New Music Releases from Subtronics, Excision, Rezz, and more!

Electronic music has been expanding over the last few years and shows no signs of slowing down. New artists are coming out all the time, introducing new styles and sounds that are exciting listeners across the globe. Whether you’re an EDM fanatic or just starting to get into it, these new electronic music releases will surely get your adrenaline pumping.

Subtronics – FRACTALS

Fractals is one of those albums that will go down in bass music history.  Every song on here is unique in its own way while being masterfully crafted by Subtronics himself. This debut project goes hard without fail and shows that we may have another legendary artist on our hands here. Subtronics is a rare gem whose talent proves that he’s got what it takes to be a major player in electronic music. ‘Fractals‘ truly showcases his unique sound design style. With an impressive repertoire under his belt and releases on some of EDM’s most coveted labels, we expect nothing but good things for Subtronics in 2022.

Excision – Onyx

Legendary producer Excision has unleashed his newest album Onyx. In case you are not familiar with Excision, he is one of today’s most notable dubstep artists. His new album features a wide range of artists such as Dion Timmer, Sullivan King, Kai Wachi, and many others. With 17 songs that span almost 1 hour, there is something for every fan out there. This album is packed with insane drops that are sure to move you. There’s a decent amount of variety on here, too, meaning you can listen to it for longer without getting tired of it. Onyx is an EDM masterpiece that starts off hard and ends off just as hard. If you’re a fan of dubstep, you should definitely give this album a listen.

Rezz – Spiral

Rezz is a renowned EDM artist based out of Canada. Her latest album, Spiral is out now on Mau5trap records. It maintains some of her staple sound design while evolving in an unexpected new direction. There’s no doubt that Rezz is a skilled artist—her mix of horror movie sound effects with hard dance music chops has made her an EDM superstar in no time. If you like her other tracks or are just looking for something moody to chill out to, we highly recommend checking this album out. Her music is chaotic but perfect to listen to while working or doing anything that requires you to focus. Rezz is definitely someone to watch in 2022 as she continues to climb into mainstream EDM. This album is a must-listen for fans of Mau5trap music or dark/brooding electronic music.

Freddy Todd – Nineteen Ninety

Freddy Todd brings you into his world of electronic music in his newest release titled Nineteen Ninety. Featuring nine tracks that take elements of bass music and combine them with trap-influenced beats, Nineteen Ninety is a standout release that showcases Freddy Todd‘s technical skill behind the decks. The young producer has managed to skyrocket his way into mainstream recognition with a unique brand of grungy bass music that is equal parts grit and sweetness. This latest album gives us everything we’ve come to love about Todd: glitchy beats, haunting vocals, beautiful melodies, and epic drops.

Bonobo – Fragments

There’s a lot to love about Bonobo.The British musician is one of those artists who can appeal to nearly anyone with his smooth grooves and uplifting sound. His newest release, Fragments, is no exception. This is Bonobo’s first release in five years. Following up his critically acclaimed album Migration, Fragments is a twelve-track album that demonstrates Bonobo’s ever-growing talent and reminds his fans why they fell in love with his music to begin with. As with most Bonobo albums, each song has its own unique flavor and mood. From calming melodies to energetic dance beats, there’s something for everyone in Fragments.  If you enjoy good vibes and want something new to listen to, give it a listen! It will surely be worth your time.

An Unforgettable Week for Electronic Music

This week in music has been an exciting one. Several big names in the electronic music scene dropped legendary new albums that have already made a big impact in the EDM community. If you haven’t heard of any of these albums yet, we highly recommend you check them out. This was an excellent start to the new year and we are so excited to see what the rest of 2022 has in store for music.

5 New Music Releases To Get Excited About

The music industry never sleeps. Over the past week, there have been some amazing new music released from some of your favorite artists. If you’re looking to expand your music collection, read on to find out about the latest releases and see which new songs you should add to your playlists today!

1) Roddy Ricch – Live Fast

Roddy Ricch has released a new album titled “Live Fast“. This is only Roddy‘s second studio album and it already looks like it is on track to be one of his most successful albums yet. The album was actually inspired by Roddy’s mixtape #LiveFastDieYoung. It is currently one of Apple Music’s top playlists, sitting in their official What’s Hot list right now. His new album features a variety of talented artists including Future, Kodak Black, Ty Dolla $ign, 21 Savage, and more. Roddy has quickly risen to become one of the top hip-hop artists today. He performed at several festivals this year, including Lollapalooza and Firefly Music Festival. You can listen to Roddy’s new album now streaming on all platforms.

2) Subtronics – Spacetime ft. Nevve

Subtronics, a Dubstep artist from Missouri, has released a new album with Nevve called “Spacetime“. The two artists have worked together in past tracks and were excited about how well they work together. “I feel like we both complement each other in different ways that make for some of our best music”, said Subtronics. Nevve also spoke highly of working with Subtronics saying that he is one of her favorite people to work with. Make sure you catch Subtronics when he comes to Denver for Decadence later this month!

3)Juice WRLD – Fighting Demons

Juice WRLD, real name Jarad Higgins, has released another posthumous album. Fittingly titled “Fighting Demons“, Juice WRLD raps about his struggles with mental health and depression that he faced for years. The 21-year-old was heavily influenced by Chicago rapper Lil Durk and his recent tracks also tackle similar themes. In a statement on Juicemuzik’s Twitter page, Juice WRLD said “I wanted to show people that I’m still me but I’m not afraid of my demons anymore…I felt like I had no choice but to make a song so people could relate & hopefully understand why I sometimes lash out or do things in general.”

4)TVBOO – Songs Your Wife Leaves You To

TVBOO is a dubstep artist from Mississippi. This week, he released his latest album, Songs Your Wife Leaves You To“, and it’s quickly rising on charts all over SoundCloud. TVBOO says that he draws inspiration for his music from his ex-wife, who left him while he was producing his newest album. The song starts out slow but builds into a powerful drop that will have you begging for more within minutes of listening.

5)FKA twigs & The Weeknd – Tears in The Club

FKA twigs and The Weeknd released a new song! The collaborative single, “Tears in The Club”, is expected to be featured on The Weeknd’s upcoming album. The two artists had previously collaborated on tracks such as “The Morning” and “Wanderlust.” As an R&B songstress herself, FKA twigs is the perfect match for the Canadian pop star.

An Amazing Week for New Music

So, these are some of our top trending music releases that came out over the past week. It has been amazing to see what artists have been working on and how they continue to develop their talents. Without a doubt, there will be more great things on their way. Keep up with Party Guru next week as we discuss more new music releases.