-hitting bass that his fans know and love. Behind the controls of the Void Sound System, Minnesota delivered a set that truly felt like a momentary exit from reality. 

The Exit/Reality tour is slotted for 45+ more stops all around the US with additional support from Of The Trees and Abelation who were not included on the first two nights of the tour. Beyond that, Minnesota has a habit of being on a handful of Summer Festival lineups and should be on your radar of acts to catch at any given opportunity.  For upcoming shows and more information on Minnesota’s touring schedule please click here.

Night One Photos:

Photos of Night One by Simon Quince

Night Two Photos:

Photos of Night Two by Julien Deroeux

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Epic Night One with Papadosio

Before Papadosio came on for their epic set, we got to hear Autonomix shred the Summit Hall! They absolutely killed it. Formed in Denver, the band is made up of four members: Zack Smith, Danny Littler, Jeff Pfannensteil, and Josh Nermon. Indeed, their sound can be described as psychedelic, electronica dance music. Given that, some say they combine the sounds of space rock, funk, jazz, and electronica to form their art.

In fact, the band’s habitual collaborations and a mix of styles and genres make each show unique and an insanely radical time. Their debut album Counter Balance is now available on all streaming platforms worldwide.

Because of their unique sound, the whole crowd was loving Autonomix’s energy. They were a perfect opening band for Papadosio. Psychedelic funk was running through all of our bodies on the dance floor. The band states “our compositions and improvs will take you to the outer reaches of the cosmos and back, all while dancing around structured grooves and laid on the foundation of composition music theory.”

Papadosio Brings an Epic Night of Music

Then it was time for Papadosio. Indeed, the crowd’s anticipation was insane. They finally started and the dance floor went wild. The energy that Papadosio gives to the crowd is truly epic.

At first, the band’s roots were created in the great city of Athens, which is located in Ohio. However, now their base is in Asheville, North Carolina. Papadosio is a progressive rock band striving to create music that is oddly familiar, and calls all walks of life to listen in a unique experience, saluting the one constant, music, in an ever alternating world.

The band members include: Anthony Thogmartin on guitar, keys, vocals; Billy Brouse on keys and vocals; Mike Healy on drums; and Rob McConnell on bass, vocals. A recent new addition of Sam Brouse on keys and vocals as occurred as well. They flow so wonderfully together, forming such a unique sound of funky, earthy, psychedelic jams. Their audio engineering is absolutely incredible.

This was this writer’s third time seeing Papadosio live, and we must say they slay it every time. The vibe they send to the audience is absolutely epic. They make venues into funky families all dancing an loving each other. It is as if they teleport the crowd somewhere else for a little while.


As we looked back at the crowd, we saw smiles on everyone’s faces. What a beautiful sight to see! We love how Papadosio is able to bring people’s energy together in a constant way. Papadosio states that “they are very much in favor the evolution of humanity, in terms of love for one another and this earth, and this all shines through in our music”

They ended the night by stirring everyone’s soul up in the Summit Hall. What an amazing performance they put on.

They have twelve more stops on their tour around the country. Next up is Louisville, Kentucky! Make sure to not miss out on this performance if you are in the area!

Photos and article by Ash Daniels

Riddim Legend Squnto Destroys The Summit with his Megachops

If you’re a fan of dubstep and riddim you’ve definitely heard the name Squnto more than once. This is due to the fact his recognition for his skill quickly gaining more and more traction, this DJ is truly a force to be reckoned with. Without a doubt, his skill on the decks is impressive. For example, his Megachops, which use several songs in under a couple of minutes truly show what madness is possible on DJ decks.

Not to mention with collaborations from dubstep’s biggest names such as Subtronics, Boogie T, and Code: Pandorum, he truly sets himself apart from other artists. Accordingly, Squnto’s style of heavy chops, combined with deep bass lines create a powerful sound that will always get the crowd riled up.

Squnto and Friends Unleash the Riddim

Given that from the start of his set to the end Squnto never let us stop moving, with everything from making us all get on the ground, his classic wall of death, and even a surprise B2B with Mr. Bill, another of EDM’s legends.

Not only did Squnto showcase his own talent, he had impressive openers like the much-anticipated return of OG Nixin, as well as special guests and local talent like Spexx and Green Matter, who all destroyed the Summit before Squnto. Particularly, OG Nixin, a rising talent with some of dubstep’s most played songs, truly brought the heat along with special guests, Yakz and Disconnect.

This show was a reminder that there is so much unique talent in the dubstep and riddim scene right now. All things considered, if you see any of these acts coming up make sure not to miss them.

Photos by Simon Quince

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Rock on a Monday: Mogwai Hits The Stage at Summit Music Hall

Expectant fans packed out Monday evening for the Scottish Post-Rock band Mogwai’s performance at Summit Music Hall. The crowd then continued to hold an expectant and excited air as the band emerged onto the stage. Mogwai held the audience captive throughout their movement from slow melodic melodies to sharp Scottish-rock. Mogwai formed in 1995 and released their first album, Ten Rapid, 1999 as a 9-part compilation. Since then, Mogwai’s newest album was released in 2018, titled KIN, and is an instrument-centered, ambient progression of dark, soulful music that hints at some of their more rock-forward pieces from past albums. In addition, Mogwai’s history and influence in the Art Rock scene is very prominent. Consequently, it was present that night in their laid-back, confident stage presence. Mogwai has a strong international fan-base for many years as well. This was evident within the crowd that evening.

Rock on a Monday: Mogwai at Summit Music Hall

Summit Rocks Out

Mogwai consists of Stuart Braithwaite (guitar, vocals), Barry Burns (guitar, piano, synthesizer, vocals), Dominic Aitchison (bass guitar), and Martin Bulloch (drums). In addition, the band’s signature sound uses dynamic contrast of melodic bass and guitar lines with high distortion and blistering “axe” solos. The show’s set flowed from slow and soulful to the classic hard-rock. This particular sound is rooted in Glasgow’s rich music history.

Mogwai also rarely write lyrics into their pieces. In an interview with The Express, Stuart Braithwaite states: “I think most people are not used to having no lyrics to focus on. Lyrics are a real comfort to some people. I guess they like to sing along and when they can’t do that with us they can get a bit upset.” However, no one at Summit Music Hall that night noticed, and looking around the room it seemed that many looked entranced by the bands drawn-out instrumental compositions.

Photos By Summer S. Taylor

Lastly, Mogwai is continuing their tour through the United States with their next stops including Sacramento, Pasadena, and a performance at the well-known Oktoberfest in Brooklyn on Oct. 19th.

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Synths and Strangelove: A Depeche Mode Experience

On Saturday, July 27th, the Summit Music Hall was transported back in time from the 2000’s to the illustrious 80’s, when the renowned tribute band Strangelove provided the full Depeche Mode experience. Opening before them was Electric Duke — a tribute to David Bowie, as well as the artist DJ Randall. Fan-goers of all ages filled the dance floor as they shook what they had, to anthems of the past and present. The entire show was a spectacle from the energy of the performers to the outfits they were wearing. It’s concerts like these that show the true timeless existence of music, and how this existence connects us all.

The Summit Music Hall, situated at Blake and 19th in downtown Denver, was the perfect venue for the occasion. While intimate enough to feel like you had a front row seat, there was ample space to make room for anyone to express themselves. First to appear on stage was DJ Randall. Randall is a great addition to the electronic music scene. His style was elegant, as he incorporated classic beats into a dynamic modern set. The classics persisted as Electric Duke took the stage. 

English-raised singer Julian Shah-Taylor was captivating, as he performed to honor the musical legend David Bowie. His on-stage presence was exhilarating as he musically and visually encompassed Bowie’s persona. The Duke’s body moved in unison with the glam and gritty travelling through his lips, all while being an amusing showman. The crowd was flamboyant as they heard the legendary tracks of Bowie’s, and this energy transferred to the exciting showcase of Strangelove.

The night only became funkier as the band members Ultra Dave, Counterfeit Martin, Oscar Wilder, and InTheFletch took the stage as a tribute to Depeche Mode. Their performance was edgy and catchy — exactly what anyone would want from a Depeche Mode experience. As they casually created beautiful synth compositions and Ultra Dave took an energetic vocal lead, they transported the crowd to an 80’s experience. They played the infamous tracks “Just Can’t Get Enough,” “Stripped,” and of course “Strangelove.” The effects of the show were spectacular, from the images of 80’s-esque film flashing on the screen behind them, to the leather pants and total black glam attire they were wearing. Devoted fans were seen singing along to every word and the atmosphere was joyous — to say the least.

It’s not every day that someone is able to see a show dedicated towards beloved music of the past, and it seems like this should happen more often. When devout fans and musicians come together to share an experience, it’s an unforgettable essence of respect. All of the amazing artists that performed are continuing to different locations on tour, so all we can say now is that Denver hopes to see everyone sooner rather than later. 

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Hoods Brought the Head-Banging to Denver

Hoods takes the stage at the Summit Music Hall in Denver, CO.

Hoods is a hardcore punk and metal band. They started in Sacramento, California in 1995. They have been touring all over the United States and coming this fall, they will be touring Europe!

Hoods brought the energy to Denver at Summit Music Hall. They were very interactive and really engaged with the audience. They even invited the crowd to hang out with them after their set. The crowd was going really hard, dancing and head-banging to the music.

You won’t want to miss another Hoods set, its all about the head-banging with this band! They will be playing in New York at the end of July, be sure to catch them.

Photos by Adi Sadeh

Midnight Tyrannosaurus’ Mutation Tour Destroys Denver

Midnight Tyrannosaurus, known by friends and family as Jason Figlioli, brought his 5-month Mutation Tour to Denver on May 26th. This Colorado-based producer has gained recognition from other hard-hitting bass DJs, including Excision, Figure, and Cookie Monsta. As part of the Never Say Die: Black Label, Midnight T throws down some seriously dark, prehistoric-sounding synths and bass at every show. Some of his most popular tracks include “Jurassic,” (a collaboration with Megalodon), “Planet Purge Pt. 2” with EH!DE, and of course “Mutation,” from his latest EP.

For the Denver edition of the Mutation Tour, Midnight T brought a plethora of guests with him. The lineup featured over 5 hours of music from Mother Lotus, Detrace, Chromatik, Phiso, Delta Heavy, and of course Midnight T. With such a heavy lineup, it’s no surprise that the show sold out. The Summit has a capacity of over 1,300, so that’s a lot of head bangers and moshers!

Outside of the venue, there never seemed to be a super long line as attendees gradually arrived throughout the night. When first entering the venue, guests are greeted by a long, rectangular bar, as well as some seating with a view of the stage. On one side of the venue, there is a place to get slices of pizza and some other snacks. This side of the venue was also where merchandise was set up. Past this was the main hall where it definitely got more crowded as everyone, understandably so, wanted to get as close to the large LED wall and lasers as possible. For those that wanted to have a little extra space and get away from the mosh pits, the VIP balcony was open for an extra charge.

As the show progressed throughout the night, the bass got louder and the drops got heavier. Delta Heavy, who hails from the UK, warmed fans up as direct support to Midnight T. The audience was already enthralled with the amazing production, which escalated into Midnight T’s set. For this show, the lasers were run by local Denver DJ, MPort, who is also going to be running lasers for the Disciple shows at the Summit this coming weekend.

Midnight Tyrannosaurus brought an INSANE amount of energy to the stage. Combined with his intense music, two large LED screens with mind bending visuals, and complex lasers, it was most definitely a set to remember. The dubstep fans that flooded the venue were actually moshing more than they were head banging. At one point, the entire main hall opened up into one giant pit. Even though there was a lot of moshing, no one was noticeably aggressive. In fact, fans picked each other up and protected one another throughout the night.

For dubstep fans who love the likes of Excision, Cookie Monsta, and more, Midnight Tyrannosaurus is one to watch! His live shows are on an entirely new level when compared to listening to his music at home. The sheer force of his music, combined with his monstrous stage presence makes for a truly out-of-this-era experience. The Mutation Tour continues on until mid-June. To see if it’s touching down in a city near you, click here!

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DMX Sells Out Summit for “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot” Tour

DMX brought the “It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot” Tour to the Summit Music Hall in Denver, CO on Saturday, April 27, 2019. DMX managed to put on a one-of-a-kind performance to a sold-out crowd of dedicated fans, and providing the crowd with all of his greatest hits. This performance also featured a transition to a more spiritual side when DMX began to recite to multiple biblical verses.

He is currently on the last leg of his 20th Anniversary Tour – “It’s Dark Outside And Hell Is Hot ” – with majority of the shows sold-out. If you get the opportunity, you won’t want to miss this tour and see a hip-hop legend in a city near you.

Photography by: Brandon Johnson

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