CHVRCHES Brings The Screen Violence Tour To The Mission Ballroom

Getting To Know CHVRCHES

CHVRCHES is an electronic synth-pop band that was formed ten years ago in 2011. This group originates from Glasgow, Scotland, and is made up of three members: Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook, and Martin Doherty. Since their debut album, The Bones Of What You Believe, CHVRCHES‘ sound has become known and cherished worldwide. Some of their most popular tracks include The Mother We Share“, “Miracle“, and “Good Girls“.

This winter, CHVRCHES embarked on their first Screen Violence tour which traveled throughout the United States. Despite having to overcome the various obstacles of touring during a global pandemic, including Iain coming down with COVID-19 himself, CHVRCHES has had an extremely successful tour thus far.

CHVRCH Service At The Mission Ballroom

The Mission Ballroom is a new venue in Colorado that opened up in the fall of 2019. This beautiful venue is located in the River North, or RiNo, a neighborhood of Denver. With a seating design that allows for unrivaled sightlines, various large bars to reduce wait times, and a moveable stage to adjust the venue’s capacity, The Mission Ballroom truly focuses on the experience of every single attendee.

On Wednesday, December 8th, CHVRCHES brought their Screen Violence tour to The Mission Ballroom. For this show, ticketholders could choose to either rideshare, take the light rail, or drive to the venue and pay to park in the parking garage or one of the surrounding lots. Percurrent state and county regulations regarding COVID-19, all attendees had to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination before entering the venue. Once inside, ticketholders pass an artist merchandise booth in the lobby. Then, attendees have the choice to go upstairs to the top of the seating section or stay downstairs to make their way to the large floor area.

Donna Missal: A Vocal Powerhouse

When New Jersey-based Donna Missal walked onto the stage at 8:00 PM, the floor area of the venue was just barely starting to fill up. On the other hand, the tiered seating in the back of the venue was full. Donna Missal was accompanied by her drummer, Marian, and her guitarist and keyboardist, Emily. For her performance, her logo remained on the large LED wall behind the stage. The simple stage setup allowed the audience to really pay attention to the music. In fact, hardly anyone in the entire venue was taking pictures or videos on their phones. Donna’s stage presence was absolutely electric, and perfectly matched each song that was performed. Throughout her performance, a handful of audience members could be seen singing along with her.

At one point in the middle of her set, Donna was introducing her band and crew and she pointed out that Dan, her sound guy, was the only guy in her crew. “Good job for withholding the patriarchy,” she said jokingly. She also thanked CHVRCHES for having them on tour. Additionally, she had to take a moment to catch her breath in the middle of her set. “It’s so hard to breathe here. I don’t know why. That was a joke. I do know why” she said.

If you haven’t yet heard of Donna Missal, definitely go check out her music! Her vocal range, strength, and precision hitting each note live are simply mind-blowing.

CHVRCHES’ “Violent Delights”

After a brief changeover, CHVRCHES finally made their way onto the stage. Lauren was on the front of the stage, and Iain and Martin were on elevated, illuminated platforms behind her. A huge LED wall behind them played everchanging visuals, adding to the aesthetic of the performance. Right away, they opened with “He Said, She Said and the venue overflowed with energy. For almost every song that they played, the audience was singing and dancing along. A crowd favorite at the beginning of their set was Leave A Trace“.

Shortly after getting the show started, Lauren took a brief pause to say that “tour cold is still a thing” and had to use throat spray in order to keep going. She said that if the audience heard a random noise come out of her while she was singing, at least they’ll know it’s a live set. However, she sounded fantastic throughout the entire performance.

Over the course of their show, Lauren had two outfit changes. During these quick changes, the band played instrumental interludes before she ran back onto the stage. The energy remained high for the entire set, especially for Science/Visions“, “Miracle, and “Never Say Die. For the encore, Lauren came out covered in fake blood which made for a really visually appealing final memory of the night.

A Night To Remember

Overall, CHVRCHES and Donna Missal put on an amazing show. From the stage presence of every artist and performer to the incredible vocals and crowd interactivity, this was most definitely a night to remember. CHVRCHES allowed everyone in the audience to be able to connect with each other and also with the band. Live music will always be so special because it brings people together in a way that nothing else can.

CHVRCHES still has a few shows left of the United States on their Screen Violence tour. In March, they are set to embark on the next leg of their tour in Europe. For tickets and more info about the band, click here.

Photos by Brandon Colby







An Interview With Future Joy

Up and coming musical duo Future Joy has been blazing a trail of success for themselves for the past 2 years. They’ve began making quite a name for themselves in a relatively short amount of time and have become one of the most exciting funk and bass music duos to keep our eyes on. 

We’re thrilled to say that we’ve recently had the chance to get to know them a little better and ask a few questions in the form of an email interview. The eclectic duo filled us in with the details behind their newest single “Triple Stack” featuring Vibe Street. They’ve also let us in on some of their biggest musical inspirations as well as some backstory on themselves as artist on their journey into and through the music scene both as individuals and as a duo.

Interview: Future Joy

Party Guru Press: Lets start by talking about your newest single “Triple Stack” with Vibe Street. The song is funky and upbeat and seems like it would’ve been a lot of fun to work on…

-What was the best part of working on this new release?

-Is there anything worth telling telling about the creative process that shaped this one?

-What is your relationship with Vibe Street like and are there any plans to work with them again in the future?

Future Joy: We met Ben, aka Vibe Street at Mad Mountain festival in Casper, WY the summer of 2020. We brought our RV/renegade stage and were able to jam with him after his sets. We hit the road full-time shortly after.

In November we headed back to Colorado for some other recording sessions and got word that Ben and our friend Austin were working on music. We drove straight through from Arizona, arrived around 2am and started recording. We spent the whole weekend working on a few different projects but this song was the most fun.

Austin started with a ukulele bass line, Zach laid Baritone sax, Ben did the rap, Emily played the synth line and sang the backups, Kyle was there for moral support- the song was starting to take form. It was truly a family collab! We enjoyed our time hanging at Ben’s studio and I think we would all enjoy making another song together sometime soon.


Party Guru Press: So how did you two meet? what initially sparked your creative flow as a duo?

Future Joy: Zach attended a karaoke night that Emily was hosting in May of 2019. We both sang, then Zach asked her to sit in with his band the following night, and we’ve been making music together ever since. This was just the beginning. Now we’ve been living on the road in our RV for over a year and have played 80+ shows!


Party Guru Press: You are clearly both quite musically inclined; not just with music production but with actual instruments as well. Of course we know you love to incorporate the saxophone, which you seem to feature feature throughout the majority of your songs…

-So where did that all come from? What got you started playing music and specifically saxophone in the first place?

Future Joy: Zach started playing saxophone in fifth grade. Emily started piano lessons in grade school and classical vocal trining in high school. We both spent the last 10 years as club/bar DJs. So we were well trained in the dj/electronic side, as well as many other genres of music.

Zach has always been playing sax with DJs, so combining the live element with the tracks just made sense. Emily had been singing in bands, and playing bedroom piano, so it also made sense to start combining everything. We added the piano to the set last winter and its been fun to watch the project grow.


Party Guru Press: How has your creative process evolved since you originally began your musical journey? Do you have a routine for producing? Also how does that reflect in your newest project?

Future Joy: Our only routine for producing is to get friends involved. Collaboration is really what takes our songs to the next level. On this project Ben and especially Austin wanted to stay behind the scenes though, so you only get his first name and no artist name. Hehe..

Party Guru Press: Who are your biggest influences or other artists within your genre that have helped inspire your style of music? And do you ever take influence from artist that aren’t necessarily in the same realm or genre that you produce? Have any of them added any additional inspiration to your new release? Or any of your releases?

Future Joy: Zach grew up in Denver playing funk, jam, and electronic. The scene in Denver is so eclectic it really helped him expand his sax playing and enjoyment of many genres. In electronic Music; Daft Punk, Deadmau5, and Excision are early inspirations. On the Sax Sonny Rollins, and Skerik are his big inspirations.

Emily grew up outside Chicago and House music runs through her veins. She had the chance to see world-class acts come through the city and takes inspiration from Anabel Englund, Nicolas Jaar, and Disclosure. She spent the past 9 years DJing and singing at weddings and corporate events so musical diversity was important. It’s fun to be able to play funk, pop, dance, house, rock, hip hop, dub, and bass all at the same party. We strive to stay eclectic in our Future Joy sets too.

Party Guru Press: So 2021 looks like it has been a busy year for you two… Whats been some of the biggest highlights so far?

Future Joy: We had some great shows and festivals this year. Notably: Fool’s Engagement Festival in Branford, FL and being able to fill-in last minute for Russ Liquid, opening for Manic Focus in Gainesville. FL. We also had a blast at our Denver homecoming at Your Moms House in July.

Party Guru Press: We see that you have a show coming up in Denver on October 15th at Summit Music Hall… Are you excited for this one?

-What can we expect to hear from you that night?

-Any chances of bringing out Vibe Street when playing that new tune?

Future Joy: We are sooooo excited for Summit! We got to link up with Float Like A Buffalo in Tulsa, OK last week and the show was huge energy. Denver get readyyyy!!! We plan to play high energy and show Denver a taste of everything we got. We brought Vibe Street to play the collab at our headliner back in July, but since we’re opening we probably won’t have features on October 15th at Summit. We may or may not be joining the Float guys for a special encore though, wink wink. Its also our last show in town before we head south!

Party Guru Press: Anything exciting happening for the remainder of the year? What plans or goals can you share with us regarding performances or new music leading up to 2022 and beyond?

Future Joy: Performing at Summit in Denver and then we truck it to 10.23 at VooSwar in Atlantic Beach, FL and then 10.28 we’re bringing our renegade RV stage to Hulaween. After that we have some festivals in December and February already coming together in Florida. We don’t want to see anymore snow, so find us down south for winter. 🙂 We have big plans of hitting every festival we possibly can next summer!

Party Guru Press: So tell us… how is your biggest canine supporter, Gus doing? Still Repping the “Future Joy” merch?

Future Joy: Gus is the best!!! We adopted him last October while on the road in Virginia. So he was there while the song was created. He loves the road and we truly think he saved ussss!!! FurrGusSon Joy our saviorrrr!!

Party Guru Press: Lastly, we’d love to know… would you two consider yourselves “Party Gurus”!?

Future Joy: We Definitely consider ourselves Party Gurus! We linked up for a stream back in 2020 and we’ve been on the guru train ever since. Woo! 

With all the excitement around their newest single as well as their ambitious plans for the coming year, Future Joy is without a doubt among the most exciting up and coming duos to look out for. Their future shows featuring their marvelously wide range of genres and high energy performances are something worth getting excited about. 

Their desire for a friends and family environment within each of their projects is admirable and inspiring, as is their passion for collaboration with equally exciting artists. Its clear that they thrive off of the creative freedom that comes with sharing thoughts and ideas with like-minded artists who share similar musical visions. That is something that reflects highly throughout their latest release. 

We’d like to thank them for their time spent getting back to us for the interview, and we thoroughly look forward to watching the progress of this incredibly promising duo. We’re wishing them the very best with all of their future endeavors. Thank you, Future Joy!