5 Chillstep Artists to Listen to

We introduced you to Chillstep earlier this month with an in-depth breakdown. Chillstep music has been an ever-growing trend in the EDM scene over the past few years, and it’s no surprise why. Chillstep combines the relaxing elements of ambient music with the syncopated beats of drum and bass to create a perfect sound for unwinding after a long day or just curling up on the couch and chilling out to some good tunes. Below are 5 chill-step artists that you may not know about that have recently released new tracks or EPs. Make sure to check them out and support them by buying their tracks!

1) Rameses B

Rameses B

First on our list, Rameses B is the artist that perfectly blends between hip-hop and chillstep. Based in the UK, Rameses B has been making music since 2003. He has a great selection of songs, many of which are based on video games. Many people recognize his music from League of Legends commercials. He has a trilogy out called “Spacewalk, Spacewalk 2, and Spacewalk 3” that is chillstep gold!

2) CMA


Next to bless your ears, CMA has been creating music for about a year now. He originally started making rap music and transitioned into chillstep when he discovered some of his favorite artists were creating their own takes on it. Based out of the Netherlands, CMA spent the pandemic recording his latest “Downfall.” His style combines elements of hip-hop with ambient synths to create a dreamy style that is both interesting and easy to listen to. With over 6 million plays on SoundCloud, you can tell that CMA‘s passion resonates with people all over the world.

3) Oliver Lie

Olive Lie

Third on our list, Oliver Lie is a long-time favorite of many chillstep listeners. Hailing from Norway, Oliver Lie brings his global sound into his music. His most popular song Reign has amassed over 1 million plays on SoundCloud, and he has released several full-length albums. His newest track, “Now that I Know You” just dropped on Soundcloud a few weeks ago.

4) SizzleBird


Up next, SizzleBird is a musician, producer, and DJ that has recently been on fire for chillstep music. His newest single, “City Lights” dropped on Soundcloud just a few weeks ago. His style of music makes it easy to find yourself moving your head along with him. Also a violin player, SizzleBird brings melodic harmony into all of his songs. Whether he’s playing violin or fiddling around with electronic sounds, he always seems to catch listeners off guard by implementing some unexpected melody into his tracks.

5) Cloudnone


Last on our list, Cloudnone produces a style of music that’s difficult to classify. He claims his sound is the intersection between chillstep and trap, a genre-bending description that actually makes sense after listening to his work. Listening to Cloudnone‘s tracks, you can hear what he means—it’s not quite chillstep and it’s not quite a hip hop; but at its core, it’s definitely soulful!


As you can see, there are plenty of new Chillstep songs to check out. Each artist in our list has their own style and sound that could help you travel to a new musical elevation. Take a look at these recommendations and let us know what you think! Which one is your favorite? Do you have a suggestion for another chillstep artist? Let us know!