Sol Fest Drops an Insanely Bass-Heavy Lineup for 2023

Sol Fest Drops an Insanely Bass-Heavy Lineup for 2023

Guess what…Sol Fest just dropped phase one of its long-awaited lineup for 2023! The second-ever edition of this independently owned music festival will take place from May 5th – 7th at Bama Slam Waterpark and Campground, located in New Brockton, Alabama.

This 1,600-acre venue can host over 90,000 people. It’s complete with luxury camping, a general store, a saloon (its own bar, restaurant, and venue), beach volleyball, zip lines, waterslides, and so much more. And don’t forget the insane production and lighting, live painting, interactive installations, and 3D holographic water shows.

We can’t think of a better way to kick off summer. Keep reading for more details about Sol Fest!

2023 Phase One Lineup

Sol Fest did not hold back when it came to the bass-heavy lineup. So far, the headliners consist of Liquid Stranger (Friday) and Zeds Dead (Saturday). Sunday’s headliner has yet to be announced.

In alphabetical order, we have Champagne Drip B3B LUZCID B3B Sully, Drinkurwater, EAZYBAKED, Flozone, Funkshway, Heyz, Infected Mushroom (Hybrid Live DJ Set), INZO, Jaenga, Manic Focus Presents Mf’n House Party, Mindex, Ravenscoon, Smoakland, SoDown, SuperAve., Tape B, The Sponges, and TVBOO.

If you think that’s impressive, you’ll want to check out the pool parties. Friday is full of drum ‘n’ bass with Mija (DnB Set), and Blossom presents Drum N Blossom. Saturday consists of Skeler and Barnacle Boi B2B Brothel. On Sunday, festival-goers can wrap up their weekend with Wreckno and Khiva.

But wait, there’s more. We promise getting to the festival early for the pre-party will be worth it. Flux Pavilion, Tripp St., A Hundred Drums, Marvel Years, Evaluation, PHLIP, and Deathpact kick off the festival.

All that and there are still more artists to be announced…can we get a SHEESH!

Mind. Body. Sol.

According to Sol Fest, anyone that enters the festival grounds will discover a mind-altering wonderland. Interactive activities, live painters, spiritual workshops, and even a 3D holographic water show will keep you totally immersed in your world.

During the day, keep the energy high at the 2-acre spring-fed waterpark. A rope swing, zipline, floating trampoline, waterslides, sandy beach volleyball, and more can all be enjoyed while DJs drop some beats at the body stage.

Attendees can also keep their tummies happy throughout the weekend with food from a wide assortment of vendors. The 2023 vendors haven’t been announced yet. However, last year brought well-known favorites including Grilled Cheese Incident, Asian Sensation, and Festi Bowl.

To conclude the weekend, Sol Sunday presents a time of remembrance during a memorial show. “Sol, meaning sun, originates from our dear friend Quentin ‘Sol’ Rupp, who passed away in a tragic car accident at 26 years old,” says Sol Fest. After this loss, the festival was created as a sanctuary. Anyone attending Sol Fest can submit photos of loved ones for Sol Sunday by clicking here.

Tickets and Pricing

Tickets for Sol Fest are on sale now! The prices below do not include fees and taxes.

3-Day GA tickets are $169 and do not include a car pass or pre-party pass. For those wanting to splurge, 3-Day VIP tickets are available for $259. The VIP tickets include upgraded camping options, access to the boathouse, expedited entry, VIP bar lanes, “exclusive access to the VIP Lounge, private viewing area, free showers, air-conditioned restrooms, and Sol Fest Merch Package.” Pre-Party passes are only $59.

GA and VIP car camping passes are $49 each. Keep in mind that if you purchase a VIP ticket, you’ll need a VIP car camping pass to camp in the VIP area, which is closer to the stages. If you want to wake up with views of the lake, you can purchase a VIP Lakeside car camping pass for $99. Canoeing, paddle boarding, and banana boat rides are only some of what the lake has to offer. RV passes for the weekend range from $199 – $399, depending on the type of hookup needed. More upgraded camping expansions are also currently in progress!

Is it May yet?

The second Sol Fest is bringing the bass to Alabama this next summer. If you want to kick off festival season in style, we totally suggest giving this festival a visit! According to Sol Fest, 2023 is going to be massive. “2023 will feature three stages, including a custom main stage with PK sound, a stage across the lake in the wooded trails with a lake bridge, and a stage at the waterpark for upbeat parties!”

With a killer lineup, affordable pricing, tons of activities, and art installations, it can’t be missed.

Keep up with Sol Fest for news and additional lineup announcements by following their social media accounts below.

Grab your tickets here!

Photos by Sol Fest (Facebook)

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Liquid Stranger Goes Berserk On Night 3 At Mission Ballroom

On November 19, 2022, Liquid Stranger closed out his three-day show run at Mission Ballroom with a wild Sounds of Wakaan set.

Opening Support
Chef Boyarbeatz

Chef Boyarbeatz was the first opener of the night, and many were very excited! He started the night with deep free-form bass wubs and got the crowd warmed up and moving.

Tape B

Tape B was the next opener and one of the most anticipated by audience members! Since the release of Driptapes Volume 3, many have been raving about Tape B and his quick come-up into the spotlight. He released a new EP titled A Dose of Nostalgia at the beginning of the week, and everyone became more excited to see the spicy tunes played out in his set. This night out of the three was completely sold out, and many people pulled up early to catch Tape B’s set. Tape B’s usual style merges old and new dubstep styles, which he threw down flawlessly while mixing in other artists like Zeds Dead.


Ravenscoon was the next opener, and he came in swinging with energy! He is a fan favorite around the Denver area and brings in a heavy, deep penetrating sound that strikes you in your core. Ravenscoon played a fantastic set that elevated the crowd’s energy and made way for the rest of the night.


Shlump was the next opener, and many were excited to have him as direct support! Known for his wavy extraterrestrial wubs, Shlump brought in a different vibe and got the crowd wiggling their limbs. It was so much fun to see him and refreshing to hear something different from the openers!


Rusko was the last opener before Liquid Stranger. Many were ecstatic to see this legend show up on the support lineup. Although a significant majority of people in the bass scene are still warming up to Drum and Bass, there’s a handful that love it and was happy to hear it from Rusko! Many danced as crazy as the famous Rusko, whose known for taking his shoes off on stage and going bonkers. Having Rusko as direct support was a great way to sprinkle some other genres into the night, and he did terrifically.

Liquid Stranger

On this last night of the three-day run, Liquid Stranger dedicated it to the Sounds of Wakaan. This meant that he was going to play as much music as possible, including his and others’ music on Wakaan. Just like night one, once he started going in, he didn’t let up until the second he was finished. He played all of his songs off his new Dimensions EP which was exciting to see! This made for a different experience that people wouldn’t expect out of a standard Liquid Stranger set. Not only did he play his new music, but he also delved into other subgenres and even played some Mac Miller! In addition, he also mixed some of his older tunes like Gunslinger and Jetpacks with rap songs like Drop It Like It’s Hot. According to fans, this set was one of the heaviest sets they’ve seen from Liquid Stranger!


Overall, the last day of the three-night Liquid Stranger run at Mission Ballroom was amazing! The stacked opening support acts threw down and got the crowd moving. Liquid Stranger’s last set was electrifying and so much fun. We are so proud and happy for the Wakaan collective and the work that was put in to make this weekend so incredible. We look forward to seeing how all of the support acts and Liquid Stranger himself continue to shine.

Photos by Josh Klein

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Liquid Stranger Goes Downtempo at Mission Ballroom Night 2

Imagine this:

  • It’s night two of Liquid Stranger‘s three-night run in Denver.
  • The theme is downtempo.
  • The whole crowd has caught the vibe.

Thousands of bass music fans gathered from Thursday to Saturday to catch three diverse sets from Liquid Stranger at Mission Ballroom, along with 16 genre-spanning openers. Friday night offered an extraordinary chance to slow down, groove, and experience relaxed beats backed by impressive production and a PK Trinity Black sound system.

Liquid Stranger during his downtempo set

Liquid Stranger during his downtempo set
Wakaan & Beyond

Martin Staaf, better known as Liquid Stranger, is the enigmatic Swedish label head of two imprints. He first launched Wakaan, the celebrated freeform bass label with a cult-like following. Then came Sskwan, the chilled-out flipside of Wakaan. Staaf’s main label already hosts its own music festival, boasts over 50 major releases, and features tons of heavyweight bass artists. Some of the recent releases come from maintays like RuskoTruthLSDREAMJantsenZeke Beats, and Peekaboo.

Night two was the chance for Sskwan to shine. While Sskwan may be Staaf’s younger imprint (announced just a few years ago at Wakaan Festival), it has already made a big splash by asserting a larger presence for mellow music within the dubstep scene. Recently, Sskwan’s first release came out in 2021 from US-based producer LUZCID. It has since expanded to include Au5Shlump, and LIGHTCODE (an alias of LSDREAM). The sounds of Sskwan filled Mission Ballroom on Friday, as all the artists on the lineup brought their best downtempo music.

Night Two’s Roster

To kick off the night, the show featured up-and-coming acts in bass music, Sharlitz Web, and REDRUM. Next, Mad Zach offered glitchy tracks over black-and-white visuals, and ATTYA kept things slow and bass-heavy. Finally, the mysterious Tripp St. closed the openers with his funky glitch hop.

All of these artists perfectly supported the theme of the evening. For example, Sharlitz Web just announced her debut EP on Sskwan, Spider Lily, which is coming out on December 1st. REDRUM has already dropped a single on the label with “Phases.” While neither Mad Zach nor ATTYA has official connections to the label, both artists mastered the chill, bass-heavy sound of the night. Tripp St., on the other hand, had the highest energy set of the night, but it was the perfect contrast before Liquid Stranger’s all-original and downtempo performance.

Liquid Stranger’s Downtempo Set

Longtime Liquid Stranger fans may have been among the most excited for his night two set. The downtempo vibe harkened back to his early classics from 2015 and 2016. Staaf began the night by promising to play those highly requested songs, and he did not disappoint.

The laser production was immaculate, the sound system was booming, and the music, of course, was the star of the show. Staaf played out fan favorites like his 2016 “Trigger Happy,” the number-one song fans requested online. He also used his Night Two set to shout out some of his collaborators who did not appear on the lineup for his Mission Ballroom three-night run. Staaf honored LSDREAM with their song “Potions,” and then he had a portion of his set dedicated to CloZee.

Liquid Stranger’s set winded down by previewing his upcoming EP on Sskwan called Unity, which will be released later this year. Staaf spoke directly to his audience to end the night with fitting closing thoughts. He hoped the downtempo set was healing and rejuvenating in preparation for the full-tilt energy of night three of Liquid Stranger at Mission Ballroom.

Photos by Seth Noreman

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Liquid Stranger Gets It Poppin’ at Mission Ballroom Night 1

On November 17, 2022 the legendary Liquid Stranger returned to Mission Ballroom for the first day of a 3 night run in Denver, Colorado.

Who is Liquid Stranger?

Liquid Stranger, also known as Martin Staaf of Varberg, Sweden, is a pioneer in the bass music world. With an early background in engineering and producing for jazz and rock bands in the late 90s, he started the Liquid Stranger project in 2003. In his early days, his goal was to fuse different genres of music into intricate soundscapes that encompass all. In 2015, he introduced his new label, Wakaan, which gave free-form bass artists a place to create and release. Liquid Stranger’s sound is ever-changing and incorporates multiple genres, including dubstep, free-form bass, drum and bass, and downtempo. Now in 2022, with a plentiful amount of excellent releases, a successful label, and die-hard fans, it’s safe to say that he is much more than a producer. Martin advocates for free expression, female leadership within Wakaan, and creating a safe space for all.

Opening Support

The first opener of the night was DRINKURWATER, whose been on a quick come-up this year, releasing some heaters! Many were excited to see him on the lineup and have him out in Denver! He played a super high-energy set with hits like WET WET and Ear Tickle that got the crowd prepped for the rest of the night.


The next opener was Sully, and everyone was ecstatic to have him as opening support! Again, with some of his biggest releases this year, he came up very quickly. Coming in hot, he threw hits like his Tape B collab, Impulse, and other hits like Misfits with Liquid Stranger himself. The energy shot through the roof during his set.


Fan favorite and Denver local TVBOO was the next opener on the support lineup. Known for his hilarious personality and antics, his visuals and set followed suit with the craziness. He played an edit of the viral Youtube video of the Harry Potter puppets singing Severus Snape, and the crowd completely lost it! There were also the most ridiculous visuals of TVBOO himself clad in his famous hillbilly outfits being throw down with some wonky tunes that made everyone go wild. 

Zeke Beats b2b Jantsen

The next supporting act was Zeke Beats b2b Jantsen, and many were excited for this b2b because of how amazing both artists are on their own! Many were curious to see how this b2b was going to play out, and they did not disappoint. Their set had each of their logos projected on the screen side by side, which was super awesome to see! Zeke Beats came in with the dirtiest live scratching, and Jantsen came through with his heavyweight sound. The combination of these two legends was so much fun to experience, and the crowd couldn’t help but go nuts. 

Kill The Noise

The last opener before Liquid Stranger was the infamous Kill The Noise! Many weren’t sure what they would hear in this set because of the different genres he usually plays. What an incredible surprise this set was. As the first song dropped, so did everyone’s mouths as they realized this would be one of the heaviest sets of the night. KTN was throwing down dubstep but not your usual dubstep. It was the type of dubstep that started to evolve in 2018 to get deeper, bouncier, and denser. To be brought back to that time period was a pleasure, and the energy was at an all-time high. We’re thrilled that Liquid Stranger switched things up by adding Kill The Noise to the support lineup.

Liquid Stranger

The last opener before Liquid Stranger was the infamous Kill The Noise! Many weren’t sure what they would hear in this set because of the different genres he usually plays. What an incredible surprise this set was. As the first song dropped, so did everyone’s mouths as they realized this would be one of the heaviest sets of the night. KTN was throwing down dubstep but not your usual dubstep. It was the type of dubstep that started to evolve in 2018 to get deeper, bouncier, and denser. To be brought back to that time period was a pleasure, and the energy was at an all-time high. We’re thrilled that Liquid Stranger switched things up by adding Kill The Noise to the support lineup.

This night of the run was the all original throwback set from Liquid Stranger. For many who’ve known and loved Martin since his early days of releasing music, this set was a dream come true. From the moment he stepped on stage from the moment he departed, there was no letting up as banger after banger ripped through Mission Ballroom. The man laid down oldies like Rocket FuelCreatureBurn Like the Sun, and much more. Not only did he play old tunes that many have probably been chasing, but he threw down VIPs of old songs. He played the VIPs of RippleDon’t Stop, and Bombaclaad Star, which he pulled out a Dubstep VIP of that he had forgotten he made! The amount of music he could fit into an hour time slot was amazing! 


This year, the production was seriously top-notch. With Liquid Stranger bringing in the full PK Trinity sound system to Mission Ballroom, it made the biggest difference in the entire experience. The openers are usually quieter than the headliner, but the PKs ensured every artist came in with a bang. Earplugs are always a must at any show, but especially this one because of how penetrating the sound was. Mix the PKs with the incredible laser production and melty visuals, and you’d be sure to transcend. We’re so stoked that Liquid Stranger brought in such a great production and continues to level up!


Overall, Liquid Stranger on the first night of his three-night run at Mission Ballroom was incredible from start to finish. We are so happy to have experienced such excellent opening support acts and a throwback set from him! We can’t wait to see how he will continue to evolve.

Photos by Kyle Brim

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