Kruza Kid and Manic Focus Release the Banger “Daze”

Kruza Kid and Manic Focus Release the Banger “Daze”

Born and raised in Denver Colorado, Kruza Kid is a force to be reckoned with. He is a lyricist that has hooks that jump out and stick with you immediately. What do you get when you pair this with the groovy sensations of Manic Focus? You get a combination that is bound to make you hit that repeat button loop. “Daze” is going to be an instant hit on speakers across the Mile High city, as it has everything that can keep the audience entertained.

Manic Focus and Kruza Kid A Match Made In Heaven

With both of them rooted in Denver Colorado and having their respective following, it is just a matter of time till we got this rip-crushing match. The funky grooves that Manic Focus is known for are especially prevalent on “Daze”, which instantly is met with the conscious lyrics that make Kruza Kid such a force. Immediately following we’re met with heavy bass to switch the beat up. All of this is happening while we’re still getting treated to the mid-western guitar in the background. This helps create the stability of the track, while also providing a fantastic theme.

The track offers a level of uniqueness that can be so heavy and relaxed at the same time. It’s certified to be flexible on any track list, and also leaves the door open to many remixes. The catchy hook, “Just sitting in a daze, with that smoke in my face”, immediately gets locked into your brain. This is guaranteed to get some spins on it, and more than matches up with the style of other big-name artists. It’s so rare when two artists can lay something down that blends so naturally, but they accomplished this and more.

Give The Track A Listen and Check Kruza Kid Live

Kruza Kid dropped “Daze” in perfect timing, before his huge concert at Beacon. We’re gonna see him perform with dub-step staples Wick-It the Instigator and Mr. Willis for Party Guru’s own Frequency Sessions. What other way to celebrate the new release of a banger, than to follow it up with a huge performance? This is bound to be a good time, so make sure you make it out!