Kyle Watson at Summit in Denver

Kyle Watsons My Machines Tour

Denver house music lovers gathered at Summit on Saturday night for the last leg of Kyle Watson’s My Machines Tour. This was his first tour in the US since 2018. For the past decade, Kyle Watson has cultivated a unique and captivating brand of house music, combining signature bass lines, heavy drums, and riveting sound design. In the My Machines Tour, Kyle Watson showcased all original sounds, including his unreleased work. At the final show, he was joined by CJ, Miss Dre, and Chapter and Verse for a curated variety of house music.


Denver local CJ wasted no time kicking off the night with high-energy house music and an equally infectious stage presence. It’s hard not to smile while watching CJ bounce around behind the decks. The dance floor started to fill up early in the evening, with the crowd’s energy mirroring CJ’s while dancing to disco and house beats. The Denver house music scene’s love and appreciation for CJ were loud and proud throughout his set. 

Miss Dre

Next up on the set list, the multifaceted Miss Dre transitioned the crowd from groovy house edits to a heavy dose of driving baselines and techno beats. Based out of the Bay Area, Miss Dre is known for her stunning vocals and as a fierce DJ/producer. She’s garnered the support of several house music staples such as Gene Faris, Justin Martin, and J. Worra. 

Doing what she does best, she had the crowd in the palm of her hand with her no-nonsense mixing style. By the end of Miss Dre’s set, the venue was close to full. Her sound brought a fresh variation to the night while still satisfying the house craving Kyle Watson fans came for. 

Chapter and Verse 

Later in the night, Chapter and Verse took over for Miss Dre, taking the energy from deep, pronounced bass lines to crisp tech house. Chapter and Verse released his first single in 2020 and has since become one of the fastest-rising UK producers in the scene. He’s received accolades from the likes of Sonny Fedora and Gorgon City. 

Known for his masterful production, Chapter and Verse did not disappoint on Saturday night by bringing forward exceptionally clean mixing. He kept the crowd moving with timeless vocals enveloped by hi-hats and bass drums. The feel-good club vibe you’d find on a Vegas getaway was the perfect segway for the main act. 

Kyle Watson’s Last Set on His My Machine Tour 

From South Africa, Kyle Watson created his unique sound within the house music industry. By releasing music on labels such as This Ain’t Bristol and Dirtybird Records. With nods from Diplo and Chris Lake, Kyle Watson’s music broke out of South Africa reaching dance floors internationally.  

At the peak of the evening, Kyle Watson took the stage at Summit in Denver to deliver what his fans have grown to know and crave. Throughout his two-hour set, Kyle left none of his trademark sounds behind. The set intertwined unreleased and fan-favorite stylings that have sold out crowds worldwide. 

Kyle Watson’s passion for his music was shining through the smile he wore for his whole set of purely original music. Never wavering from his eminent sound, the crowd never stopped moving as he played new and unreleased music and edits, classic tracks from his 2018 album “Into The Morning,” and more. 

Marking the end of the My Machine’s Tour at Summit in Denver, Kyle Watson returns to South Africa at the end of this month. Hopefully, Kyle Watson doesn’t wait another four years to tour the United States again. You can keep up with him on his website and socials listed below.

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