Dive into the Galactic Adventure of PHX LIGHTS: Supernova!

The atmosphere soared with stellar energy this past weekend at PHX LIGHTS: Supernova. With multiple stages, interactive experiences, and a variety of shopping and dining options, attendees eagerly delved into the experience, feeling lifted to new heights as the weekend progressed. 

Layout and Production

Over two days, from March 29th to 30th, Relentless Beats transformed the Phoenix Raceway in Avondale, Arizona into a hub of excitement. The venue accommodated two main stages, namely the Mothership and the Invasion (hosted by Beatbox Beverages), along with the Fallout, a silent disco experience hosted by EVO.

Each stage boasted multiple LED screens, lighting rigs, lasers, fog machines and projections. The Mothership stage also featured CO2 cannons and pyrotechnics to enhance the visual experience.

The Mothership also included a VIP section, offering access to the front of the stage and an elevated premium viewing experience.


The lineup covered a diverse range of genres, catering to the varied tastes of fans. Whether you enjoyed dubstep, house, techno, DnB, melodic dub, or other genres, there was something to satisfy everyone. Moreover, the festival provided ample exposure to new sounds and emerging artists, offering attendees the opportunity to discover fresh talent not typically encountered in their regular listening rotation.

The energy was great on both days, with opening acts like Residuo and Mamba setting the stage on fire. Other artists such as Alleycvt and goddard. kept the good vibes flowing, building anticipation for heavy-hitters like Dr. Oliver Tree, NGHTMRE, Seven Lions and Kaskade

A highlight of the event was the special back-to-back sets, including Joyryde B2B Habstrakt and Deorro B2B Valentino Khan, which provided a memorable experience! 

There were also multiple opportunities for patrons to win meet-and-greets with artists like Sabai, Apashe, Alok and Levity.


Popular food vendors delighted attendees with offerings such as Mesquite‘s out-of-this-world tacos as well as The Potato Hut‘s chicken tenders with fries and the famous potato swirl! Excitement filled the air as the Wetzel’s Pretzels truck made its return, alongside Maui Wowi Hawaiian smoothies.

Attendees enjoyed a plethora of drink options, including customizable cocktails, a variety of beers, Beatboxes, and seltzers.

If you needed a breather from the crowd, you could wander through the various pop-up shops featuring brands like Beyond Earth, Color Queen Art, Gypsy Elysian, Culture Cross, and more! A diverse array of goods awaited, including bucket hats, sunglasses, pinecone pendants, homemade tie-dye shirts and pants, rave accessories, and trinkets.


There was no shortage of activities on site! Attendees could engage in interactive activities like photo opportunities, kandi making, and socializing in various hangout spots. 

Voodoo Ranger also offered a 1UP arcade, where attendees could enjoy video games and win prizes. Pac-Man proved to be a crowd favorite, and many took advantage of the opportunity to snap photos of the arcade setup or pose with the vibrant neon signs.

VIP attendees were treated to massages and a beauty bar, where they could get their hair festival ready with various braids and colorful hair extensions. 

One fortunate winner, selected through an Instagram giveaway, was offered the opportunity to partake in a Beatbox Beverages taste test alongside Habstrakt.

The Weird and Wonderful Cast also made their appearance as they roamed through the festival grounds.

Final Details

The raceway provided free parking for general admission attendees, along with shuttle options to reach the venue. Additionally, there was a premium parking section and ADA accommodations available.

The entrance lines were well-organized, and the security team operated efficiently, ensuring minimal wait times for attendees.

Inside the festival grounds, multiple water stations were conveniently located, making it easy for attendees to refill their hydropacks and water bottles. 

Last but not least, the Relentless Beats Rangers were constantly moving throughout the grounds, ensuring the safety of all attendees and offering assistance whenever needed!

The evolution of PHX LIGHTS has been remarkable, and I am eagerly anticipating what they will have in store for next year! Stay updated on upcoming events by following Relentless Beats on all social media platforms, and be sure to follow @PHXLights on social media for the latest updates.

All photos taken by Alexander Peet.

Countdown to PHXLIGHTS: SUPERNOVA – Stellar Vibes Await!

Hold onto your cows, Relentless Beats has just unveiled the highly anticipated PHXLIGHTS: Supernova! Mark your calendars for March 29th and 30th, 2024, as this annual event beams down to the Phoenix Raceway in Avondale, Arizona.

PHXLIGHTS has been continuously evolving over the past nine years, establishing itself as one of Arizona’s premier festivals. Fans eagerly look forward to the chance to experience this celestial celebration each year.


Sending us into hyperspace are some incredibly talented artists!

Prepare to be immersed in the electrifying sounds of Seven Lions, the bass-heavy beats of NGHTMRE, and the dynamic B2B set of Joyryde and Habstrakt. The infectious rhythms of Alok and the intense beats of goddard. will also stir the crowd on the dance floor. Experience the uplifting melodies of SABAI and the distinctive house beats of Residuo.

Contributing to the sonic spectacle, the lineup features the unparalleled talents of Kaskade and an energetic B2B set between Deorro and Valentino Khan. The diverse musical stylings of Dr. Oliver Tree will make an appearance as well as the bass-infused creations of apashe. Brace yourself for the edgy beats of Alleycvt, the genre-blending tunes of Levity, and the captivating melodies of Mamba.

What unites these artists is their commitment to pushing musical boundaries and delivering performances that transcend genres. With each artist bringing their unique flair, PHXLIGHTS: Supernova promises an unforgettable experience for music enthusiasts and festivalgoers alike.

All two-day ticket levels — including General Admission, GA+, and VIP — are available now. Prices start at $139 for GA, $199.50 for GA+, and $309.50 for VIP, excluding fees. For comprehensive details on ticket options, payment plans, and table reservations (restricted to 21+) please visit PHXLightsfest.com. There is also information on parking, shuttle availability, and merch! 

For instant updates on PHXLIGHTS: Supernova, follow @PHXLightsFest on all platforms. Please be aware that it is an 18+ event. You can stay informed about future show announcements by following @RelentlessBeats on social media.

Space Struck in AZ: PHXLIGHTS Fest 2023

Space Struck in AZ: PHXLIGHTS Fest 2023

As night fell the and stars came out, fans were eager to enter the Phoenix Raceway, located in Avondale, AZ, as PHXLIGHTS: Among The Stars mades its yearly return! This festival, produced by Relentless Beats, lit up the weekend by bringing fans a stellar lineup, sharp production, extra activities, and more! 

Layout and Production

For the first time since they first partnered with the Phoenix Raceway, PHXLIGHTS was held inside the racetrack! This layout featured two stages, a variety of vendors, a food court, art installations, interactive spaces, and plenty of hangout spots. 

The main stage, also known as The Mothership, took fans to another planet while hosting artists who will forever leave a mark on this world! The production included an elevated stage, visionary production, pyrotechnics, and of course, lasers! It also had multiple LED screens in front, behind, and flanking the DJ booth.

The secondary stage, Invasion, was presented by Beatbox Beverages and gave a platform to local and up-and-coming artists for attendees to discover. The production featured a UFO structure that had moving lights while the stage demanded attention with its heavy-hitting sound and lasers.

PHXLIGHTS 2023 Lineup

Occuping The Mothership were some out-of-this-world performers. We were able to experience the musical stylings of Martin Garrix, Afrojack, San Holo, Trivecta, Moksi, Seds Vortex, Ganja White Night, ISOxo, AC Slater, Crankdat, Wenzday and Pat Riot. 

Invasion shone a light on artists closer to their breakthrough period. Fans were able to discover artists that go by Myrtle, Mahsiv, Svnday Drvr, Jonis, Guestlist, Zanni, Qüez, Peachy Keen, Alex The Lad, Elwer, Lujan, Jur, OGK, and Zeuz. 

Both stages offered a wide variety of genres, from dubstep to house and from trance to electro-house and progressive. You could feel the energy radiating off every performer and all were well received by the crowd. Vibes were immaculate — you could feel it in the air.

Food and Drink

There were plenty of options to satisfy your taste buds! 

For food, options included mac and cheese, pizza, nachos, pretzels, chicken tenders, fries, and more! There were also a few vegetarian choices as well. 

Drink options included water, sodas, lemonades, and Red Bull energy drinks. For alcoholic beverages, attendees had the option of choosing between mixed drinks, various beers, White Claw Seltzers, and Beatbox Beverages.

Fans were also excited to see multiple local food trucks along with the ever-so-popular Maui Wowi Hawaiian Smoothies.

Interactive Spaces and Vendors

Pricklee Cactus Water hosted an area known as The Playground! This interactive space held dodgeball games, twister, shuffling classes, and more while encouraging hydration with great taste. 

Voodoo Ranger brought the 8-bit fun by hosting the 1UP arcade powered by Cobra Arcade Bar! Patrons could play games, taste beer, win prizes, take photos, and more!

Starlight Studio, presented by aerīz, hosted an imaginative space that featured vendors and live artists sharing their works and wares for curious attendees! Some of these artists included Boo Wuerger, Beyond Earth, Color Queen Art, Hippy Chick Co., and The Pour Hippy. 

Other vendors for attendees to support included Kritter Klips, Waz Shop, We Rave Hard, and Moon Lvnding.

To check out the full list of vendors and see all the activities, be sure to check out the official PHXLIGHTS Instagram!

PHXLIGHTS will forever be evolving! This incredible festival is worth experiencing when it makes its return next year. Follow @PHXLIGHTSFest and @RelentlessBeats on all socials to stay in the loop for more updates.

Artist Spotlight: PHXLIGHTS Lineup

A Look at the PHXLIGHTS 2023 Lineup by Day

As we zoom closer to April, PHXLIGHTS: Among The Stars, produced by Relentless Beats, is quickly approaching. This illustrious EDM event will touch down at the Phoenix Raceway in Avondale, Arizona on April 7th and 8th.

This festival was inspired by the jarring event that occurred in March of 1997 where thousands of people saw lights of various descriptions from the Nevada state line, across Phoenix, and to the edge of Tucson, Arizona. 

Some witnesses of that night stated this was a V-shaped UFO that contained five main spherical lights. 26 years on from this supernatural event, people still wonder: are we really alone in this universe?

One thing’s for sure: You can’t feel alone while attending PHXLIGHTS! Many out-of-this-world and up-and-coming artists will take the stage to showcase their talent. Here is a preview of what attendees can be expecting over the weekend:

Day 01 (Friday, April 7th)

Martin Garrix 

Martin Garrix is a Dutch Dj who has been at the top of the charts since his release of “Animals” in 2013. His music can be categorized as progressive house, big room, and future bass. 

Garrix’s most popular track, “In the Name of Love” featuring Bebe Rexha, dropped in 2016 and has made a huge impact on the EDM scene. It currently sits at over 1 billion plays on Spotify. 

“I’d like to make a little difference in this world and hope I can inspire others to do the same,” says Martin Garrix.


Nick Leonardus van de Wall, also known as Afrojack, is a Dutch DJ who has been creating music since the early 2000s. Fans would likely tell you that he is most known for his 2011 release, “Take over Control,” which features Eva Simons. 

His iconic sound can be described as electro-house, progressive house, and future bass. “There’s nothing better than making music and hearing 3,000 people chant, ‘Afrojack! Afrojack!’” says the superstar.

San Holo (DJ Set) 

Sander van Dijck, aka San Holo, is a Dutch DJ and producer from Zoetermeer, Netherlands. His first two EPs, Corellia, and Demons, were released in early 2013. Sander has been paving his way in the music scene since then. 

“Light” by San Holo came out as a single in 2017. It has been a favorite among fans and currently has over 200 million plays on Spotify. 

San Holo has also started a movement known as “Stay Vibrant”. The idea is to be aware and fully experience what’s around you, whether it be your friends, nature, or the music. Fans of his show their support by placing the % symbol behind their names across various social platforms. He encourages others to create good energy for themselves and others. 

“Let’s stay vibrant together,” says San Holo.


Sam Dobkin, known as Trivecta, is an artist from Tampa, Florida. He has been releasing music since 2014. 

In May of 2022, Trivecta dropped his debut album, The Way Back up. He is consistently carving out his own path and his sound can be categorized as various genres such as melodic bass, dubstep, and progressive house. 

One of his most popular songs right now is “Island” featuring Neeve. He produced it alongside Seven Lions and Wooli.

Trivecta’s self-described goal is to “make dubstep beautiful again.”


Dutch Duo Moski, aka Samir and Diego, create bass-heavy electronic dance music that is inspired by late ’90s U.K. garage. 

Their first EP, Brace Yourself, was released in 2015. Later that year they made their live debut at Tomorrowland in Belgium!

Moski’s song with Elayna Boyton, “Slow Burn,” currently has over 11 million plays on Spotify. It appears on their 2019 album, The Return of House Music

The word “Moksi” comes from a country in Central America meaning mix — in all contexts of the word. It means a mix of cultures, people, food, and most notably, music. 

Their sound can be categorized as house, bass music, and club/dance.

Sed’s Vortex 

Sedona, aka Sed’s Vortex, is a DJ, producer, and vocalist based in Phoenix. This will be her second year performing at PHXLIGHTS. 

Sed’s Vortex has opened for various artists in well-known local venues such as Sunbar and Shady Park in Tempe. Her unique sound incorporates multiple genres, melodic mashups, and dub frequencies to form a curated experience for the ear. 

In 2020, Sedona begin working on her craft by writing original lyrics, recording her own vocals, and growing her production knowledge. Sed’s Vortex’s latest release, “Crystalized,” dropped in April of 2021 and is currently on Spotify.

Day 02 (Saturday, April 8th)

Ganja White Night 

Benjamin and Charlie, also known as Ganja White Night, are an electronic music duo that originated in Belgium. 

GWN has been creating music for over a decade. After experimenting with hip-hop and drum and bass, they soon became truly inspired by dubstep and started curating their own style of “bass wobbling.” 

Their most popular song right now, “Jungle Juice” is a collaboration with Liquid Stranger. It currently has over 12 million plays! 

GWN is perfect for those listeners who like their music a little weird in the best kind of way.

DJ Diesel 

DJ Diesel, also known as Shaquille O’Neal, began DJing in 2014. This legendary star is known for being a basketball player, actor, and now music producer.

What most fans might not know is that Shaq has been in the music business since the ’90s! He has also released two albums as a rapper: Shaq-Fu: Da Return in 1994 and You Can’t Stop the Reign in 1996.

His large personality and stage presence get the crowd going as he is full of energy. He has been making his way across the USA performing at some of the most popular music festivals.

DJ Diesel’s latest single release, “BANG,” is a collaboration with NGHTMRE and Lil Jon. It currently has over 12 million plays.

AC Slater 

Aaron Clevenger, aka AC Slater, refers to himself as “the king of heavy bass house” in the U.S.

His music style mixes various genres like dubstep and garage. Since the launch of his Night Bass record label, AC has managed to curate his own community in the scene! 

“Suffocating” by AC Slater and Qlank features Queen Millz and sits at over 8 million plays.


Crankdat, also known as Christian Smith, is a DJ and electronic music producer from Ohio. He has been releasing his own music since 2016. His unique sound can be categorized as dubstep, trap, or drum and bass depending on the release.

Fans are obsessed with “Kneel Before Me,” which is produced by Crankdat, SLANDER, and Asking Alexandria. This single was released in August of 2018 and has over 19 million plays!


Straight from the Bay Area, Taylor Chung aka Wenzday has been creating music since 2016. 

At a young age, Wenzday moved to Los Angeles to commit to DJing full time! Using her experience as a classically trained vocalist, she likes to mesh together house and dubstep to create her own sound. 

Her latest release, “Handle With Care,” was released in February of 2023. Fans say her live sets are something you don’t want to miss! “When you step into her world, every day is Wenzday,” they say.

Pat Riot 

Pat Riot from Phoenix is taking the scene by storm with not only his music but his energy. He is known for his stage presence and distinctive approach to heavy house music production. 

Pat Riot’s October 2022 release of “Bad Girls” is currently his top song on Spotify. He is quickly blooming in the scene and shows no sign of stopping! 

“House Music For All” – Pat Riot

Tickets and Pricing

Tickets for PHXLIGHTS are on sale now! General admission weekend passes are available starting at $129.50 before fees. Other options include GA+, VIP, and single-day passes. 

GA+ includes express entry and private restrooms; it starts at $219.50 before fees. VIP weekend passes include everything a GA+ pass does along with a commemorative lanyard, access to a VIP lounge with premium viewing spots, and air-conditioned restrooms. They start at $319.50 before fees. 

Single-day passes are also available. 

For more information regarding ticket types, table reservations (21+), and payment plans, visit www.phxlightsfest.com and www.relentlessbeats.com. PHXLIGHTS: Among The Stars is an 18+ event.