San Holo’s Euphoric Sounds Are Coming To The Mission Ballroom

bb u ok?

This Thursday, November 11th, San Holo is bringing his bb u ok? tour to Denver, Colorado. In just a few days, the Mission Ballroom will be filled with euphoric, future bass music and thousands of loyal fans.

Light“, “We Rise“, and “lift me from the ground (feat. Sofie Winterson) are just a few of San Holo‘s iconic original tracks. This Dutch musician, producer, and DJ has been releasing music for the past seven years. His first official release was his Cosmos EP in 2014. Soon after, he put out music on various labels including OWSLA and Monstercat. Since then, San Holo has gained worldwide recognition for his unique, electrifying sounds that bridge the gap between different genres.

His debut album, album1, premiered in 2018. In June of this year, he released his second album, titled bb u ok?. San Holo is also the founder of the label bitbird. In addition to self-releasing various tracks on the label, artists including Taska Black and Droeloe have also found success through bitbird.

About The Show

Kasbo, Chet Porter, and Rome In Silver will also be playing on Thursday night. These artists all have a similar sound to San Holo, making them perfect additions to the event’s lineup. Furthermore, these three artists all have a connection to San Holo in one way or another. For example, Rome In Silver’s latest release is out now viabitbird and Chet Porter has a track with San Holo on bb u ok? titled you’ve changed, i’ve changed“.

The Mission Ballroom is located on the North end of the RiNo Art District. This revolutionary venue opened at the end of 2019 and is owned by AEG Presents. One of the most unique aspects of this new venue is the fact that the stage has the ability to be moved in order to adjust the capacity for each show. This way, each show will feel more intimate and engaging. Moreover, there is a large tiered seating/standing area in the back of the venue along with two VIP balconies so that everyone can have a great view of the stage.

If you plan on attending San Holo’s bb u ok? show this Thursday, keep in mind that proof of full COVID-19 vaccination is required. The physical vaccination card will be accepted as well as a photo of the card or a digital copy via the MyColorado app.

Get Ready To ↑%

Now, we hope that you’re ready to enter the mesmerizing world of San Holo this Thursday at the Mission Ballroom. His beautiful music accompanied by bright visuals and live instrumentation are sure to make for a memorable night. It’s been a while since San Holo has played in Denver, so the anticipation is high. If you want an insider’s look at how bb u ok? was made before you attend the show, check out his album documentary on Youtube, filmed by Haley Lan.

Click here to secure your tickets for the show. You can also pre-pay for parking if you don’t plan on using rideshare services. Finally, follow the social media links below to keep up with San Holo and, of course, stay vibrant.

Photos by Haley Lan, San Holo

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An Evening With Lucid Vision

As we launch into 2021 we all begin to see normal day life, and nightlife, returning to the world. What felt like a century that was filled with lockdowns and livestreams, is now followed up with having the option of live entertainment. Being one of the first shows to return, Lucid Vision took the stage to play unreleased songs along with classics. By doing so he also sold out 2 shows which both had a unique set unlike the other.

Performing at Moe’s BBQ in Englewood, Lucid Vision had the place full. With proper Covid-19 safety precautions in place of course. Some precautions taken included having food brought to your table, masks at all times unless eating or drinking, tables being 6ft apart or more, sanitation before, middle, and after shows and much more. We were lucky enough to have the chance to sit down with Lucid Vision before the show, read everything that was had to say below! This interview is conducted by Patrik Essy. The following is an interview between Patrik Essy and Dalton Kieta(Lucid Vision).

Thoughts on Rebranding

Patrik: I see that you are rebranding, could you tell me a bit more about that?

Dalton: I’ve been thinking about doing the rebranding for actually awhile man.

Patrik: Yeah, tell me about that.

Dalton: So that logo before was actually the first logo I ever made and used. The one that is kind of stacked and staggered, have you seen that one?

Patrik: Yeah, I have yeah.

Dalton: Okay, cool. That one has been dope for awhile but I really just want to do that next level of branding. I actually studied music business at CU Denver, so I do have the degree in music industry studies. Emphasis on music business. So we can talk about that stuff. Dude, all the big guys such as Nike, Apple, Pretty Lights, they have what they call an icon logo, it’s a symbol.

Patrik: I heard you all talking about that.

Dalton: Yeah yeah. And it’s honestly something where it’s very tough to invent your own symbol. Unless you use something that is already kinda out there and just take it over. Apple just uses an apple with a bite taken out of it. But I mean Bassnectar invented his own. I mean Odesza kinda hijacked a platonic solid. Like that’s been around, so I wanted to create my own. I think it’s just very important to step away from a logo that uses the name, so you have the name logo and the icon logo as the symbol. Just because I want people to associate it more with the words, rather than when it’s format’d in a specific way in a specific font. It’s all across the board, it’s all the same. You see that name and connect with that emotion. Either connecting it with a song or a live performance.

Patrik: How long have you been working on it for? Sketching it up?

Dalton: Just about a month, it felt pretty long. It’s something I have considered for a long time and I have kinda tinkered around with. So as of recently I was like i’m just going to do it. I went through a bunch of stuff.

Patrik: Did you just have a true passion for this new symbol?

Dalton: Yeah, it kinda hit all the criteria I was looking for. It can still be evolved just as how any artists can from time to time.


Patrik: So speaking on music a bit more you said you went to school here. How long did you go for?

Dalton: I went for 5 years, CU Denver.

Patrik: Seeing that you went to school out here are you a local to Colorado? Did you grow up here?

Dalton: I moved here with my family when I was 3. We moved from Chicago. I still have family out there. I just definitely don’t have the resources and friends built up back there, my friends are here. Really all I know is here.

Patrik: This is a great place to have your roots. Going back into code orange in Colorado and being able to have shows again, how does it feel to be playing two sold out shows?

Dalton: It feels great dude! It is less capacity which makes the energy a little bit different. It isn’t truly a sell out because of the lower capacity but it feels great! I’m sure people will still get rowdy. When I opened for CloZee at the Mishawaka I asked her if she broke any records. She did eight nights in a row at the Mishawaka and they were all sold out. It’s not exactly sold out because it wasn’t full capacity but it was still dope.

Patrik: How was that? How was opening up for CloZee at the Mishawaka?

Dalton: It was a dream bro. I have opened up for her twice before. This was the third performance. I think partly why I got the gig was because she recognized my name. I asked for it, we emailed her and lucky enough we got it.

Patrik: Genius idea, I believe that was one of the only shows happening around here for Halloween.

Dalton: That was the hot ticket, I literally tried to buy tickets and wasn’t able to. And then I got booked on it. Isn’t that crazy?

Patrik: A dream come true. Isn’t that wild how you weren’t able to buy tickets but were able to perform instead?

Dalton: If we can’t go in through the front door let’s go in through the back door. Let’s play it!

Patrik: Being a smooth criminal with it!

Dalton: I’m just kidding. It was the intention, but I got lucky. It was an honor to be on it.

Patrik: So how could you say tonights set will be different from that set? It was the space night correct?

Dalton: With the sets, the second set is somewhat similar. The first set is more similar to when I opened for RJD2 at the Ogden. A bit more “hip-hopy” and chill. It’s funny because when I was working on it last night I had the feeling I enjoyed the first one more. The second set will be a bit more comparable to that opening for CloZee set. But I have made some new stuff before now and then.

Patrik: I know you dropped that new album not too long ago, Still Dreaming? Will that album have a heavy influence on either of the sets tonight?

Dalton: This was supposed to be the album release party but we postponed it because we had to. It was supposed to happen on December 4th, about a month ago. But at this point it’s like dude, the album has been released so it’s not really an album release party anymore. So kinda just going all around with it, i’m pretty stoked on a lot of this new stuff. If there is enough time I am going to play some of it at the end of the first set because I do really like a lot of it.

Patrik: Speaking on the album a little bit more, who if anybody, were some heavy influences on this? Who pushed you to do this album?

Dalton: Me. As far as musical inspirations and influences, they have kinda come and gone. Macro scale like of all time, at the beginning it was Glitch Mob and Bassnectar, then moved to Pretty Lights. Pretty Lights took over for awhile. Then Bassnectar took over for for about 2 years. CloZee is also an inspiration. I would say my top few are all of them as my top artists and inspirations. I would like to think my newer album is my way of doing things. My sound.

Finding Dalton’s Sound

Dalton: That’s also a very good question dude. Because that is something that has been a long time search. Experimenting and figuring out different sounds. The last EP I put out before this album was the thing that partly made me think, dude I don’t like this music. I actually don’t enjoy listening to this stuff. I am going to go in this direction. I want songs that people can dance and grind too. But I still want it to be party music, not party music but high energy enough to where it’s groovy. It has to be dancey dude. I want it to be sexy but not too heavy, but still energetic enough.

Patrik: Cool, very cool. It does take some artists their entire life to find the right sound or correct direction to go in. When you can say, “I don’t like the sound of this EP but I do like the sound of this”, it’s cool to see what you like and that you can pursue it. You are doing what you like to do, create.

Dalton: Thanks dude. That’s how it will be for now but it is constantly changing. You made me think of a quote by Gramatik, “To ask an artist to create the same genre of music all of their life is like asking a painter to paint the same picture for them”. Don’t those sounds start to kinda get boring after awhile?

Patrik: I remember you said something about the Ogden and you mentioned this being the first spot that you ever headlined a show, thinking of local and global venues where was your favorites?

Dalton: There’s a lot that are still on the books. Dude I want to play Red Rocks, it’ll happen someday. It’s crazy because sometimes the smaller venues are the ones that are the most fun. My favorite, i’ve thought about this recently and this is what I probably miss the most is playing festivals. Everybody being out in the fields, these massive stages where you get to play on a bigger production, being in the open air. Those are my favorites.

Patrik: What festivals have you played?

Dalton: Sonic Bloom, Arise, I even played Electric Forrest last year. I was on Backwoods, and a few smaller festivals. I have played Sonic Bloom and Arise a bunch of times.

Patrik: Speaking on those festival vibes is there anything that you change about a smaller venue live set versus a festival set? Do you try to play more high-tempo and crowd engagement music? Or just play what you want?

Dalton: What is going to make me and everybody else feel all these emotions? That’s the question every time for every set.

Patrik: So are you the type of person to show up at a festival and get in and get out or do you walk around a bit and hangout with the fans?

Dalton: I’m usually fashionably late. I definitely hangout after to walk around. Let’s be honest it’s actually unfashionably late bro when I show up. If you love doing it don’t you want to see other people play right? Don’t you want to talk about it and experience. I’m taking notes while i’m watching these people perform. I could see how if you are going festival to festival it can be tiring. That’s when I almost ask the booking agent to add a bit more time there. It’s a shame to not spend the time there. People are paying to be there and you are being paid to be there. Hangout and enjoy it!


Patrik: I see the floor starting to light up here, with all of your rebranding did you do any of your own video work for this? Did you do any of the production stuff?

Dalton: None of it. I did not, that was all Devin, (Rubik Visuals) over there. I of course helped draft the logo but he did everything else. He does design a lot of his motion graphics, a lot of it is original. That is so much work so hats off to those guys. It’s enough work to be an artist, manager, graphic designer, marketing, etc.

Patrik: So touching on that, you did a lot of that work tonight right? How did it feel from going to no shows to doing everything for a show.

Dalton: I have honestly done it a lot from the ground up. This one was a bit easier because it was a bit smaller scale. I have done shows at Cervantes Ballroom. I have done shows at The Bluebird, I have done three shows at the Bluebird where I was the promoter, i’ll hire the acts, talk to the venue manager, pay everybody at the end of the night, etc. I know a manager might ask me about all of this stuff anyways so might as well do everything myself. I do still have a managing partner. It’s nice to have somebody that you can bounce ideas off of. We will both handle things, if I am too busy or if he is too busy we can talk. Hold you accountable for everything and all that stuff. It’s nice to have a team with you.

Tourin’ Talk

Dalton: 2019 was my true taste of touring. I did a few small mountain runs. Or run offs of one in between. We did like 36 dates last year, most I booked by myself but I did get some help from a booking agent for a few of the in between shows and festivals. I did actually use to DJ at a sushi restaurant on Fridays. I wasn’t playing Lucid Vision but instead more jazzy and eatery music. That kept me sharp since I was always playing every Friday and Saturday. I think I had like eight shows booked when Covid first hit, so I did cancel a lot. It kinda sucked because it seemed in limbo but the most you can do is keep making music and be ready for when it does come back. As far as touring stuff i’m still a baby, you know what I mean? Compared to some of the big guys.

Patrik: It’s always an interesting question to ask, big or small. Being in Denver there’s a show almost every other night before Covid. It’s interesting to hear if it takes any toll on an artist that has to wake up and go play a show then hit the studio day after day.

Dalton: There is an energy to it though, it is addicting. There is a high to it when making music.Back to what I was saying also dude, I have come farther than most musicians out there. People come and go quick. When it comes to doing this as a career its a whole other level. If you aren’t headlining and selling out 1,000 capacity shows nobody is making money. I mean I just keep putting money into it, I keep chasing it. That’s the idea with Still Dreaming is keeping the dream alive. To pursue the passion.


Following up with this interview, Lucid Vision played two unique sets for two sold out crowds. Hearing new tunes and experiencing live music again was a truly special thing. Getting to talk with Lucid Vision made it all the more better considering we got that little bit of insight on how he made those sets. Myself and everyone at Party Guru would like to thank you Lucid Vision for this opportunity. Hopefully this is the first of many shows we see as our 2021 begins.

Photos By Patrik Essy

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Enjoy Live Music and Bowling at Live on the Lanes

A New Live Music Experience

In Northern Colorado, a new live music experience has emerged. Chipper’s Lanes has joined forces with The Mishawaka and 105.5 The Colorado Sound to present the series called Live on the Lanes. These socially distanced concerts take place inside Chipper’s Lanes, which has a bowling alley, laser tag, and arcade.

Live on the Lanes takes place at Chipper’s Lanes on North College Avenue in Fort Collins. In mid-September, Live on the Lanes made its debut with music by Pipin’ Hot. Then, Ginger Whale performed for the second event.

So far, Live on the Lanes has been quite successful! It’s a perfect, innovative way for people to get out of the house and have fun with family and friends. There is something for everyone as attendees have the opportunity to participate in all of the activities that Chipper’s Lanes provides in addition to listening to live music.

Safety First

Chipper’s Lanes has made sure to take the safety of everyone very seriously. This includes their own employees, the bands, and of course everyone attending. According to Chipper’s Lanes, “if you are concerned about what is being done to keep you and yours safe, fear not, we are going above and beyond what is being asked to do just that.”

They are regularly and thoroughly sanitizing every touchpoint and surface including tables, chairs, bowling balls, restrooms, and more. Furthermore, when attendees enter the building, they are escorted straight to their table or bowling lane. Table service is provided for both food and beverages, and a lane attendant and waiter take care of everything you need. Finally, face coverings are required for everyone when not at their table.

Upcoming Events

Currently, Live on the Lanes has events scheduled through the end of November. A variety of different local artists will get the chance to perform again, keeping music alive in Colorado.

On October 17th, Kessel Run will fill the bowling alley with instrumental, exploratory rock music. October 23rd will also feature rock music, but this time from Tenth Mountain Division. After that, Dave Watts and Friends will bring various artists together for a truly unique show on October 30th. These artists include Marcus Rezak, Jans Ingber (The Motet), Casey Russell (Magic Beans), and Chris Duffy (Magic Beans).

On Halloween, Live on the Lanes is throwing a special Big Lebowski Halloween Costume Party! That night, VIVIAN will take to the stage to perform some beautiful dream-pop. Fun fact: the members of this duo, Tim and Alana, have been a part of The Mishawaka family for a while!

Continuing on, Cycles is scheduled to perform a fresh hybrid of rock, jazz, hip-hop, soul, funk, and more on November 14th. The last event currently scheduled is on November 20th and features music by reggae fusion group, Luna Shade.

Reserve Your Tickets!

In order to attend Live on the Lanes, ticket reservations are required. These events have a limited capacity, so if you see a band on the schedule that you’d like to see, it’s definitely recommended to get your tickets sooner rather than later.

Chipper’s Lanes states that “a total of 30 socially distant seating areas are provided. There are 11 bowling lanes available with 8 seats, and 19 tables ranging from 2 to 8 seats.” Additionally, 1 ticket is good for 1 table or lane. When purchasing tickets, you have the option to select an area from a seating map or choose a ticket based on price. The cost of a ticket ranges from $80.00 to $300.00, not including fees. Furthermore, only the purchase of a lane includes bowling.


If you love bowling, live music, food, and drinks, you’ll absolutely love Live on the Lanes! This inventive new concept is a great, safe way to support live music. If you want to bowl, enjoy delicious food, or rock out to your favorite band, click here for tickets and information.

Photos by Sunny Side Production

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Big Wild Turns Red Rocks Into His Playground

Red Rocks is such a massive and world-renowned venue right in our backyard. It can become easy to think that anyone who plays there will offer a life-altering experience to all that attend. While in some ways it is true that there is a certain level of prestige that follows in the wake of these artists. Some just don’t always fit the bill in terms of aligning just right with the sonic landscape that a venue like Red Rocks offers up. This was not the case for Big Wild.

It isn’t something attributed to a certain genre or style, but more so an energy embodied by an artist that can be tapped into. That’s why it makes a night so special when an artist recognizes this and tunes into that energy. Perhaps no EDM acts have a better sense of encapsulating this feeling than Big Wild and his counterpart, Whethan.

Whethan performs at red rocks

Robotaki and Goldfish Warm Up the Crowd

But, what is a show without its openers? This time around brought Robotaki and Goldfish as the openers. An interesting pair, but nonetheless one that fit the bill just as perfectly. Robotaki saw fame through his masterful remixes of songs by The Chainsmokers, Kaskade and Goldroom. Having toured as the official support for Porter Robinson and Madeon’s Shelter tour, Robotaki is no stranger to playing coveted venues. This show was no exception. Sporting his always sharp and clean synth-heavy originals, and mixing in a variety of tracks to keep the set compelling, he was a perfect beginning to a full show. Even from so far up on stage you could tell he was full of life and energy that very clearly translated into the sonic landscape of the venue.

Following Robotaki was the always bombastic live group Goldfish. Playing several Denver venues frequently over the years, they brought an energetic live show that built off of Robotaki’s groundwork. Featuring live sax and keys, Goldfish brought the crowd to their feet and elevated the space from stage to seat. The fans experienced their bombastic singles like “Colours and Lights,” and “It Was You”. The set was perfectly encapsulated to make for wonderful opening experience.

Whethan to Continue the Amazing Night

Whethan performs at red rocks

Then, next up came Whethan – and what a show it was. Playing within a massive LED flower, Whethan had the full focus on him throughout the set. Full of spunk and energy, the flower drew your eyes directly to his dancing as he was moving and grooving to a full palette of musical treats. It was great to hear a variety of music, from his breakout hits “When I’m Down,” and “Superlove,” but also sprinkling in some old school motown and remixes of classic indie tracks. While many came for Big Wild, you could argue that the crowd was just as dialed in to Whethan’s performance, if not more so.

Big Wild performs at red rocks with Maddie Rice

Big Wild Finishes off the Amazing Night

Finally came the part of the show everyone was waiting for, Big Wild. Big Wild is know for his saccharine beats and uniquely inspired tracks that have developed since his hit “Aftergold”. The show was nothing short of spectacular. This was made especially clear with the addition of multiple live elements. American guitarist Maddie Rice, special guest Ida Hawke, and flutist Nicole Miglis from Hundred Waters all joined Big Wild on stage. The crowd was incredibly engaged. Everyone singing along to almost the entirety of the set which was perfectly crafted from start to finish. Couple this with a sold out show and a beautiful night and this was one for the books.

Red Rocks never disappoints. This was a show that aligned more perfectly with most in terms of energy and atmosphere. It was a fun, lively and energetic show, made complete with a full roster of seasoned musicians. From Robotaki and Goldfish to Whethan and Big Wild, it was an evening ethereal beats with a grooving. The evening offered a perfect soundscape for the ever inspiring venue that is Red Rocks.

Photos by David Cohn

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Bonfire Brewing Block Party Returns!

Bonfire Brewing Block Party returns for yet another amazing weekend in Eagle, Colorado. This three day festival is packed full with wonderful music, fun activities, and a plethora of amazing beer and food. Two day GA passes are being offered, as well as VIP passes. Along with these two day passes, a third day pass to the Sunday Sayonara concert is offered as well. This festival is also kid friendly, so anyone can come out and have some fun!

Starting on Friday May 31st, gates are due to open at 3:30 pm, with music going until 1:00 am. There will be two stages and a taproom, with performances from Amasa Hines, The Sessh, Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears, North Mississippi Allstars, Railroad Earth, and The Runaway Grooms.

Photo from Black Joe Lewis’ Facebook

Saturday, gates are due to open at 2:00 pm, with music until 12:30 am. Saturday’s performances will be from Ripe, Twiddle, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, The Lil Smokies, J. Roddy Walston & The Business, The Evolution, and Hardscrabble.

Photo from Twiddle’s Facebook

To close out this jam-packed weekend, Sunday’s shenanigans start at 10:00 am until 12:00 pm. A catered breakfast will be provided, along with a performance from The Lil Smokies. Bloody Marys and mimosas will also be available for purchase!

You can find more information on this event, purchase tickets, and check out the FAQ here!