Krushendo Krushes The Melodic Bass Scene With A New Remix

Denver local Karlyle “Krushendo” Walker has released another banger of a remix. He has certainly continued to rise to the top of the melodic bass scene here in the Bass Capital. Krushendo hails from Santa Monica but was raised and currently resides in the mountains of Fort Collins. He remains one of the top local artists in the state and is a force to be reckoned with. Krushendo‘s large following and an impressive roster of bookings to date is reason to keep an eye on this one.

His most recent tune release “MiTis – TRY featuring RØRY (Krushendo Rekrush)” is a prime example stylizing just how far this local heavyweight has come since he opened up for MiTis in 2018. Since then, Krushendo has been grinding in and outside of the studio, constantly improving himself and his craft by incorporating the heavier melodic bass elements with the smooth tempos of slower, heavy-hitting bass music.

The tune is an emotional remix that will give you chills and leave you wanting to hear more. We are very excited to see whatKrushendo continues to do in the music scene here. Krushendo will be opening up for Champagne Drip next weekend in his home city Fort Collins at the infamous Aggie Theater, featuring Mize as support. Tune in to Party Guru Productions for future updates and events by Krushendo!

Check out the tune here.

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Denver’s LUNAR HORIZON Tells A Story Of The Universe

LUNAR HORIZON is an electronic music duo made up of two Colorado natives, Matt and Jake. Throughout 2020, these skilled melodic producers have made significant strides within the music industry. Last November, they released their latest track, “Rise Up“.

Party Guru Productions recently got the chance to speak with the groundbreaking duo. We learned so much about LUNAR HORIZON including how they started, what keeps them going, and what’s to come in 2021.

Introducing: LUNAR HORIZON

Matt grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado. In fact, he has lived there up until a few months ago when he moved to Denver. Before LUNAR HORIZON, he operated under his own independent project, VIZION. Matt said that VIZION focused on “more future bass, and experimental bass stuff.” Furthermore, he focused more on DJ-ing than producing in the past. “If I thought something was cool I’d just release it on SoundCloud,” he said.

Jake has been involved with music his entire life. He’s always listened to a variety of music, and he was involved in band in middle school. Within the past few years, he’s really honed in on the business side of the music industry. “It was only a few years ago I started researching, networking, and learning all the aspects of this growing industry,” said Jake. He’s researched and learned a lot over the course of the past year, which he’s rightfully proud of.

Matt and Jake came together through mutual friends. When they finally met up and made a track together, everything fell into place. Both their individual goals and passion for creating music fit seamlessly with each other. Jake said, “I knew that if we pursued this together and combined our talent, our drive and our strengths, we would change lives, and make an impact on the world.”

So far, they’ve begun to do just that.

Colorado Roots

Growing up in Colorado has definitely had an influence on LUNAR HORIZON. Both Matt and Jake have noticed how the unique environment and atmosphere have fueled their creativity throughout their lifetimes.

Matt was largely influenced by Pretty Lights. “My first show was the Pretty Lights NYE show 2011/2012 and I was only like 14 at the time, and it was life changing. I went to pretty much every PL show in CO up until his last at the 10 yr red rocks anniversary,” he said. Since then, he’s loved exploring the different sub-genres within EDM and attending different shows. “For producing I think it just pushes us to make something new and unheard of all the time, especially in Colorado with how the EDM scene is here,” Matt elaborated.

Jake didn’t grow up listening to large quantities of electronic music. Instead, he spent his time listening to rock and country music. “It wasn’t until high school I got introduced to electronic music from a friend, and immediately I was like ‘this is exactly what I’m missing in my life’. Then I saw my first show and I knew this is what I was meant to do,” said Jake. He went on to explain how supportive the Colorado environment is. Furthermore, he’s always been inspired by the sunsets and mountains. Who isn’t!?

A Story Of The Universe

LUNAR HORIZON brings their audience a unique and transformative take on music. A story of the universe is sewn together through each new track that they release. This duo utilizes the language of music to take listeners through space and time. With each new release, the universal story continues to develop, leaving listeners hungry for more.

If you haven’t yet heard one of LUNAR HORIZON’s breathtaking tracks, they recommend that you listen to “WANT ME” first. “It definitely gives a good layout of who we are and our mission with our music style. I think the intense drop leading into a very atmospheric bridge in ‘WANT ME’ really expresses LUNAR HORIZON.”

While producing, LUNAR HORIZON draws inspiration from a few well-known artists. These include “LSDREAM, REZZ, ODESZA, and Seven Lions.” They also like to keep their studio space tidy and relaxed. “Some studio must-haves would probably have to be just having a clean space, and definitely our plants,” they explained. Outside of producing, they listen to a wide variety of genres. “It just depends on what we’re feeling at that time,” they said.

When asked what artists they would like to work with, local or other, this duo has big ideas. “If we’re shooting for the stars we think it would be insane to work with Virtual Riot, INZO, Flume, and for sure Sumthin Sumthin,” they said.

Coming Up

2020 was a “blessing in disguise” according to LUNAR HORIZON. Even though it was a tough year for these producers, it allowed them time to learn more about each other and strengthen their friendship. They were able to take the time to really focus on what they want to express in their music. As a result, they’ll most definitely be prepared when shows return.

Their strong, driven mentality is already carrying through to 2021. Next month, they are releasing their next single, “LONELY”. When asked about this upcoming track, LUNAR HORIZON explained that the theme of their style “is oriented from the perspective of looking back at Earth/home from the moon, traveling to new horizons. Lonely is about being lost in space, literally and metaphorically. It’s about not letting go but it’s okay to move on.”

2021 will hold many more releases from these two producers. They hope to consistently release more tracks than they did last year. “Stay looking out each month,” they say. Fans of LUNAR HORIZON as well as anyone that loves innovative, melodic music should be excited for what’s to come.


LUNAR HORIZON is yet another Colorado-based electronic music duo that is absolutely killing the game. Their first official releases in 2020 have captured the attention of many by telling a connected story of the universe. Listeners of their music will dance, feel new emotions, and most definitely look forward to the future of LUNAR HORIZON.

“We’ve been working super hard and finally feel like we’re in a good place to really get our music moving. Follow us on Insta if you like what you hear because we announce pretty much everything coming on there! Each release is essentially a chapter to the story, so a new one unfolds every release.”







Said The Sky Releases New Project To Raise Awareness For World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day

Thursday, September 10th marked World Suicide Prevention Day. Each year, the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) organizes the event along with the World Health Organization (WHO) as a co-sponsor. Above all, the purpose of World Suicide Prevention Day is “to raise awareness of suicide and suicide prevention”.

According to the IASP, more than 800,000 people die by suicide every single year. This breaks down to one person every forty seconds. Furthermore, “for every 1 suicide 25 people make a suicide attempt”. 108 million people are directly affected by suicide each and every year. This includes close family, relatives, and friends who are then in a high-risk group for suicide themselves.

In a video created by the IASP, they discuss easy ways to help those with suicidal thoughts. Specifically, they list community support, responsible and sensitive media portrayals, local education, and restricting the means as being incredibly important. By “stepping closer” to those around you, you can listen to and support them. Similarly, the video states that “sometimes all it takes is a smile” to make a difference.

Said The Sky

Said The Sky is a Denver-based producer and DJ that makes beautifully perfect melodic music. He plays the piano and various other instruments which he flawlessly incorporates into both his songs and live performances. Ever since the release of his debut EP, Faith, in 2014, Said The Sky has made massive strides in the music industry. He’s even collaborated with a wide range of artists including Slander, Illenium, and Dabin. Additionally, he can be seen performing at venues and festivals around the world.

One of the most loveable things about Said The Sky as a person is his character. To clarify, he gives off an incredibly kind, warm, and caring vibe that everyone can see and even hear through his music. His social media and song lyrics give off an extremely positive energy that hundreds of thousands of people have come to admire.

Throughout his career in music, he has gained an incredible family of fans which he calls Skygazers. It is clear that this group really does care for one another as they’ve all found ways to connect with each other, even being miles apart. Together, they all share their affinity for croissants, puppies, and the anti sadboi sadboi club.

If you haven’t heard about Said The Sky yet, some great introductory songs to listen to are “Darling” (Ft. Missio), “All I Got” with Kwesi, and of course “Worth Living For” with Olivver The Kid and Levi The Poet.

You Are “Worth Living For”

On September 8th, Said The Sky released his long-awaited song and fan video titled “Worth Living For” with Olivver The Kid and Levi The Poet. This project was created in honor of World Suicide Prevention Day. Thus, the project focuses on the purpose of raising awareness for suicide and suicide prevention.

100% of proceeds from this song will go to To Write Love On Her Arms, which is a non-profit that focuses on helping those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. Said The Sky also partnered with Songs That Saved My Life for the project.

Said The Sky

A Heartwarming Video

A few months ago, Said The Sky made a post on social media asking for fans to email in video clips of things that made their life worth living for. As a result, hundreds of fans sent in their own videos. Clips included friends and loved ones hugging, dogs (naturally), nature, confetti, shows, and festivals. The final product is absolutely gorgeous and quite tear-jerking.

In hopes of creating something beautiful, I asked you to share the moments that make your life worth living for. This is what we made with those moments.

Said The Sky

The lyric video, created by Emma Paige, starts off with a few facts and statistics about global suicide rates. Then, viewers see a DVD labeled “moments worth living for” slide into a DVD player before the collage of video clips starts. The video concludes by saying the following.

Hope is real. Help is real. Your story is important. If you or someone you love is struggling know that help exists. Visit to locate free and reduced cost options for mental health care. We are glad you are here. YOU are worth living for.

Said The Sky

Listen to Said The Sky’s beautiful new song below and prepare to get in your feels while watching the video! This song is also available for streaming on Spotify.


Suicide affects millions of people globally every single year. Someone you know may be suffering, whether it be you yourself, a family member, friend, or coworker. Taking care of your mental health is incredibly important. Furthermore, checking in on loved ones is also critical.

It’s crucial to remember that there is always help! Click here to visit To Write Love On Her Arms‘ resource page. Resources for the United States as well as international locations are provided. They also present resources for those affected by COVID-19 such as help with food assistance, bill payments, and more.

FOR IMMEDIATE HELP, CLICK HERE. These hotlines are available 24-hours a day and are all confidential.

Thank you, Said The Sky, for dedicating time to remind us that we all have something “Worth Living For”. Thank you for advocating for suicide awareness and prevention. We truly appreciate you for providing us with resources and tools to help ourselves and our loved ones.

Said The Sky

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Manila Killa Fills the Bluebird Theater with Melodic Bliss

Chris Gavino (Manila Killa) is a Washington based producer and DJ who began producing music when he lived in the Philippines. Growing up around the world, this young melodic genius primarily learned his production skills via self-taught Ableton lessons. Over the course of finishing up his college career, he gained an insane amount of streams online, co-founded the independent label Moving Castle, and performed at countless festivals around the United States.

On June 20th, Manila Killa brought the 1993 Tour to a close at the Bluebird Theater in Denver, Colorado. This two-month long tour touched down in 10 other cities before making its way to the Mile High City with support from MELVV, ilo ilo, and AObeats. The Denver edition of the tour featured support from Denver locals, Shae District, and Boulder local, Covex.

Manila Killa At Blue Bird theater , Denver CO.

The show started about thirty minutes behind schedule, so by the time that the duo Shae District went on, there was already a handful of people spread throughout the venue getting drinks and quietly chatting. The overall crowd energy was fairly quiet and low but picked up as soon as Shae District brought live vocals and instrumentation to the stage. Their music was very positive and vibey, complete with the use of a trumpet, electric guitar, and drum pad.

As the venue started to fill, Covex took to the stage next. This young producer and DJ has taken massive strides in the last few years of his career. Opening with his recent release “Breakaway” with Cosmoe and Cxsiddy, his contagious smile and upbeat stage presence completely brightened the energy within the venue. Covex also used a drum pad during his set in addition to a keyboard, Roli Block, and his signature live vocals.

Throughout his set, he had a complex, ever-changing display on the LED screen behind him. Covex‘s hour-long set was very versatile, as he seamlessly transitioned between more emotional melodic music to deeper electro house and back. Along with fan favorites such as “Fortress” by Illenium and “Potions” by Slander and Said The Sky, Covex also played an unreleased track called “Forgive Me” which is coming out next Thursday.

By the time Manila Killa came on, the venue was about 75% full. The crowd was full of anticipation and excitement. The stage setup consisted of a larger DJ booth that was already back lined, and the table legs were lit up with multi-colored LED lights. Water colored visuals added to the aesthetic appeal of his set. The crowd’s energy slowed down a bit; everyone was chill as they enjoyed the show. In the back of the venue, more people were talking as they were getting drinks and taking in the environment.

He played a few of his most popular songs, including “Everyday, Everyday,” featuring Nevve and “Wake Up Call,” featuring Mansionair. At one point, he brought Covex up on stage to perform his remix of “All 2 U.” Everyone put up their phone flashlights and lit up the venue, really making for a memorable moment.

For those of you who enjoy chill, melodic music complete with vocals and live instrumentation, Manila Killa is not a show to miss! This writer could tell that he had put extra effort into making the show an entire experience. Guests of all different ages were able to enjoy themselves. As of right now, Manila Killa only has a few more events scheduled for the summer: Brownies & Lemonade in Los Angeles and High Seas Festival in New York. We highly recommend checking him out if you ever get the chance.

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