Drum N Bass: 5 Female Artists You Need to Hear

Like most electronic music, drum n bass is dominated by male artists. If you don’t know drum n bass aka Dnb is 160 – 180 beats per minute songs consisting of breakbeats, heavy basslines and synthesizers, you are really missing. Its roots go back to the UK in the 90’s and now has grown into several subgenres. With these subgenres come amazing artists and sounds. Here are 5 female dnb artists you need to check out.

1) Nvrsoft

Hailing from Washington DC, this 28 year old brings the heat. Nvrsoft is signed to AudioPorn Records. Nvrsoft was the first US woman to perform at the renowned London nightclub, Fabric. She is mostly known for her liquid drum n bass. Liquid drum n bass is atmospheric, chill and highly melodic. This can really be heard in her song, “Falling.” She also recently dropped a teaser that she would be making and releasing some new music soon.


2) Kyrist

From across the pond, Kyrist has made waves in the Bristol drum n bass scene. Kyrist has wanted to be a DJ her whole life, even going as far as attending a DJ school while she was on summer break from her primary school. With a degree in music production, Kyrist came out swinging. You can hear how perfectly produced her latest track, “Translation” is. It really channels the dark, techy drum n bass she is known for.


3) Mizeyesis

Not only a woman, but a woman of color, Mizeyesis is giving a voice to a whole group of minority drum n bass listeners. From Boston, Mizeyesis believes in music for a cause, with a song featured on “Junglist Resistance” which was an international EP that raised money for various charities. Her Junglist vibe can be heard in her song, “Soundbwoy Haze.” Mizeyesis also announced that she will be visiting Denver sometime in July at a venue to be determined.


4) Flava D

Flava D is a DJ and producer of almost all bass genres, but her dnb is just absolutely gnarly. Hailing from London, Flava D has been going to dnb bars since she was just a teenager. She is mostly known for her liquid and garage style. Garage is more soulful but still super high energy. It is also known for being heavy while not being aggressive. This can be really heard in her song “Bandicoot”.

Flava D

5) Alion

The last woman on our list has a sound that travels all the way from New Zealand. Alion is relatively new to the dnb scene but her sound has an old Junglist soul. She just got signed to Kaitiaki Records back in January. With the announcement of her new label, Alion also released two new songs, “Square” and “History Repeats.”


All in all, these 5 women are creating waves within the drum n bass scene. Whether they have a jungle or liquid vibe, they are definitely worth listening to. Let us know what other female artists you are playing.