Ookay Brings The Heat To His Temple Denver Debut

Exploding onto the dance music scene in 2016 with his hit, electro-funk infused single Thief, dance music legend Abraham “Ookay” Laguna remains an unstoppable force of electronic nature, and a Denver favorite. The Chula Vista-raised artist stopped by Temple Nightclub this Friday for his debut performance at the venue, and left fans speechless with an insanely well-crafted set.

Ookay’s performances feel different than most DJ sets. The multifaceted musician is incredibly gifted, and his musical knowledge shines throughout the music he plays. The 29 year-old producer uses a variety of instruments in his own works, including drums, trombone, piano, bass, and guitar, and of course, his own vocals. His sets typically combine bubbly pop synths with the more traditional elements of electronic music, and everything in between. Because of this, Ookay has become a household name in any electronic music lover’s home – and touches outside of the realm of electronic, too. Ookay’s musical knowledge is evident in everything he plays throughout his sets, and this weekend was no different. His set at Temple this past weekend left the crowd demanding and encore – and wishing the night would never end.

Party Guru Productions had the chance to chat with Ookay before the event and learned a bit about his new hit single with Flux Pavilion and Elohim, how his Temple debut tonight will stack up against the rest, and more.

Ookay: The Man Behind the Music

Party Guru Press

Artist name: Ookay

Party Guru Press: It’s your Temple nightclub debut tonight! What do you have to say about Denver, and are you ready for your DJ set tonight? 

Gotta love this city! Bass capital aint it? Best not dissapoint!

Party Guru Press: How does it feel to be touring again?

Well, after a year of not touring, I can only say I’ve missed it dearly. 

Excited to play what I’ve been working on all quarantine.

Party Guru Press: What is one thing going through 2020 has taught you as an individual? And as an artist in the music industry? 

As an individual? Nothing really. I was chillin. As a music artist? I’ve trained my ear a lot while mixing and have picked up some amazing tools to use in the studio! 

Party Guru Press: How would you say “Ookay” both as a brand and as a project musically has changed over the years? 

I mean, it’s definitely grown in a way I never really saw to begin with. I didn’t expect to be singing, playing keytar and having dancers. That’s not what I had in mind when I made trap music in the clubs with a bandana mask and Ookay hat 4-5 years ago. I’m only happy with the turnout honestly. 

Party Guru Press: You posted last month, ‘After a year of change and discomfort, the world can use a song about hope” – in reference to your new song “Be Ok” with Flux Pavilion & Elohim. Amazing song, by the way. How would you say this song reflects your journey as an artist the past few years?

Life can suck sometimes and you lose hope. I think that’s a normal human experience. One that I have experienced as well as most others. This song is about not giving up even when it gets tough out there. Life got hands.

Party Guru Press: On that note, how was working with Flux Pavilion and Elohim?

They’re so talented it’s crazy. An absolute pleasure. I’ve learned a lot of the process of creating this song.

Party Guru Press: You’ve spoken on the topic of mental health before. How important would you say mental health is being in your position, in someone in the music industry but – also just as a human?

Oh, it’s the most important! I’ve seen too many suicides, overdoses and accidents happen because of poor mental health. I’ve lost friends, people have lost loved ones and family members and it’s all just the worst. Learn to check in and tell those you love, that you love them. 

Party Guru Press: What do you want people to leave your set feeling or thinking tonight?

“I’m glad I came, even though i had to get ready and shower and not smell bad”

Who knows, you might meet the love of your life…it’s happened before.

Photos by: Dru Cook

A huge shoutout to Abraham for taking the time to chat with us tonight at Party Guru Productions. From fun and bouncy sounding electronic synths all the way to his older, trap-heavy originals, Ookay brings a unique musical experience every time and proves himself to be one of those can’t-miss artists. His performance this past weekend at Temple was nothing short of incredible, and the whole city of Denver will be eagerly awaiting his return.

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