Neon Project: Making Civic Center Park Glow

With the return of concerts and festivals, Colorado has a stacked summer. If you don’t want to travel for shows or festivals, the local spots will be fully stacked with amazing shows! One of these shows is the all new Neon Project, happening June 18th at Civic Center Park. This event is organized and sponsored by Party Troopers, a new production company that started in 2020. This is an all new event with a stacked lineup, so let’s chat about the details.

Neon Project: The Glowing Locals

With 20 artists on the lineup for Neon Project, there will be something for everybody to jam out to. We have 15 local artists supporting the show including: Rage-Bot, Rawkn, Jwubba, Nghtsky, SLWMO and more. These artists all have a unique bass sound and are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Since Denver is the Bass Capital, you know these artists are going to bring the heat and make Colorado proud.

Neon Project: A Glowing Lineup

Also playing Neon Project is KLAXX. The LA-based DJ dropped his latest melodic banger, “The One” featuring NGHTMRE and we absolutely love it! Up next on the lineup is ETC!ETC!  Also from LA, ETC!ETC! mixes that West-Coast hip-hop sound with electronic music to make a fantastic, trap and bass house sound! He has been posting a series of hour long mixes called #NOTMYTEMPO. The most recent two came out about a month ago on Soundcloud and are absolutely sick. We definitely recommend checking them out!

LAXX is also slated to play Neon Project. This British Dubstep producer made waves in the dubstep scene. Bringing that grimey UK sound with him, his set is sure to be heavy and full of headbanging. Arius is also going to be performing. The California couple are definitely super adorable, but don’t get it twisted; their sound goes hard in the paint. Their most recent release, “Death on the Dancefloor” with ZABO is a dope electro house jam and you definitely need to peep it. 

Vultron: A Glowing Headliner

Finally, the headliner for Neon Project is none other than the amazing Yultron. Hailing from California, Yultron has been making music for years and didn’t even start in EDM. In college, he worked with various rock and hip hop artists like YG. Now making all sorts of EDM, Yultron has that same versatility and doesn’t strictly make one genre. His newest track, “Escalate” is sure to be a hard house anthem this summer. So with such a sick lineup, let’s chat about the show details.

The Show Details

On top of the music, there will be several food trucks and vendors there, but please note that there will be NO alcohol sales for this show. It is BYOB and guests are limited to 1 CANNED 6 pack each (no glass allowed). The event goes from 2 to 11 and tickets start at only $40! Bring a blanket and grab a spot in the grass and party with your friends!

Party Trooper NFTs

Party Troopers is doing something cool worth mentioning. They are offering our NFTs as “Lifetime VIP Access Passes” to all future Party Troopers music festivals!  With the NFTs, you’ll be able to access all Party Troopers music festivals as a VIP guest, and come with tons of cool perks. These perks include: VIP parking lots, entrances, camping and viewing areas, fast pass to skip the lines and discounts on the event’s food, drinks, and merch and hotel discounts . But these aren’t even the coolest part.. The NFTs also come with meet and greet privileges for the headliner! They are only releasing 8000 of these NFTs too, so they are pretty limited. They are dropping next month so keep an eye out for them! 

Wrap Up

Bass heads everywhere, be sure to grab your tickets! This is one outdoor bass show you just can’t miss. For more info on the event, the NFTs and to buy tickets, visit the Party Troopers website.