New Music Releases by Nas, Steve Aoki, And More!

You’ve probably heard at least one of the top music releases over the past few days, whether it was Nas’s Magic album or Freddy Todd’s newest single. With so many new songs out there to enjoy, however, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the best new music that comes out every week – but we’re here to help! Here are five tracks you haven’t heard yet that were released over the past week that you need to check out right now!

Nas Releases New Album ‘Magic’

Nas has released his newest album Magic. Magic is definitely one of his best albums to date. The beats are very chill and help to tell a narrative throughout each track. Throughout the Album, Nas discusses politics and current events as well as societal issues. This is easily a five-star album for Hip Hop fans.

Alok & Steve Aoki Release New Single ‘Typical’ ft. Lars Martin

Don’t miss out on Typical featuring Lars Martin, produced by Alok and Steve Aoki. The track was released on Steve Aoki‘s Dim Mak record label, which features other renowned house producers, including Kyle Walker. This song is an upbeat dance track that you’re sure to fall in love with. The heavy-hitting bass and uplifting vocals will get you moving no matter what time of day it is. It’s got a great mix of sounds from new and old, making it very up-to-date while still retaining its originality. This will be a hit at parties and clubs everywhere! What are you waiting for? Buy or stream Typical on iTunes or Spotify now!

Ed Sheeran & Fireboy DML Release New Single ‘Peru’

This week in music, Ed Sheeran and Fireboy dropped a new collaboration that is sure to be an instant hit. Ed Sheeran often collaborates with artists from all spectrums of music. In the past, he collaborated with Taylor Swift, Eminem, and Hoodie Allen. Now, he is back with Fireboy DML to release their new hit single, Peru. Both Sheeran and Fireboy have been major players in their respective genres for quite some time, with numerous number one songs each. The combination of these two powerhouses has led many to wonder if they will eclipse any prior collaborations between artists from different genres. What does seem certain is that both artists are likely to gain new fans as a result of their combined star power.

Lights Releases New Single ‘Real Thing’ ft. Elohim

On their new single Real Thing, Lights and Elohim create a beautiful electronic ballad with haunting vocals that you won’t be able to stop humming. The single is a perfect combination of vibrant yet subdued electro-pop production. It features the mesmerizing sounds of Elohim, whose production is featured on tracks by popular EDM artists such as Ookay. The song is about finding what it means to be yourself in love, and how sometimes we have to chase our own real thing before it finds us.

Freddy Todd Releases New Single Senataur

Overwhelmed, vibrant, and soaked in sound, Freddy Todd’s new track, Senataur, is one to keep an eye on. Beginning with clunky drums and a resounding bass line, Freddy Todd hypnotizes his listeners while they are taken on a ride through building synths and warbling vocals that fall gracefully down upon them. The single gives us a glimpse into Freddy Todd‘s upcoming album, Nineteen Ninety, which is going to drop next week! A breath of fresh air among all of today’s current genres, Senataur isn’t just music; it’s art.

A Week Filled with Amazing New Music

No matter what you like listening to, there is always new music coming out that will blow your mind. These five new music releases are among some of our favorites over the past week. If you’re looking for something fresh, we definitely recommend giving them a listen.