STS9 returns to Denver for Monumental New Years run

Sound Tribe Sector 9, better known as “STS9,” and more endearingly known as “Tribe,” kicked off night one of a three-day run to close out 2022 on Thursday night. STS9 was born out of Atlanta, Georgia, and has current ties to Colorado by way of bassist Alana Rocklin, as well as Tribe’s most passionate members, who packed out the 3,900-capacity Fillmore Auditorium for a night to remember.

Listeners can download / stream STS9’s live performances through their Bandcamp subscription service.

Electronic hip-hop artist Michael Menert brought the energy early in support of STS9. Menert’s trappy, bass-heavy set ensured that Tribe Nation was loose and ready to partake in STS9’s first New Year’s run since prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

True to their “jam-band” nature, STS9 is known for curating a unique set for each night, seemingly bringing the audience into another dimension with each unique performance. The audience danced the night away to favorites such as “Empires”, “By the Morning Sun,” and the masterful electronic jam woven into the band’s bellwether hit “MOD”. STS9 used “Today,” a euphoric, groove-inducing dance-anthem, as a reminder of what STS9 brings to the hearts and minds of people in the audience.

Following a 56-minute-delay, a result of sound board technical issues, Tribe brought tranquility with perhaps the highlight of the night. The band serenaded the audience with “Golden Gate,” using a combination of melodic synths, subtle bongo drums, and masterful lighting via production maestro Tibereus, who many consider to be a sixth band member for visually apparent reasons.

The moment the first chords of Golden Gate resonated through the Fillmore was a microcosm for the coordinated, optimistic, and beautiful work and energy harnessed by STS9 and their loyal fans, bringing the band, its supporting staff, and fans from far and wide together as one Tribe.

Photos by Sammantha Drake

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