Latto Brings Big Energy to The Ogden

Latto Brings Big Energy to The Ogden

Do you know what I love about Denver? There is no amount of cold weather that will stop us from going to a show. With a line out the door well into the second act, this was leading up to be an unforgettable night. On a chilly Wednesday night, Latto along with special guests Saucy Santana and Kali, graced the Ogden Theater with their infectious presence. On tour to promote her new album “777,” Latto packed the house with a sold-out show. High in energy and drenched in heavy-hitting beats, I’m remorseful for anybody who missed out.


J Young MDK kicked the night off, followed by Kali and Saucy Santana. Kali burst onto the stage playing all the favorites from “MMM MMM” to “Do a Bitch.” Her outfit, consisting of nothing but black leather, screamed of influence from greats like Left Eye and Lil’ Kim. Shortly after, Saucy Santana emerged before the crowd, ready to keep the energy alive. Saucy was nothing but smiles, bringing audiences members on stage to perform. Both artists, engulfed in their performances, never hesitated to stop and take care of the fans, halting the show to help people out of the crowd and hand out water, which the people appreciated.

Main Event

“Latto! Latto! Latto!” is all you could hear as the crowd writhed in anticipation. Finally, after a 45-minute intermission, the Queen arrived ready to put on a show. The stage was set with a casino theme and followed by two amazing dancers, Latto turned the stage into a dance floor. She strolled out in an all “fur” outfit that screamed, “this will be a night to remember.” Playing chart-topping hits such as “Energy” and “Sunshine,” this show became a melting pot for a good time.


In Conclusion, even though this concert was phenomenal from start to finish, this wasn’t just a regular show. As I looked around, I realized this was an environment of inclusion. Different walks of life from different communities, like LGBT and BIPOC, congregated under one roof to enjoy some fantastic music. It was apparent that everyone was there to enjoy themselves, that’s it. With performers that come from said communities themselves, you knew it was ok to be yourself. At the end of the day, it didn’t matter what you looked like or where you came from, we all said “F*ck Rice Street” that night.

Photos By: Snuffy Whipple

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