Review and Recap Video of Krushendo’s Take Over of Cervantes

Review and Recap Video of Krushendo’s Take Over of Cervantes

Colorado local Karlyle Walker, aka Krushendo, has been on the rise in the melodic bass scene. Since he opened for MitiS in 2018, Krushendo has been at the forefront in the bass capital. He has truly been crushing it! Last month, on February 7th, Krushendo released a soul-crushing dubstep banger titled, “Dungeon”. As well, just a few months ago, Krushendo released MiTis – TRY featuring RØRY (Krushendo Rekrush). On January 21st and 22nd of this year, Krushendo graced the stage direct supporting Illenium at two sold-out shows in Aspen, Colorado. A few weeks later he played another sold out show in Portland, Oregon with MiTiS again and Crystal Skies.

On March 3rd, Cervantes’s weekly installment of SHIFT Thursdays held one of Krushendo’s largest headlining shows to date. Joining him as support was, Jakattak, NGHTOWL, Prismatic, and Docfunk.

Art And Silent Disco

As soon as Cervantes Other Side doors opened at 8 PM, the floor started filling up. When fans walked in, they were greeted with a bar. While you walk further back into the venue, there was artwork by numerous talented artists. Back on the patio, there was a silent disco hosted by Make Wavs and Longevity Productions.

Starting The Night Off 

Denver local Jakattak kicked off the evening. Jakattak played his unique sound for fans to move to. Jakattak has been on the rise with new releases including just a few months ago, his collab with DeniZen “Creature” through Make Wavs, and his bootleg remix of Big Sean “Moves”. In addition, back in December, he took over a five-hour slot during the Noise for Toys fundraiser over Twitch. As well, Jakattak has graced stages across Colorado such as The Church Nightclub, Your Moms House, and 830 North in Fort Collins, which is an arcade, bowling alley, and venue. To keep up with new releases by Jakattak, follow him on SoundCloud here.

Next up taking the stage was NGHTOWL, who embraces heavy-hitting bass music that embodies emotions. NGHTOWL captivated fans with his extraordinary sound. Just within the last six months, NGHTOWL has released singles, “Skyburst“, “Cloud City“, “nighttime“, and his most recent release, “Deeper.” Click here to keep up with all of his new incredible releases.

Prismatic who has released tracks on well-known labels like, Subsidia and Wakaan took the stage next. He kept the energy strong preparing fans to be ready for the headliner of the evening. Prismatic has released banger after banger, including his three-track “Mystify” EP five months ago. Just last month, Prismatic released heavy hitter “Refresh” through Rude Service. Follow this mastermind here.

The Time Has Come 

While Krushendo was preparing to grace the stage, fans were noticed walking closer to capture the perfect view. Krushendo started off with major heat as he was playing melodic vocals and all of the heavier melodic bass elements with the smooth tempos of slower, heavy-hitting bass music. Everyone was getting down with smiles on their faces and even, some headbanging.

Also on stage, was a guitarist and drummer at certain points, creating a unique experience for fans. To top it off, lasers consisting of numerous colors were going off during each banger. The lasers could be seen even in the back by the art. Above the stage was a visual screen that included his name and other visuals to get lost in. Fans were able to immersive themselves into the whole event, and experience the special evening. In addition, Krushendo announced his upcoming EP. Fans were able to listen to a glimpse into his new music, including unreleased songs.

Ending the night was Docfunk. He kept the vibes high with his Dirtybass house, Drum and Bass with Hip Influences, and Halftime tunes. Keeping the fans dancing with some “booty music” as Docfunk calls it, ensuring fans ended the night perfectly. Check out his popular tracks here, including “Slum Lordz“, Ghetto Funk“, and “In Da House Vol.2 “, all songs to make you lose control.

An End to the Madness

This event was definitely an unforgettable night for fans, with bass, new tunes, and getting lost in the lasers and visuals. Every artist brought major heat with good vibes all around. Be sure to keep an eye on Krushendo, we certainly can’t wait to see where this Colorado local goes! To stay up to date with Cervantes’s weekly SHIFT Thursday for the rest of March, click here

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Black Carl and Player Dave Grace The Stage At Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom

Black Carl and Player Dave Grace The Stage At Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom

Thursday nights are always a heater in Denver’s electronic music scene; there is always something to do to start your weekend off early. Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom and River Beats are back again for their weekly SHIFT Thursday. On March 24th, Black Carl and Player Dave graced the stage with Oakk and Chmura as support.

The Openers

Up and coming artist Chmura started the evening off. Recently, just about a week ago, Chmura released single “Ocean Floor” after unleashing downtempo single So What” three months ago. Chmura has been rising in the experimental bass scene the last few months. Last summer, Chmura graced the stage at Sound Haven festival. In February alone, Chmura headlined Frequency Fridays at Denver’s artist-created dance bar Beacon, and opened for Mystic Grizzly in Indianapolis, Indiana. In May, Chmura will be taking the stage at The Untz Festival. Be sure to stay up to date with this rising artist on his Sound-cloud here.

Chmura set the tone at Cervantes with basslines getting the crowd moving and ready for the remarkable evening ahead. With live painters on both sides of the venue, and vendors, individuals were sure to have a night to remember.

Hailing from Canada, master of blissful, organic tunes, Oakk took the stage next. In the last month, he released body – moving EP “Gimme That” with tunes “Gimme That” and “Bota“. In addition, Oakk released an remix of hip-hop single “Vent” this month. Coming up soon, Oakk will be opening for Ivy Lab, click here to keep up with his fresh tunes.

Oakk got the crowd ready for Player Dave and Black Carl with beatific tunes getting the crowd moving. Individuals were seen filling up the floor dancing to each beat the openers played.

The Co-headliners

Embody innovator Player Dave got every single person sitting down upstairs absorbing the bass. This evening was Player Dave‘s first co-headline and he certainly did not disappoint. From experimental bass to drum and bass tunes and everything in between, Player Dave‘s set brought smiles to the faces of the crowd . His energy was unmatched. That could be felt through each song played, including beloved CharlestheFirst tune In Pieces. In addition, towards the end of his set, Player Dave brought out extraordinary artist kLL sMTH, which got the crowd thrilled.

Finishing up the powerful evening was Alabama local Black Carl. Bringing neurotic bass, both classic and progressive, the crowd was seen dancing in pure bliss. Just two days ago, Black Carl and Player DaveFallen EP ” were unleashed with singles Petal and “Fallen“. Individuals were noticed to be filled with ecstatic and joy hearing these tunes live. Also, Black Carl shout out Mr Bill as he played some of their songs. In addition, Black Carl played parts from his recently released, “Operation Exclamation (Unreleased Spring Mix 2022), which got the crowd in a euphoric state of mind.


To sum up the evening, it was beyond doubt, a night to remember filled with surprises and numerous talented boundary-pushing artists. We certainly can’t wait to see where each of these unique artists blossom next. Closing out March off at SHIFT Thursdays at Cervantes is Zeke Beats with his Digital Death Tour, find the information you need here.

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VCTRE, Sumthin Sumthin, and More Take Over SHIFT Thursdays

VCTRE And Sumthin Sumthin Co-Headlines SHIFT Thursday’s

Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom hosts their weekly installment of SHIFT on Thursdays. Each Thursday, Cervantes showcases an array of artists for electronic music lovers. Gracing the stage(s) at this unique dual-venue recently this month include, Guz, Offaiah, and Denver local Krushendo.

On March 17th, both sides of Cervantes were open, creating a special night. On the Otherside, Somatoast, Drrtywulvz, Dillard, and Quite Possibly took the stage. In the ballroom, VCTRE and Sumthin Sumthin co-headlined the evening with support from Saka and Omnist.

Art & Vendors

By the bathrooms, individuals were greeted by vendors selling numerous crystals, jewelry, artwork, and other small items. On both sides of the venue, there were talented live painters creating the perfect divine pieces. In addition, a few people with flow toys, including hoops and poi.

The Openers

Starting the night off was Denver local Omnist. The floor started to fill up as he played some deep wubs for the crowd to get down to. Just last month, Omnist released a two-track EP, “Expressions” with single “Concrete“. Overall, this up-and-coming artist certainly set the tone for the magical evening. To keep up to date with Omnist, check out his Soundcloud here.

Following right after, was an experimental bass producer and DJ, Saka. Hailing from Hong Kong, Saka has had an extraordinary time so far. With releases via Cyclops Recordings, Gud Vibrations, and more, Saka was sure to have the venue moving. He has been releasing heat after heat, with “Damage” with Sumthin Sumthin three months ago. And just seventeen days ago, Saka released a single “Masamume” via Gud Vibrations. Saka‘s remarkable crafted sound with rippling melodies, and distorted basslines, brought smiles to individuals throughout the ballroom.

The Headliners

At this point, the floor and upstairs were crowded with individuals preparing for what was to come. Next up, was co-headliner Sumthin Sumthin. Just nine months ago, Sumthin Sumthin released a single, “Flutter” with VCTRE. He graced the stage and started off with his unique experimental bass sounds. In addition, Sumthin Sumthin shared some new and unreleased tunes with the crowd. As well, he remixed the beginning of popular dubstep artist Svdden Death‘s single Behemoth, which got fans hyped.

Closing the evening was highly-anticipated VCTRE. He brought major heat with experimental tunes getting people moving with songs like “Dufflebag“, and his collaboration with EazybakedThe East “. To make it an even more special night, Omnist, Saka, Sumthin Sumthin, and VCTRE, did a b4b.


Overall, Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom held a very special evening. A dual-venue show filled with bass, unique vendors, and live painters, created an unforgettable night for individuals. We certainly can’t wait to see where these artists continue to flourish in the experimental bass world. Check out what the next two SHIFT Thursdays at Cervantes are for this month here.

Photos by Ethan Klement

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Moontricks, KR3TURE, and More Coming To Cervantes For SHIFT Thursday

Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom is the place to be Thursday, December 9th! Get out of the cold, get down, and get yourself some fresh artists to follow by checking out this week’s fresh SHIFT Thursday’s show. The weekly installment is presented by River Beats and the Cervantes team. They provide Denverites the chance to catch a great array of electronic music flavors. Where better to get an early start on the weekend than one of our city’s most beloved venues? This Thursday, we’ll be getting down with Moontricks, Moontricks, KR3TURE, Melody Lines, and several more amazing artists.

Moontricks is the project of Canadian duo Sean Rodman and Nathan Gurley. Their unique sound encompasses bluegrass and electronic beats. They also blend string instruments and traditional folk elements with bass. Sometimes their tracks feel moody and passionate, other times uplifting and full of movement. You may know their very well-known hit “Home“. You may be familiar with other tracks such as the 2017 single “With You” (from the EP titled the same) or the newer collaboration with Gone Gone Beyond, “Coast”.

KR3TURE is scheduled to play a late set deeper into the night. This master of many instruments is also a talented producer of bass music, hailing from the West Coast and sure to continue gaining attention as he plays a series of upcoming shows with Moontricks on their winter tour. There are a handful of tracks on KR3TURE‘s Spotify page surpassing over a million listens. Notably, the track “Watch It Grow” which has had well over 2 million. In addition to KR3TURE and Moontricks, the Ballroom side of Cervantes will feature sets by local legends Melody Lines (A.K.A. Vinney Crippen, part of Mile High Sound Movement) and Mikey Thunder.

The best thing about SHIFT Thursdays? Both sides of the venue will be alive with music all night. The Other Side has four additional artists scheduled to throw down electronic sets, both sample-based and originally produced. Influences of these might include hip-hop, rap, soul, bass, and various other blends. We will get to hear Colorado-based talent such as MotfivMIDIcinal, and Louie Letdown, as well as Derlee from the East Coast. Each of these producers has a unique vibe and flavor to bring the more intimate stage of the venue, at Cervantes’ Other Side.

This lineup is sure to bring a late night of endless dancing, and a quality variety of electronic music. You can still snag a ticket here. Doors open at 8 PM – see you then!