Apashe Needs YOU To Remix One Of His New Tracks

Let’s Get Kannibalen

Kannibalen Records is a label and management company based in Montreal, Canada. Since their start, they have developed a massive following with fans located all over the world. In addition to having their own merchandise line, they also produce Kannibalen Radio. This is an electronic music podcast which is hosted by some top-tier producers and features bass music from their roster of artists as well as others.

Every single artist that is a part of Kannibalen Records is extremely talented. That is to say, these professional sound designers have years of experience under their belts and produce some amazing music. Artists that are a part of Kannibalen Records include Black Tiger Sex Machine, Kai Wachi, Dabin, Lektrique, and Apashe.

Apashe: Hard and Majestic

Apashe is an electronic music producer and DJ originally from Brussels, Belgium. Currently, he is based in Montreal, Canada. Apashe has been a part of Kannibalen Records since the year 2011. Certainly, anyone who listens to Apashe‘s music is sure to be captivated by his uniquely enchanting sound.

Each of his intricate tracks is perfectly interlaced with elements of other music styles including classical music, trap, and more. If you haven’t yet listened to any of his tracks, check out “Majesty” with Wasiu, “Battle Royale” with Panther, and “Good News“.

Apashe’s most recent album, Renaissance, has been one of his biggest works of art yet. It took a literal orchestra to create each track on the album. “Hard and majestic” are the words that Apashe uses to describe his sound. The way that he seamlessly blends classical music and dark, bass-heavy rhythms proves this description to be true.

Take a deeper look at how he produced Renaissance below.

Renaissance Remix Contest

On November 6th, Apashe announced a remix contest for a track from his album, Renaissance. The contest is open to everyone. Aspiring producers, he’s looking at you!

Apashe took to social media to announce the contest with a short video.

The remix contest will be for the song “Uebok (Gotta Run)” with Instasamka. Apashe is looking for any genre or type of remix, as long as it shows originality. If you want to participate, you’ll need to click here to download the stems from the original track.

How To Enter

To enter the contest, you’ll need to have a Soundcloud account. Once you have finalized your remix, upload it to Soundcloud by December 4th at the latest. Then, email it to [email protected] and share your remix on social media. This piece is really important! A Rennaisance Remixer Voting Form will also be provided to anyone who enters on the morning of December 5th, which is when the voting period begins. Make sure to get everyone to vote for your remix.

The voting period only lasts for five days, ending on December 9th. On December 16th, the winners will be chosen “based on a mix of voting, plays, comments & quality”. However, Apashe and Kannibalen Records will ultimately be choosing who wins the contest.

An Epic Grand Prize

The Grand Prize winner will receive $1,000 USD in addition to having their remix on the Renaissance Remix LP released by Kannibalen Records. Multiple other remixers will receive an Apashe merch pack.

This is a huge opportunity for any producer who is trying to get their name out into the industry. Kannibalen Remix LP’s are bursting with remixes by legendary, big-name producers including CloZee, Figure, and Ganja White Night. On Apashe’s last remix EP, Requiem Remix EP, tracks received anywhere from 39,000 to 390,000 streams on Soundcloud alone. Talk about streaming traffic!

The Clock Is Ticking

For anyone reading who is hoping to enter, now is your chance! You have less than a month to create your own remix and submit it. The Grand Prize that’s up for grabs definitely makes this worth a shot!

Click here to view important information regarding the Renaissance Remix Contest. Then, click “Contest Rules” for more details. Best of luck to everyone entering!

Photos By Apashe (Twitter, Facebook) and Adrian Villagomez

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