EarthGang Mobs On Mission Ballroom

EarthGang Mobs On Mission Ballroom

A Great Show Sheds Light On A Greater Issue

They say you have to capture your audience with the very first sentence. That an article is defined by the content of your words. Though I loved Earthgang, I expect the same from any show, which brought me to one simple conclusion; this particular show’s content did not carry. This is not a conviction of the artists or show, just the consistency I see from show to show.  I’m not an expert by any means, but I continue to see a problem with how Hip-Hop is treated, and how it treats itself. This won’t be the only thing I focus on in this piece, I do believe it should be touched on.

The Show

It was another beautiful Saturday night in Denver and Mission Ballroom was ready to match the vibe. I got to the box office at 8:00pm to get my media pass. By the time I was on the floor at 8:15pm, the first artist was done, which was disappointing. I bet you’re like, “ok? Why did you even bring it up?” I’ll get to that. Next up, we had Mike Dimes hit the stage. Dressed in all black, Mike Dimes put on a great show. High in energy and incredibly engaging, Mike Dimes and his Dj were really in sync with how each song was presented. It was clear they have been working together for awhile and knew exactly what the other was doing. At the climax of his set, he took off his jacket and I thought homie was about go off. Quite the opposite actually. He did two more songs and his set was finished. Don’t worry I’ll touch on that as well.

Next up, the dynamic duo known as EarthGang arrived to deafening screams and uproarious applause. Equipped with a full band, which really surprised me, EarthGang put on one hell of a performance. Drenched in swag, Johnny Venus strolled out in an yellowish green fit while Doctur Dot had a much more relaxed outfit, rocking a bucket hat with designer jeans with lil’ devils on them. That was something that really stood out to me, they came out shining without having to flaunt. Of course, both had their bling, but they let their fashion sense do a lot of the talking. Digging deep in their bag, they played classics from all over their discography including “Saturday,” which is top-tier EarthGang in my opinion.

Grass-fed Beef

We have finally arrived to the meat of the article. I know, super corny. Before I go on, this is just an opinion and I say this because I love the community. I think there were a few issues with this show that seems to happen during most hip-hop shows. I’ll break it down for you. I believe Hip-hop is treated very differently than other genres here in Denver, especially at bigger venues. Artists are always fighting with crews about sound levels, such as Snow tha Product and Lauryn Hill. Some of these artists are forced to fit a whole performance in 2.5hrs along with other artists like last night where an EDM artist can go to the same place and get a 2hr set, along with 2-3 other hour long openers. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good EDM set, but if we’re a community that loves music, then we should act like it..

The Second part of my argument, though straight to the point, is just as important. I think the Hip-Hop community needs to focus on how it treats itself. I mean, these are Grammy nominated artists, and the artists they bring on tour are extremely talented themselves. They shouldn’t have to take this disrespect, even if unintentional. Anyone that loves hip-hop knows that you’re going to see a performance, and just like any other performance that takes time. I don’t know what happens behind the scenes, but I hope that these artists are fighting for more than 15 minutes to prove that they deserve to be on that stage. And maybe they are and that’s why you’re seeing Rick Ross at Reelworks, instead of Red Rocks.

When I Say Earth! You Say Gang!

Despite my peeves, this was still an incredible show. Mike Dimes still had a really fun performance and even if I missed the first artist, I’m almost positive they did their thing. EarthGang spoke volumes not only through their lyrics and fashion, but how they catered to the fans, making the show about us. I know that I spoke on something that seems grander about EarthGang, but EarthGang and guests were just as grand. No matter my opinions, I appreciate and loved the opportunity to spend my night at Mission Ballroom and watch these individuals work. it always bring me overwhelming joy to see the culture thrive and last night was no different.

Photos By: Snuffy Whipple

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Nite.Rinse Washes Over Reelworks-Draft

Nite.Rinse Washes Over Reelworks

Welcome to yet another Friday night in Denver on the cusp of summer. There’s a light breeze cooling the evening air and the atmosphere is heavy with good vibes. You know what that means, right? It’s time to put on your freshest fit and head to Reelworks in RINo. With the night hosted by Nite.Rinse, Reelworks became the place to be on Saturday night, May 7th. Filled to the brim with house-y vibes, brought to you by Mat.Joe and friends along with Nite.Rinse, this venue is definitely making it’s mark and these artists are solidifying it.

A Londen Summer(s) arrives in Denver

The festivities kicked off with Londen Summers, who absolutely destroyed her set. Coming ready to play, she stepped the tables in a “Bratz-y” outfit that just added to her whole aesthetic. Let’s not get it twisted though, her style wasn’t what spoke the loudest. Simply put, Londen Summers had some of the cleanest mixes I have ever heard. With seamless transitions and edits including popular songs in unique ways, she showcased her talent in impeccable form. Londen Summers kept the energy high, the vibes vibrant, and showed that it takes real skill to do what she does. If you haven’t heard of her, you will soon enough.

Muus and CutSnake bring the house down

Following the first act, Muus took to the stage with shades on and bottle in hand. I knew it was about to go down. With a “too cool for school” vibe, Muus opened up with a great deep house set, phasing in some tribal beats here and there. Though, my favorite edit he did was when he mixed a tribal percussion loop with the lead loop from “Put your hands up for Detroit” by Fedde Le Grand. So friggin’ good.

Afterwards, it was time for CutSnake to show us what was up and he did not disappoint. Let me start by saying this, my man was nothing but smiles when he hit the stage. Opening up with some tribal beats himself, CutSnake came ready to have a good time. Eventually, CutSnake transitioned to a deep house set with some awesome techno edits sprinkled in, concluding his time with some hard-hitting beats, the last ten minutes of his set was amazing. With CutSnake going heavy all the way through, you could feel the bass all the way to 38th and Blake.

Mat Period Joe

At long last, the main act arrived to give us a show. In true legendary fashion, Mat.Joe arrived on the scene joking around and having a good a time, making sure to show the previous act some much deserved love. Now, I’m not an earplug guy, I just find them uncomfortable, but I definitely wish I had some that night. The bass was astounding, startling people standing next to the speakers on nearly every drop, Mat.Joe made sure they were heard. But what really made Mat.Joe stand out was the call and response between both artists. Working almost in unison, Mat.Joe was able to switch off seamlessly while still being able to engage with the crowd and have fun with the people on stage.

An Honest Conclusion

As always, I’m going to be straight up with you guys. This kind of music is not necessarily my forte or even my favorite. With that being said, I still had an absolute blast watching these people work. See, even if something isn’t for you, that doesn’t mean incredible talent should not be recognized. You might not always understand the music, but you can always understand skill. Each one of these artists displayed what sets them apart. From their styles and vibes, to how they mixed and played their music, Mat.Joe and friends were still capable of blowing my naïve mind.  But isn’t that what we all want when we go to a show? To be able to walk out those venue doors and say “Damn, they killed that set?” If my assumption is correct and you said “yes,” then you missed out on a spectacular show.

Photos By: Snuffy Whipple

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 Nite Rinse: Bringing Global Electronic Music to Cinco de Mayo Weekend

Nite Rinse, a group of LA-based creatives are back once again for another amazing night of electronic music. In Denver, they are known for their fire underground parties. With past performances from John Summit, Steve Darko, VNSSA and more the lineup is guaranteed to be stellar. 

That said, their parties are more than just music; they are a journey. By mixing art, music and mood, Nite Rinse curates the most visceral and immersive experiences. Their new party is going to be no different. With more lasers, lights, a Funktion One and new stage design, this is one show you will not want to miss! Because of the new production design, Nite Rinse is bringing the heat with the lineup, so peep the details below.

The Who, What, When & Where

To help keep the Cinco de Mayo celebration going, Nite Rinse is bringing Mat.Joe, Cut Snake, and MUUS to Reelworks Denver on May 6th. After its renovation and rebrand, Reelworks Denver is bringing the heat. First, the warehouse space features a custom sound system. It also has visual mapping projectors along all the walls, as well as plenty of dance space. Hosting all sorts of events, this flexible warehouse space is the perfect location for Nite Rinse and their next event. 

 Now let’s chat briefly about the artists. MUUS is a renowned tech house producer and DJ hailing from Chicago. His songs are no stranger to the Beatport Top 100 Tech House lists. Next on the lineup is Cut Snake. Hailing from Australia, this house producer has a versatile sound. His new song, “Skeg Head” that dropped two weeks ago has an indie dance vibe to it. Last but not at all least on the lineup is Mat.Joe. A duo hailing from Germany, these teenage friends have grown their house sound together for years. These three artists are sure to bring fun and fire house vibes to Reelworks!

Wrap Up

If the new production design wasn’t enough to convince you to travel to Reelworks Denver, this fire lineup definitely should. For more info on the event and tickets, click here.

Trance DJ Darude Comes To ReelWorks

Trance DJ Darude Comes To ReelWorks

In the early 00’s, Trance DJ Darude became a rising artist in the electronic music scene at the age of 24 after his release of single Sandstorm”. Darude has gone on to being on the forefront of the trance community.  Darude has graced the stages at major festivals such as Groove Cruise, Future Music Festival, and Tomorrowland.

In addition to popular track Sandstorm, Darude has released tracks Next To You, “Music, Feel The Beat, and in 2019, he released Look away featuring Sebastian Rejman. This Finland DJ has truly become one of the top Trance DJs in the trance community. 

On April 16th, Denver Trance Fam and Dark Space Productions collided to bring Darude to the immersive entertainment venue Reelworks, located near Downtown Denver. Alongside him as support was Kristina Sky and Donn13. Keep on reading below to get the recap from this incredible evening! 

  The Openers 

Denver local DJ, Donn13 graced the stage first. Just back in February, Donn13 played ReEnTRANCE Thursdays at Club Vinyl and back a few months ago, In August of 2021, Donn13 played at Tracks Denver. As attendees were starting to get in, Donn13 played deep house, progressive, techno and trance. Donn13 certainly set the tone: an extraordinary evening filled with phenomenal music. Click here to listen to more from this Denver up and coming artist here.

Following right after Donn13 was Kristina Sky, who is on the same record label as Darude: Sleeping Giant Music. By this point, Reelworks was getting packed with attendees thrilled for a night full of trance. In a predominantly male industry, Kristina Sky has proved herself of great talent. Her special sound of melodic trance blend with progressive house was heard all through Reelworks with lasers, outstanding drinks and even sitting options, including a couch in the back. Everyone in the venue was seen dancing, talking to one another and enjoying the evening. Check out Kristina Sky‘s and Danny Stubb‘s track released one year ago High Tide featuring Evan Henzi here.

Time For Trance Legend

As it was getting closer to Darude getting on stage, individuals were seen preparing by capturing the perfect view in the venue, and inching up closer. As well, the floor of Reelworks got even more packed with excited attendees. Once Darude graced the stage, every single person was seen in pure bliss dancing and some individuals had flow-toys. For myself, I have never seen Darude before, but, he certainly did not disappoint. All in all, Darude brought the perfect vibe that could be felt throughout the whole venue. Click here to keep up with Darude and listen to his drum and bass remix of track “Twelve by Gabriel & Dresden and his Holiday Mixes.


There is no doubt, Reelworks was the perfect place to listen to a night filled with trance. Overall, the evening was remarkable and euphoric. Party Guru can’t wait to see Donn13, Kristina Sky, and Darude come back as every artist brought perfect energy and vibes, that created memories for a lifetime. As well, we can’t wait to see what Reelworks, Denver Trance Fam and Dark Space Productions has in store for Denver!

Keep up to date with Darude on his socials below, including his next shows. Trust us, you will want to see this Trance legend for an unforgettable evening with memories that will last forever.

Photos by: Kyle Brim

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Local Fashion Show Features Rick Ross And Other Artists At Reelworks

Local Fashion Show Features Rick Ross And Other Artists At Reelworks

What happens when you mix Denver’s black and latino fashion, culture, and music with the jewel encrusted flavors of Rick Ross? You get a hell of a time, that’s what. On Sunday Feb. 20th, fashion designers and aficionados alike gathered at Reelworks in Denver’s RiNo district for ‘The Life of Fashion’ fashion show. Which, would later be followed by a performance by the boss himself. Hosted by Maria Loreto and Milk Chris, this event had black and latino designers from across Colorado come to showcase their talent and hard work. Outfits ranged from conservative attires to glow in the dark streetwear. This fashion show was filled with outfits that scorched the runway the minute they hit the catwalk.


Of course, the outfits weren’t the only thing burning up the stage. A plethora of local talent came out, making sure the crowd never had time to digest the previous act. Rappers Json Martin, Jay Triiiple, J4 and Troy Good, came with incredible energy and stage presence. Some artists brought out their own drummers for support, and other artists let their voice become the instrument. As a result, each artist left no room to question “could this be any more entertaining?”

Main Event

The fashion show, though exquisite in every way, was clearly an appetizer. After a palate cleansing two hour intermission, it was time for the main course. Reelworks transformed into a buffet of trap music, beautiful people, bottle service and boss level vibes. Led by Floyd Brown, the night had lyrical talents such as A Meazy, Mo-Luv and Tana10Birdz. Sounds were provided by DJ Squizzy Taylor and others. Finally, the lights began to dim and when the words “Maybach Music” rang through Reelworks, we knew the boss had arrived. Rick Ross strolled out on stage wearing a cheetah-like printed sweater draped in so much ice you would think it dropped 20 degrees. With his DJ, Sam Sneak, The boss dropped hits such as B.M.F.and even did some features like his verse fromI’m On One. Which of course, is my all-time favorite Rick Ross feature.


From the minute I walked up to the door and got my wristband, I could feel the culture radiating out of Reelworks. The fashion told stories of where the designers came from, not only in the brand names, but the designs themselves. The music said Colorado” with vociferous effect that let everyone know who was in the building that night. And Rick Ross, looking drippy in his diamond studded glasses, reminded everyone why he’s called the boss. All the ingredients to a recipe for representation culminated right here in Denver, and I feel bad for anyone who starved themselves of an enriching experience.