DirtySnatcha|”Spaceship” Via Subsidia Dusk: Vol. 3

DirtySnatcha is back once again with another heater pleasing the bass community. Delivering his second release via Excision’s Subsidia Records,Spaceship” is out now on the Dusk: Vol. 3 compilation.

DirtySnatcha’s drive and consistency with putting out tracks is absolutely out of sight. Despite how crappy the past year stood with the absence of shows, DirtySnatcha kept fans eager with banger after banger. And without hesitation, we see him carry this routine straight into 2021. Just a month ago he released “Found Myself” ft Katie Sky, & word on the street is that theres an EP in the works alongside a collab with @megalodondubs.


Dusk: Vol. 3 represents the wonkier side of the label

Dusk: Vol. 3 includes 17 new tracks delivered from a variety of prosperous artists, all of which produce the sound that Dusk embodies. Dusk illustrates the more experimental side of bass in comparison to Dawn & Night. I’m talking about those weird, wonky, brain puddling tunes. This is that. Every single track on this compilation is an absolute heater, but one that really slapped me in the face was of course, DirtySnatcha’s “Spaceship“.



DirtySnatcha hit the nail on the head with “Spaceship”, it fits perfectly as a part of the Dusk series. Right off the bat, its a vibe. The track starts off slow with deep ominous sounds, and then kicks right into a bop with that first drop. DirtySnatcha of course brings in his signature sounds and rolls them right over into the second drop- only this one is 10X nuttier. All in all, “Spaceship” contains those deep dirty wubs that make you want to yak. In the best way of course.



Born and raised in the heart of where dubstep originated, DirtySnatcha produces a variety of heavy original tracks ranging from dubstep, to trap, and riddim. His collaborations with artists like Rico Act, Lucii, Boogie T, Monxx, Riot Ten, and more have proven that he is able to produce on such a diverse spectrum of music.

Along with his growing career as a music producer, DirtySnatcha also runs his own record label, DirtySnatcha Records. He is dedicated to helping artists further their careers, by providing promotion and feedback, with hopes to see that each and everyone succeeds in the industry. Poised to take over the world with his music, you will not find a more dedicated producer.


It’s hard to think that it has been over 6 months since the official announcement of Subsidia Records. Furthermore, whilst the third round of the DuskDawn, & Night series underway. Clearly Subsidia wastes no time. Every single artist on these series deserves recognition. I recommend doing a little digging and checking out their other music too. You will not be disappointed.

DUSK: Vol.3 Tracklist

  1. Ruvlo – Wook Machine
  2. Blurrd Vzn x BrunchBeatz – Brunch Vzn
  3. Ray Volpe – Nosebleed
  4. Pax Impera – Loud
  5. Tape B – Violent
  6. Blck Sheep x Felmax – Dual Blade
  7. MIRR.IMG – Live Your Life
  8. Cyrus Gold – Change Ur Mind
  9. Dino Shadix – Hydra
  10. Runnit x Rollie Dezel – Ballin Again
  11. DirtySnatcha – Spaceship
  12. Xinister – Falcon 9
  13. UHNK x Matheny – Main B*tch
  14. CHACKK x VONDOO – Take It On
  15. Carbin – Sour Diesel
  16. Evalution x Hallucinate – Flow
  17. ZIZI x Mikesh!ft x Vezzel – Refraction

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Wonkaholic Tour 2020 Comes to Denver with a Bang

It was another wild, wonky weekend in Denver this past weekend—this time bringing none other than the King of Wonk himself. Denver is known to get down and dirty to the heavier beats, and this time was no different. The event took place at Summit Denver, a local favorite venue for heavier dubstep and riddim shows. The night featured openers AOWL and MORF, with support from the infamous AFK and Jkyl and Hyde. The event was heavy from start to finish, with booming drums being able to be heard from the very back of the room. MONXX came for his Wonkaholic Tour 2020 and left Denver with a taste of those insanely sweet and heavy riddim synths which kept dubstep and riddim fans headbanging all night.

The Openers

The night began with local openers AOWL and MORF, who brought out heavy renditions of their own tracks as well as some from other artists which started off the night on a heavy-hitting note. The drums were so loud all night and paired with the typical heavy riddim synths Colorado bassheads know and love, it was an insane night of the heaviest sides of music from start to finish.

Next on the lineup came Jkyl and Hyde bringing some heat with a set by AFK shortly after. With AFK fusing more dubstep elements than just riddim into his set, it was a heavy night that kept the room dancing and moving constantly. The headbangers in the front were riding the rail all night and even the people towards the back were never at a still point and were always moving and dancing to the beats.

Monxx began his set with a ton of support and hype from the crowd, his devoted Denver headbanging fans filling the venue at this point and packing it out. The young riddim DJ played out some of his older and more recognizable tunes and of course, his remix of the infamous Wonky Song that gained him a large following and hype since Excision’s support. Monxx also played out some tunes which were sickeningly heavy which many of his fans had never heard before. The night was full of yelling and exclaiming when the heavier drops hit, creating a huge sense of unity in between all the bassheads and music lovers in the room.


The night overall was a massive success as Denver’s bass capital only continues to grow in size and support. Colorado riddim and dubstep lovers from all over the state came to support the King of Wonk this weekend, and the music brought the house down leaving fans sweaty but smiling messes as they left the venue.

Photos by: Dru Cook (Instagram.com/edm.colorado)

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Riddim Legend Squnto Destroys The Summit with his Megachops

If you’re a fan of dubstep and riddim you’ve definitely heard the name Squnto more than once. This is due to the fact his recognition for his skill quickly gaining more and more traction, this DJ is truly a force to be reckoned with. Without a doubt, his skill on the decks is impressive. For example, his Megachops, which use several songs in under a couple of minutes truly show what madness is possible on DJ decks.

Not to mention with collaborations from dubstep’s biggest names such as Subtronics, Boogie T, and Code: Pandorum, he truly sets himself apart from other artists. Accordingly, Squnto’s style of heavy chops, combined with deep bass lines create a powerful sound that will always get the crowd riled up.

Squnto and Friends Unleash the Riddim

Given that from the start of his set to the end Squnto never let us stop moving, with everything from making us all get on the ground, his classic wall of death, and even a surprise B2B with Mr. Bill, another of EDM’s legends.

Not only did Squnto showcase his own talent, he had impressive openers like the much-anticipated return of OG Nixin, as well as special guests and local talent like Spexx and Green Matter, who all destroyed the Summit before Squnto. Particularly, OG Nixin, a rising talent with some of dubstep’s most played songs, truly brought the heat along with special guests, Yakz and Disconnect.

This show was a reminder that there is so much unique talent in the dubstep and riddim scene right now. All things considered, if you see any of these acts coming up make sure not to miss them.

Photos by Simon Quince

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Subtronics Takeover – A Cyclops Experience


Denver is known as the bass capital of the world, and on August 1st and 2nd, Subtronics and company made sure that label was held true. The Ogden Theatre hosted both nights of bass music with the dubstep cronies Zia, Benda, Chee, Calcium, and Digital Ethos. Pashminas and headbangers were innumerable as they flooded the Ogden to get a taste of dubstep from the cyclops icon himself. Each minute of each night was highlighted with kind faces and grimy beats.

Zia-the Philadelphia native started off the takeover on both nights. Her style walked a line between G Jones and Rusko-esque beats, but had a more melodic flow to them. She wasn’t afraid to show the crowd what her production abilities were made of. The first person to perform at a dubstep show can yield uncertainty, but her flow left the crowd pleasantly surprised, as well as excited for what was to come for the rest of the night.

Benda took over the stage on the 1st, releasing a tidal wave of dubstep onto the crowd. Amidst 30 second lulls to save fans’ necks, he featured brostep beats that left fans sweating. Next up was Calcium, who brought a riddim set. With basically no breaks, he intertwined spacey sound bites and splitting tempo to create an atmosphere of eeriness. His skeleton visuals also added some spooky kitsch. Ending the night, Subtronics took the stage. He mixed elements of every sub genre of dubstep. Featuring bites from Skrillex and Midnight Tyrannosaurus, he provided a diverse set with his cyclops wiggling behind him. The first night ended furiously, the only way one would expect it to.


Chee followed Zia on the second night, and his style consisted of intensely low bass lines and transformative treble. Like something from a planet far away, his style was foreign enough to be revolutionary, and familiar enough to be enticing. Digital Ethos was next, and he was more representative of drum and bass. While still turning wonky beats, the Jersey based producer took over with deformed mixing, making his presence spectacularly weird. The second night came to a close with Subtronics. A little more mellow than the first night, his set was still sprinkled with heavy riddim as well as deep midtempo. Kardon played his new collab with Rusko “Bounce,” and left the crowd feeling satisfied after two nights of groundbreaking modern dubstep. 

One thing is for certain: Subtronics’s shows are a must see for any dubstep fan. His set, as well as the company he finds himself with are at the forefront of a dubstep revolution. Each person brought their own style and swagger to the stage that is unmatched. Let’s hope that Subtronics doesn’t take too long to come back to Denver, as he makes his way through festival season to Bass Canyon, Nocturnal Wonderland, and Lost Lands. As for everyone else, Party Guru Productions and the Denver area hope to see these bass gods back soon.


Day One Photos by Kevin Gordon

Day Two Photos by Simon Quince

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