In a Yeehaw State of Mind After Goldrush: Sonoran Skies!

In a YeeHaw State of Mind After Goldrush: Sonoran Skies!

As golden hour descended upon the desert, Goldrush: Sonoran Skies unfolded over the weekend of October 7th and 8th. This two-day annual festival, organized by Relentless Beats, was held at the Phoenix Raceway in Avondale, Arizona. The event boasted an impressive lineup, multiple stages, a variety of vendors, and engaging activations for festivalgoers to savor. Let’s delve into the full experience. 

Layout and Production

Goldrush featured three main stages: Paradise Prairie, Moonrise Mountain (sponsored by Beatbox Beverages), and Coyote Cove. In addition to these, there were other attractions, including the Sound Cabin art cart and the Cowboy Corral, which was a silent disco. Each of these spaces was adorned with captivating elements such as LED screens, spotlights, lasers, and pyrotechnics, adding to the overall immersive experience.

Relentless Beats hosted over 100 artists throughout the weekend, spanning a wide range of genres, from drum and bass, dubstep, house, techno, trance, and more. The diversity of music genres provided attendees with fantastic opportunities to explore new sounds and discover emerging artists while eagerly awaiting their favorite headliners later in the night. 

Line up

Attendees had the pleasure of witnessing DXNTE, SVNDAY DRVR, ANATTA, Austin Feldman, Sed’s Vortex B2B PRETTYHARD, and Michael Hooker kickstart each day, setting an atmosphere that would endure into the night. These talented artists played a crucial role in sustaining the high energy and positive vibes that defined the entire event.

All of us were eagerly awaiting the performances of renowned artists such as Tïesto, Cloonee, ZHU, Kai Wachi, Dabin, Zeds Dead, Alison Wonderland, Dion Timmer, Hamdi, Dombresky and Pawsa. With their massive fan bases and unmatched talent for keeping the party alive, these artists were bound to ensure an unforgettable night.

A few fortunate attendees also had the opportunity to win meet-and-greets with Lady Faith, Brondo, Kayzo, Nostalgix, and KHIVA.


As fans roamed the festival grounds, they had the opportunity to browse and support various businesses, including Beyond Earth, Kandies World, Daytripper, Moon Lvnding, Blvcklist, SLY Apparel, and others. These pop-up shops offered a diverse range of rave attire, from trendy bucket hats and handcrafted T-shirts to hand fans, kendamas, hydration packs, pins, prints, sunglasses, and any other essentials you might require for your memorable nights out.

Conveniently located vendors were scattered across the festival grounds, offering a delectable array of options. Thirsty attendees could choose from an assortment of drinks, including sodas, smoothies, Red Bull, Beatbox Beverages, various seltzers, beers, and mixed drinks. When it came to food, festivalgoers had a tempting selection of options, including Wetzel’s Pretzels, loaded nachos, chicken tenders, pizza and fries.


Voodoo Ranger hosted a 1UP arcade where attendees could enjoy video games, sample beer, and win prizes. Everyone had the opportunity to score items from their free claw machine, such as sunglasses, T-shirts, and a Voodoo Ranger POP!

Instax Fujifilm provided a special pop-up area for you to capture Polaroid moments and preserve those memories for years to come. Fans also had the exciting opportunity to win exclusive experiences, getting to hang out with their favorite artists. You could play a game of dodgeball with ATLiens, embark on a taste-testing adventure of BeatBox Beverages with Riot Ten, share a shot of tequila with Ship Wrek, or enjoy some arcade gaming with Slushii.


Phoenix Raceway provided ample free parking for general admission attendees, with a dedicated section for premium parking and ADA accommodations. The box office was conveniently located, and security lines operated efficiently, ensuring a quick and safe entry.

VIP ticket holders enjoyed a separate entrance with expedited access to the venue. Both Paradise Prairie and Moonrise Mountain featured exclusive VIP areas, offering amenities like prime viewing spots and dedicated food and drink vendors. Extra perks included massages, air-conditioned bathrooms, a beauty bar, and photo opportunities.

Paradise Prairie even offered a special area for platinum tables that was situated in front of the stage. They also provided fans with the unique opportunity to be at the side of the stage for an up-close experience during their favorite artists’ performances.

Additionally, numerous free water stations were available for attendees to refill their hydration packs or water bottles. Multiple restroom facilities were also conveniently located throughout the venue.

Last but certainly not least, the RB Rangers were a constant presence throughout the venue. they are dedicated to the well-being of all attendees! They offer assistance from providing water to keeping you cool and guiding individuals to the ranger station for a moment of relaxation and rest.

Goldrush was an unforgettable weekend and I loved being able to experience it! Be sure to follow @RelentlessBeats on all social platforms to keep up to date on future festival announcements and info.

Photos by Alexander Peet

The Digital City of Decadence NYE Dazzles on Night One

The Digital City of Decadence NYE Dazzles on Night One

On Friday, December 30th, music lovers traveled from far and wide for the first night of Decadence NYE. This annual electronic music festival takes place in Denver, Colorado, at the Colorado Convention Center. For two days, tens of thousands of people come together to dance their way into the new year.

Not only is there music, but there are also unique photo opportunities, immersive art displays, food trucks, and more. This year, the digital city of Decadence did a fantastic job of transforming the venue. As soon as the citizens of Decadence entered the venue, they could begin to explore the beautiful city full of lights, art, and music.

A Massive Lineup

Doors for the venue opened at 6:00 pm, and festival entry began at 6:30 pm. Attendees did not hesitate to get there early to check their coats and be the first ones inside. PAWS got things going on the Mainframe stage while CloudNone took over the Motherboard stage. Both stages had crazy production, including enormous LED screens and unique lighting on the ceilings.

On the Mainframe stage, FrostTop, Kompany, Trivecta, LSDream, Clozee, and Griz all played insane sets as well. The Motherboard stage saw Kaskade (Redux), Jai Wolf (DJ Set), Big Wild, Tiesto, and Chris Lake.

Throughout the night, the Hyperdrive stage also hosted tons of great music! For the silent disco, attendees had headphones with three different channels to choose from since three DJs were always playing simultaneously. Halfrican, Chocolate Drop, SAVAGE, Method, Globzter, and more spun some tunes.

Beautiful Art

As citizens navigated through the venue, they found different pieces of art at every twist and turn. In the Cyberhub (by the silent disco), large inflated flowers were scattered around. Multiple tall color-changing light bars also made for great photo backgrounds! An illuminated Decadence NYE sign, a Be A Good Person resolution wall, photo walls, and LED arches to walk through all made the entire venue so much fun. Plus, different performers were also wandering around and interacting with citizens. Did anyone else see the characters on stilts?

Loads of Amenities

Decadence NYE is a marathon, not a sprint. If your rave squad decides to be there from start to finish, that’s over seven hours at the venue. Luckily, the venue had two water refill stations and three food trucks to keep everyone hydrated and nourished. Lounge areas were also plentiful if citizens needed to get off of their feet for a bit. ATMs were located throughout the venue as well in case attendees needed some extra cash.

Three huge merch booths were also open! These included signature Decadence NYE merch as well as merchandise for most of the artists on the lineup. There were a handful of other booths as well, including Sober AF. Medics, phone charging stations, and smoking areas were also available for those that needed them.

For night one, the bathroom and drink lines were insanely long. Citizens took to social media to voice their frustration, since going to the bathroom and getting a drink would take about an hour. When you’re at a festival hoping to see your favorite artists, the last thing you want to do is miss a big chunk of music just to go to the bathroom. On Saturday, Decadence NYE announced that they would be add additional bathrooms and bar staff to get wait times reduced! Hooray!

Night Two Up Next!

Once again, Decadence NYE brought the heat. From the crazy stacked roster of artists to the art installations and food trucks, this festival is always a great way to ring in the new year. This festival is always packed, so if you’re considering going next year, get your tickets early. You don’t want to risk missing it once tickets sell out!

Follow their social media accounts below to keep updated on next year’s edition of the festival!

Photos by Seth Noreman

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Surviving Festival Season 101

Festival Season is upon us, and after two years of no festivals, people are rearing to get back out there. So naturally, you want to dress to impress and be comfortable at your campsite, all while bringing the least amount of stuff to haul, set up, and keep track of. So are you and your friends prepared? Here is a survival guide on surviving the festival season.

Festival Packing: What to Bring

With the limited car space and even less if you carpool, figuring out what
to bring is one of the hardest things with festivals. Let’s talk about
necessities first. Besides the tent, and all of the camping goodies, like a
shade structure, stakes, coolers, and chairs, you will want to bring Clothes!
You will want to bring cute clothes for the hot summer temps, but also cute
clothes for the potential rain, wind, and cool nights! Do a 50/50 split, and make
sure you don’t forget your accessories! 

Food! Unless you want to spend festival prices on food,
plan on bringing food! Some amazing food kits made for camping only require hot
water to make, like instant mac n cheese. Bring coolers with ice blocks and ice
cubes, as the blocks take longer to melt. Water! Just because
festivals say they will have water doesn’t mean they will have it forever! It
is super easy to bring some of the water jugs with you or collapsible fillable
bag canteens that hold 6-8 gallons. These are a lifesaver and can be used for
cooking, drinking, bathing, refilling your hydro packs, and cooling off! And
always bring a first aid kit with any medicine you think you may need!

Now that all the necessities, let’s talk about creature comforts. It’s always
nice to bring a mister and air mattress to make your campsite comfier. Bandanas
or scarves can also make great dust masks in a pinch during wind gusts. Totems,
tapestries, and other identifiers will make it easier for your group to find
each other and your campsite! Reusable plates and cups allow for easy sharing
and less waste to carry out with you! 

Lights are also super friendly to have! Not only to decorate your tent but
to make it easier to navigate the festival grounds at night! Contact info on
stickers or cards makes it easy to stay connected with the rad people you meet!
Lastly, little gifts and mementos to trade and gifts to people to remember you
by can really make the festival experience complete. We made you a fantastic
checklist to remind you of what to bring and use it for your next

Festival: Rules for Survival

Now that you know what to bring let’s chat about the rules of surviving a festival! 

  1. Stay Hydrated and Aware of Your Body.

 Water is the elixir of life, and your body needs it! So remember to keep drinking water, especially during the day when it gets hot! You know your body better than anyone. If you are thirsty and exhausted, it’s okay to stop and take a break! And never be afraid to visit the medical tent if you need it! They are there to help you and not judge or get you in trouble!

  1. Pace Yourself!

It can be hard to want to go do and see everything. FOMO can be real, but you need to start slow and pace yourself. If you go too hard on the paint day one, the rest of the festival, you may end up miserable and in recovery mode. Make sure you rest up and take time for your body to recover from all the walking, dancing and partying! 

  1. Expect Things Not to Go Perfect.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t control the festival’s weather and other things that may go awry. But, go in with an open mind and a goal to have fun and make new memories, and you will be guaranteed to have the time of your life!

  1. Be Patient With Yourself! 

Festivals can sometimes be downright frustrating and hard, especially if you forget things or the weather goes south. Remember to breathe and try not to get frustrated. Don’t forget that you are there to let loose and have fun!

Now that you know what to bring and the rules while at a festival, do you feel prepared? Good! Now grab your festival tickets and friends, and we will see you at the campgrounds this summer!

  1. Have Fun!

Photos by ChanelBerumen

Festival: Survival Wrap-Up

Now that you know what to bring and the rules while at a festival, do you feel prepared? Good! Now grab your festival tickets and friends, and we will see you at the campgrounds this summer!

Bigfoot Electro 2022

On May 26th-29th in Tracy City, Tennessee individuals from all over collectively came together to experience the second year of Bigfoot Electro! With numbers close to selling out, the festival still remained an intimate and relaxing setting for all ages to enjoy. Throughout the festival grounds were vibrant green trees and warm summer sun. This year’s festival brought us three incredible stages: Mainstage, Big Chillin, and Underground Sound! Plus the awesome renegade stages that were set up around the festival for nonstop bass. Mainstage is where Danley Sound Labs created their magic. Over at the Big Chillin stage is where Hennessey Sound Designs completely took over. Finally, leaving Headway HiFi x Allegro Audio to create an amazing sound for the Underground Sound stage.

However, what really sold this event was the number of incredible artists on the lineup! Artists like Ternion Sound, Pushloop, The Widdler, Dmvu, and Integrate started the weekend out right on Friday night. On Saturday, the immaculate vibes continued with artists like Flintwick, Late Night Radio, Tiedye Ky, Yheti, and KLL SMTH giving us all types of distorted bass. Supertask continued to break boundaries with his new and improved audio-visual set on Saturday night as well, bringing custom-made visuals and sounds to the people of Bigfoot Electro. Lastly, Sunday night kicked off with an incredible set from ToneVision, which included Virtuosick on the violin for their Side-Project collaboration. Progressing into the night, the weekend finished strong with Thought Process, Player Dave, Khiva, Mr. Bill, and Truth.

Art, Vendors, & More!

In addition to the incredible places to catch sets, live painters were also set up around the main stage showing off their talent while getting down to great music. As a result, it was a great chance for people to chat with artists and get an idea of what’s going on in their minds while they’re painting. The vendors made it easy to get lost in the beautiful art and the creations of others. There were a wide array of different art and food vendors to catch your eye. From Julen the Artist, Hippie Street Co., and Space Fruit, as well as many others.

Some of the other vendors that made this festival so wonderful included The Pizza Machine, which ran a donation-based food vendor at the festival, so even if you couldn’t contribute to festival food prices, you wouldn’t go hungry. Think of it as a pay what you have donation!

Moreover, Manifest Green, a collective of people that help keep the festival grounds a clean and trash-free environment was also a must-have for the festival. We are lucky to call Tracy City, TN our festival home for the weekend. What better way to show our gratitude than making sure we leave nothing but our footprints behind on this gorgeous property! For reference, the photo below shows the repurposed art installation that was created out of excess cans during the event! It was truly wonderful to see it all come together.

Going With The Flow

If you’re into flow arts of any sort, you did not want to miss out on the insane performers Bigfoot Electro had in store for us all! Catch yourself getting mesmerized by the beautiful flow of others while hearing a wide selection of music at the same time. Every stage gave you the opportunity to watch how beautiful the element of fire can truly be. What’s even more exciting is that the festival gave individuals the chance to try this out for themselves in a fire flow workshop. You could talk to trained professionals about all things pertaining fire flow and even learn new tricks!

After Hours

Meanwhile, when most sets came to an end, it was time to head over to the projection dome. The Aether immersive experience powered by Microdose VR continued to blow minds. If you were lucky, you could catch some of the secret sets going on inside with KLL SMTH, Thought Process, and others! On the other hand, you could head over to the late-night renegade stage by the pond for some late-night bass if you weren’t ready for the night to end.

There were many late night/early morning activities you could find yourself at. On Saturday at 6 am, the special guest, Toadface came on the Big Chillin stage for an early morning set. You could also explore the area that surrounded Bigfoot Electro and find yourself at an extravagant waterfall and view to take in. Later in the night, The Wheel gameshow hosted by Levitation Jones gave two artists the opportunity to play a 20-minute set at the festival if the wheel landed on their name.


Overall, the weekend was one for the books; there are many reasons to mark Bigfoot Electro on your calendar for next year. Above all, you will have a beautiful time with memories and people you’ll never forget. To keep up with all things Bigfoot Electro, check out the provided links below. Nevertheless, if the music scene isn’t exactly your thing, this location also offers zipline tours and camping throughout the season!

Photos by Patrik Essy

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The Return of Block Party Eagle

After a two year hiatus, Eagle, Colorado is welcoming back the Block Party Eagle! A small mountain town  west out on I-70, Eagle is a laid back town with amazing mountain views! Known for being “Classically Colorado”, Eagle and music festivals go hand-in-hand. Block Party Eagle will take place June 3rd- June 5th in downtown Eagle. With 13 bands and three stages, there will be plenty to see and do. And to end the event, Sunday is designated for a Bloodies and Bluegrass Brunch.

The Lineup

Block Party Eagle boasts 3 outdoor stages to host the 13 different bands on the lineup. Spread out throughout Downtown Eagle, you will get amazing mountain views paired with the perfectly curated lineup.   Currently, they have announced Thievery Corporation, the new band Heavy Breathers (ft. George Porter Jr, JoJo Hermann, and more). Also on the lineup are Ripe, Common Kings, Sam Bush, Keller & The Keels, Eric Krasno & The Assembly, Rebirth Brass Band, Liver Down the River, The Runaway Grooms and Trees Don’t Move. The Bloodies and Bluegrass Brunch has Leftover Salmon performing as well. With everything from electronic to bluegrass and rock, there is something here for everyone’s ears to enjoy. 

New for 2022

There are tons of new things happening at Block Party Eagle this year! For the first time, there will be tent, car and RV camping available at the Eagle County Fairgrounds. Located a half mile away from the festival, this is a great option to keep the fun going after the music ends. Also new for 2022, is the upgraded VIP experience. There will now be a complimentary bar, VIP designated viewing areas, catered dinner each night, VIP tent, and private VIP porto facilities.

Bloodies & Bluegrass

On Sunday, there is an opportunity for the perfect festival send off: Bluegrass, Bloody Mary’s and Brunch. Your Bloodies & Bluegrass ticket grants you access to the full brunch buffet, endless Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas, an open bar, and music performed by Leftover Salmon. This ticket is $119 and separate from the music festival, but makes the perfect add-on to end a perfect festival in a perfect way.

Ticket Details

So let’s talk about the details. The upgraded VIP tickets are $259 and include access to the music on Friday and Saturday along with all the other perks we talked about above. 2 Day GA passes are $129 and include access to the music Friday and Saturday. Camping passes range from $49 to $129. Bloodies and Bluegrass is $119 and gets you brunch, booze and bluegrass. Kids 12 and Under are free in GA, and they have teen passes available. For other travel and ticket information, check out the event webpage. This event looks amazing and is definitely one event you should not miss!