Liquid Stranger Goes Berserk On Night 3 At Mission Ballroom

On November 19, 2022, Liquid Stranger closed out his three-day show run at Mission Ballroom with a wild Sounds of Wakaan set.

Opening Support
Chef Boyarbeatz

Chef Boyarbeatz was the first opener of the night, and many were very excited! He started the night with deep free-form bass wubs and got the crowd warmed up and moving.

Tape B

Tape B was the next opener and one of the most anticipated by audience members! Since the release of Driptapes Volume 3, many have been raving about Tape B and his quick come-up into the spotlight. He released a new EP titled A Dose of Nostalgia at the beginning of the week, and everyone became more excited to see the spicy tunes played out in his set. This night out of the three was completely sold out, and many people pulled up early to catch Tape B’s set. Tape B’s usual style merges old and new dubstep styles, which he threw down flawlessly while mixing in other artists like Zeds Dead.


Ravenscoon was the next opener, and he came in swinging with energy! He is a fan favorite around the Denver area and brings in a heavy, deep penetrating sound that strikes you in your core. Ravenscoon played a fantastic set that elevated the crowd’s energy and made way for the rest of the night.


Shlump was the next opener, and many were excited to have him as direct support! Known for his wavy extraterrestrial wubs, Shlump brought in a different vibe and got the crowd wiggling their limbs. It was so much fun to see him and refreshing to hear something different from the openers!


Rusko was the last opener before Liquid Stranger. Many were ecstatic to see this legend show up on the support lineup. Although a significant majority of people in the bass scene are still warming up to Drum and Bass, there’s a handful that love it and was happy to hear it from Rusko! Many danced as crazy as the famous Rusko, whose known for taking his shoes off on stage and going bonkers. Having Rusko as direct support was a great way to sprinkle some other genres into the night, and he did terrifically.

Liquid Stranger

On this last night of the three-day run, Liquid Stranger dedicated it to the Sounds of Wakaan. This meant that he was going to play as much music as possible, including his and others’ music on Wakaan. Just like night one, once he started going in, he didn’t let up until the second he was finished. He played all of his songs off his new Dimensions EP which was exciting to see! This made for a different experience that people wouldn’t expect out of a standard Liquid Stranger set. Not only did he play his new music, but he also delved into other subgenres and even played some Mac Miller! In addition, he also mixed some of his older tunes like Gunslinger and Jetpacks with rap songs like Drop It Like It’s Hot. According to fans, this set was one of the heaviest sets they’ve seen from Liquid Stranger!


Overall, the last day of the three-night Liquid Stranger run at Mission Ballroom was amazing! The stacked opening support acts threw down and got the crowd moving. Liquid Stranger’s last set was electrifying and so much fun. We are so proud and happy for the Wakaan collective and the work that was put in to make this weekend so incredible. We look forward to seeing how all of the support acts and Liquid Stranger himself continue to shine.

Photos by Josh Klein

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