A Moment To Catch Up With Colorado’s Talented SLASHA

A Moment To Catch Up With Colorado’s Talented SLASHA

I got a chance to catch up with SLASHA before he embarked on a stop to Kansas City to show what he’s been cooking recently. Fresh off signing with “WASTELVND Records“, and expanding his brand across states, he’s someone that is bound to blow up overnight. This seemed like the perfect chance to spend some time with him to pick his brain.

Originally known as “Slimee”, “SLASHA” has had huge endorsements from big names in the dub-step scene. Most notably from SNAILS when he came through for his headlining Red Rocks show. The rebranding was to have something that provided more uniqueness and better represented the energy that he is aiming for. Not a lot of artists are confident enough to make these changes, but this is why I couldn’t have asked for a better person to interview in our Colorado music scene.

Now The Questions

Party Guru Press: I first want to thank you for your time to sit down and answer a few questions. What were the short-sight consequences of rebranding from “Slimee”?

SLASHA: It was unfortunate, but it has only made my craft stronger. Having someone in the scene with a similar name posed the problem of sticking out. I believe that it would’ve been easy for me to see it as a step backward, but it only provided me with time to look back and really handle everything more calculated. In moments like this, as long as you’re prepared for those short-term consequences, you can achieve your dreams.

Party Guru Press: It is pretty amazing what you’ve accomplished after the rebranding, as far as breaking the mold of just being a part of the local scene and pushing outside of your comfort zone. What has been your biggest performance to date?

SLASHA: I was fortunate enough to play a stage at “Paradiso” in Washington, which happened to be one of the larger-scale music festivals that year. It was absolutely insane, but that ties back to following your dreams to accomplish them.

Party Guru Press: I noticed that you’ve been pushing out music like crazy, with “Dark Side” being the most recently released on the 14th through “WASTELVND Records“, what is the inspiration for your style of music?

SLASHA: I initially got into producing in high school, but then I got very big into Illenium, which led me into EDM music. I was blown away when I started going to my first shows with how hype the crowd could get off of just one track. This led me into wanting to find a way to create that same energy throughout the whole set. This is where I really got into producing heavy hitters.

Party Guru Press: Where do you see the future taking you?

SLASHA: I really hope that I’ll get a chance to play at my favorite music festivals, Lost Lands and Bass Canyon. That is my main goal at this current point, so I’m gonna keep on pushing till we get there.

Party Guru Press: I’m sure with how focused you’ve been on your craft, that you’ll accomplish that with no problem. Is there any advice that you would like to pass on to anyone who’s trying to break into the scene or is just starting?

SLASHA: It’s insane what you can accomplish if you keep on pushing no matter what roadblocks you may face. It’s very surreal what you can control by working hard and never losing track of where you want to go. It’s not an overnight process, but you can take it day by day by working hard.

Party Guru Press: Besides Kansas City, do you have any upcoming shows that should be on everyone’s radar?

SLASHA: I’m actually playing the Black Box on April 27th for the WASTELVND takeover, and I’ll be performing a lot of new mixes with my most recent releases.

Party Guru Press: I’m sure we’ll be seeing you there and thanks again for your time, we’re very excited to see what the future has in store for you!

To Conclude Time Well Spent

Slasha showcased where hard work can take you as he was able to open up about the challenges that he’s recently overcome to get onto the map. It’s refreshing that we have faces like this in our music scene that acknowledge that it’s a process. For mostly everyone, it is not an overnight thing, which helps represent how hard work and dedication are needed to pursue this craft. Check out Slasha at the Black Box to see first-hand what he has been pushing himself for.

Photos provided from Zaya Casi

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A Sit Down With DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ

A Sit Down With DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ

DJ Sabrina The Teenage: EDM’s Next Big Thing

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ is not your average DJ. She has not gotten your typical widespread exposure on the major music festival circuit, but she is unique in that she’s your artist’s favorite artist. Any chance Porter Robinson got a chance, he was spinning DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ.

DJ Sabrina The Teenage is London-based, and can seamlessly blend the euphoria that was so present in the ’80s-’00s. You instantly get hooked on the starting track Next To Me, then the energy carries right through to the title track Charmed. It is truly a sight to see, as that one moment in each song has a way of connecting with each different individual. Party Guru Press had the opportunity to chat with DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ, keep reading below to find what drives this passion, that is soon to pioneer the wave of EDM.

Party Guru Press: It’s amazing how you worked out The Other Realm  and The Makin’ Magic Album IIin the same year. What was your thought process on releasing them at the same time?

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ: I wanted to hedge my bets by releasing a couple of albums that were pretty different so as not to disappoint anyone after Charmed”. It was far, far better received than I ever dreamed of it being (it was just another album for me, one that was going to be a bit bigger to finish the pentalogy) and any single album was going to be a bit of a letdown, I’d imagine. If I did an album that was more of the same if I did an album that was totally different. I sorta wanted to do an album that built on the lighter, emotive sound and another that built on the harsher, minimal sound rather than mixing them together. It also worked as a way to continue on the story from where the “Charmed” novelization ends, where she dies and lives in a reverse timeline in the The Other Realm  (which begins where “Charmed ” closes), then returns to the mortal realm in the forwards’ timeline that begins as Realms end.

Party Guru Press: It is absolutely incredible to hear that you have such a detailed concept, and your music carries that vision straight through. This leads me to my next question,  when did you start producing/DJing?

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ: A few years ago, but nothing really stuck until lo-fi house kinda made me figure out the right kinda sound to lead with, otherwise, I don’t think anyone would still be listening, lol!

Party Guru Press: It’s insane that you are accomplishing such a unique sound in such a small amount of time. There has to be a huge inspiration that is fueling this, what is that? 

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ: Listening to music, I think, I always loved music as a kid and just kinda imitated life, haha! I would have LOVED to make movies but it’s a lot harder to make movies without a huge team of people and music gives me the same creative, cinematic satisfaction or something, lol!

Party Guru Press: You say that you listened to a lot of music, what were the artists that inspired you the most to be doing what you’re doing so confidently?

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ: The Avalanches, Genesis (love all their music, but their late 80’s/early 90’s and solo albums are a big influence), 90’s R&B and Nu Soul, late 70’s/early 80’s West Coast/AOR/MOR/AC, millennium pop, 90’s country rock, 00’s rap, so much!

Party Guru Press: Let’s talk about the artists that you’re seemingly inspiring to use your music in their sets. How did it feel knowing Porter Robinson played you so much both days at Second Sky Music Festival? Did he have any contact with you at all prior? 

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ: Haha, nah, I just got a lot of messages and comments from people telling me Next To Me and some other tracks were being played, otherwise I’d probably still be completely unaware, haha!

Party Guru Press: Speaking of music concerts/festivals, are there any tours that are on the agenda for you?

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ: Not right now, but hopefully eventually!

Party Guru Press: What would be one place that you’re dreaming of playing the most?

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ: I love the Red Rocks Amphitheatre where Fatboy Slim and Chemical Brothers played live in 1999, it looks like an amazing place to play!

Party Guru Press: That would be an absolutely insane show to witness, and I myself am jealous of all those that got to see that live. If you could curate your own music festival lineup what would it be?

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ: Norman Brown, The Avalanches, Jai Paul, Haim, and Kaori Kobayashi.

Party Guru Press: To conclude this interview, what is your favorite pastime? 

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ: Old video games and making music!

Party Guru Press: Thank you very much for your time to sit down and talk with me, and we certainly hope to see you in Denver sometime soon!

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ: Hopefully someday, it would be amazing to come to Colorado!

An End To A Great Sit-Down

It’s safe to say that we all hope that DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ, can get the opportunity to showcase her talents to the world. Perhaps, we’re all a bit behind the 8-ball at the moment, but she’ll make sure that we notice her.

Photos by: DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ

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HEYZ – The Man, The Laughs, The Legend

Mike Hayes, a.k.a HEYZ, has been seen gracing the recognition and labels of MAU5Trap, Circus Records, and Deadbeats, just to name a few. The energetic (and particularly hilarious) social media star brings an energy to his performances and a sound design that is highly underrated, and hard to come by. The multi-faceted creative and bass music producer hails from Greensboro, North Carolina, and is rising to the very top of the electronic music scene with no plans of slowing down. We had the opportunity at Party Guru to chat with the viral legend as he prepares for his Temple Nightclub debut this Thursday. Check it out below!

The Official Interview

Party Guru Press: Maddi

Artist name: HEYZ

Temple, Denver

October 21, 2021

1. Hey Mike! It’s great to finally meet you and watch your come up as an artist. From MAU5Trap, Circus Records to DeadBeats…how would you say your journey as an artist has evolved since you began? You were recently here this summer opening up at the DeadBeats BBQ… how have you applied your knowledge/experience towards your sets here?

Nice to meet you too! Oh man, from mau5trap to now Deadbeats, my journey has changed a lot. I got signed to mau5trap so quickly after I started making music I was thrown into figuring out what kind of artist I wanted to be and what music I wanted to make WHILE just starting my journey. So I’ve pretty much changed in every way possible from when I started to where I am now, just growing and getting better and figuring out who I am! The DB BBQ was sweet! I just know Denver is spoiled with good bass music so every time I play here I know I need to and WANT to bring my absolute A-game. Temple is about to get it 😉

2. We’ve got some questions for you about Denver here. How do you feel about playing Temple Nightclub tonight? [It is your Temple debut…?]

It is indeed my Temple debut and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s my first Denver headline show so that makes it extra special. I see a lot of amazing artists playing Temple so I definitely want to come in and throw down and that’s exactly what I plan on doing. I’ll be playing a ton of cool edits and a bunch of unreleased music!

3. What makes Denver, Colorado stand out in your eyes?

The amount of amazing music that comes through Denver is incredible. I landed the other day and checked my BandsInTown and there are like 10 shows a night with quality stuff, it’s almost overwhelming lol. The FOMO must be strong here! Beyond that, I just really like the city and the people. Great vibes all around and there is a ton of fun stuff to do on a daily basis.

4. Denver is nationally recognized as being the Bass Capital of the U.S. Got anything planned in your set tonight for us? We hear your style has evolved into a very bass-forward sound, which has been awesome to watch over the years. Tell us a little about this.

I’m pretty much playing all my favorite bass records with a number of edits I’ve made to spice it up. I just try and pack my set full of energy and always leave covered in sweat and very happy and hope that goes for the crowd as well! My sound evolved from a Techno to a Bass-forward sound because it just felt more “me”. I love the energy and genuinely geek out over bass music records, and it’s super fun to make. It’s definitely more my world.

5. Can the Mile High City expect to see you here in Denver before the year ends? Or should we be on the lookout for next year?

I doubt by the end of this year BUT, I’m probably going to move here next year so expect to see me A LOT haha!

6. So, the funny thing is — I know I myself and others actually have found you on TikTok first. Explain a little bit about your journey on social media. Your TikTok has earned you over 361,000 followers, and 6 million-plus liked videos.

Yeah…it was insane. It was a result of boredom during quarantine and my strange personality, which apparently resonated with Tiktok. I started blowing up and yeah, now it’s just part of who I am I guess. I definitely want to branch out in the type of content I make but Tiktok makes it hard. They pretty much reward you for repetition and making more of the content you originally got virality from. I do really love Tiktok though, once you tailor your feed enough there is some absolutely hilarious stuff on there.

7. What is a dream collaboration you’d like to see happen? At a show going b2b, or on a project/song?

A dream collab for me would absolutely be Zeds Dead, hopefully, one day I can make that happen! I also love GRiZ and LSDream and think they bring a unique style to bass music which is really refreshing. I would love to do a b2b with one of my best friends Sippy just because I know we would absolutely go wild on stage together haha.

8. Tell us a bit about the musical plans you have planned for the rest of this year, and possibly into next year? Can we be looking out for any new music on the way?

I have a very sick Halloween mix coming out with Deadbeats next week that I’m stoked for. Beyond that, I have a lot of music lined up for next year with the first release coming very early 2022. I think next year is going to be big for me, the music I have planned and finished is definitely the best I’ve ever made.

9. Have any merch or special drops (any NFT’s?) this year?

Merch next year for sure! Haven’t explored the NFT space yet but feel like I’m missing out haha.

10.  Be honest – do you think you’re the ultimate Party Guru?


We can’t wait to see HEYZ perform at Temple Nightclub this Thursday. Make sure to check out his socials below to keep up to date with HEYZ!

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Mile High Concert with Em Possible, Know Self


Last Sunday, singer-songwriter extraordinaire Em Possible put on a mesmerizing concert. It was at Mile High Spirits in downtown Denver. She hails from the mile high city herself. Em has been singing since before she could talk. She’s spoken and performed at TEDx events. You might have seen her at Denver’s Stars and Stripes Streetfest this summer. Now, her albums Stupid Love and Time are available everywhere.

Following Em tonight was talented rapper Know Self. He formally calls himself Knowledge Thyself. During the concert, the rapper translated his name into his art exceptionally. Know Self‘s mission is to heal and activate through music. His top songs are “Conscious Thought” and “The Healing.” Clearly, his music is full of philosophy and enlightenment. Check out his recent album Flight of the Phoenix.

Accompanied by a lively band, Em Possible’s voice hypnotized the audience immediately. Ranging from sweet and raspy to funky and resounding, the artist defined herself tonight as truly genre-defying. Her performance was sweet yet spicy. It was girly yet, funky. Also, soothing yet, invigorating. Above all, angsty electric guitar accentuated powerful vocals perfectly. The downtown street echoed her unique sound as concertgoers enjoyed the show. Ted Kleist on the guitar truly showed out.

Em’s most entrancing moment was her performance of “Monday Morning.” Raw emotion from the singer filled the venue during this song. Immediately, the funky ballad echoed an excellent combination of soul and rock. Then, she closed her part of the concert with a cover of Emotional Oranges’ “West Coast Love”. Em’s voice complemented the lyrics and vibes with perfect precision. The artist added an edgy twist to the cool beach bop.

Em Possible and Know Self performed a surprise collaboration. Her lovely vocals and his hype lines bounced off each other in awesome harmony. The intimate venue glowed with pink and purple, blue and green lights. Enchantingly, the unexpected duo collaborated onstage. In conclusion, this collaboration cemented the night as fantastically genre-defying.

Spiritual rapper Know Self followed Em’s wonderful set. Refined and uplifting, Know Self’s lyrics took Mile High Spirits on a journey of encouraging enlightenment. It is no exaggeration to say that Know Self was absolutely spitting bars. Continually, I was impressed by his smooth voice and flawless delivery. DJ Roadhouse’s harmonic melodies complemented the rapper’s words. The lyrics were enlightening. Vulnerably, his words were raw and real. No doubt about it, Know Self is a rapper to look out for.

Chat With Em Possible

I caught up with Em Possible after her captivating set. Have a look into her artistic development:

Question: Who inspired you to make music?

Em: My friend Craig in high school taught me how to play a little bit of guitar. Unfortunately, he passed away a year after. I felt like I had to keep going for him.

Question: Which person would you love to collaborate with? Dead or alive?

Em: Amy Winehouse! Someone alive, though, who inspired me to step outside my comfort zone, would be ZZ Ward.

Question: How would you describe your music?

Em: Funk rock!

Party Guru has a full interview with Em Possible by Danielle Sparano here.

Go check out these two superb artists!

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Celebrate Colorful Colorado at High Ground Music & Arts Experience

On Saturday, October 2nd, a brand new event is coming to Denver, Colorado. The High Ground Music & Arts Experience will take place at Levitt Pavilion at Ruby Hill Park. This event is one of the first of its kind, focusing on bringing a full day of chill, electronic music to the metro area. A wide array of vendors, most of which are native to Colorado, will bring amazing food, drinks, and other products to High Ground.

Those that will be attending this groundbreaking event that’s set to capture the essence of fall in Colorado are called Revelers. An exclusive Facebook group, Revelers of High Ground, is the perfect place to find discussions, polls, giveaways, and more. Another way to meet other Revelers is through a community in the app, Radiate. They are also hosting a giveaway for two tickets! Click here to enter.

Party Guru Press was lucky enough to connect with Noah Levinson, the founder of Levitate Events. He’s worked hard for the past five years to carefully curate essentially every detail of High Ground. This interview happened via email, where we learned all about how the event came to be, what Revelers can expect to see at the event, and what the future looks like for High Ground. Keep on reading for the full scoop!

Let’s Get Chill, Let’s Get Vibey

Kierstin Rounsefell (Party Guru Press): Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about how you first got involved in the music and entertainment industries?

Noah Levinson (High Ground Music & Arts Experience): Hello! My name is Noah Levinson and I’m the founder of Levitate Events. Live music has played a huge role in my life since I was little. My parents took me to shows since before I could remember and encouraged me to learn how to play different instruments. In middle school, I discovered electronic music and learned how to DJ. I used some Bar Mitzvah money to purchase Serato and turntables, and quickly began performing for friends, birthday parties, weddings, and other events. Along the way, I fell in love with event creation and production and started curating shows of my own.

Party Guru Press: What do you do for High Ground?

Noah Levinson: I am the director of High Ground. I have an incredible team that supports and expands my vision, but I’ve carefully crafted almost every detail and aspect of High Ground over the past 5 years. I’ve handled the talent buying, venue selection, creative direction, and team building. Now, as we move into the final stretch on the road to High Ground, I’m working closely with each of my team leads (production, VIP, site ops, vendors, etc) to make sure everything comes together beautifully.

Party Guru Press: This is the first year of the High Ground Music & Arts Experience. What inspired you to create this event?

Noah Levinson: High Ground began as a conversation with my best friend Jacob. Some of our favorite artists at the time were Kasbo, Flume, and others in the “chill” and “vibey” side of electronic music, and we were upset that there weren’t many festivals that fully captured that sort of sound. This planted the seed that eventually grew into High Ground.

A Musical Ode To Colorado

Party Guru Press: I read online that High Ground is “designed to capture the essence of Colorado while providing incredible fusions of live electronic talent.” How will this event combine the beautiful elements of Colorado with unique live music sets?

Noah Levinson: There are so many amazing things about Colorado. Our dedication to the outdoors, the strong local music scene that listens to many genres, our progressive cannabis culture, a bourgeoning local art scene, and so many other things make our state a special place. Yes, we are the bass capital, but we also love so many other genres out here.

When I envision Colorado in the Fall, I also think about snow-kissed mountains, golden leaves on every tree, crisp Autumn air, and the exciting potential for every kind of weather. This is the essence of Colorado, and with nearly 25 artists from around the world (many are from Colorado) who perform live fusions of electronic, funk, jam, R&B, and hip hop, High Ground is set to capture that unique energy as a whole.

Party Guru Press: Has everyone in the general public reacted well to the announcement of the event so far? Do people seem excited to attend?

Noah Levinson: As my team prepared to announce in May, one of my biggest insecurities was that my years of dedication to this project would be met with a lackluster response. However, I couldn’t be happier with the reactions and comments we’ve received so far! People tell me every day how excited they are for High Ground, and thank me for curating something unique and unexpected; something that pushes against the grain.

When we first announced the lineup, somebody shared it on Facebook saying “Everything from the Colorado-inspired branding & chill electro vibe to the venue choice & lineup is impeccable. I predict that High Ground will gain national recognition and become Denver’s first major destination music festival within the next few years as it continues to grow.” This is the sentiment I’m frequently met with, and I get goosebumps thinking about what we’ve created and where we can take it.

High Ground Revelers

Party Guru Press: What artists are you excited to see perform at High Ground?

Noah Levinson: All of them. Seriously, every artist from the bottom to the top are some of my favorites. Kasbo was one of the first artists I placed on my “hit list” 5 years ago, so having him with us this October is full circle; a dream come true. 

Party Guru Press: How did you and your team go about finding art, food, and drink vendors for the event?

Noah Levinson: We listen to what our friends and Revelers (this is what we call our attendees) are excited about! We’re excited to present a full array of vendors at High Ground, many of which are brands native to Colorado. We’re still looking for a few more food and product vendors. Brands can apply on our website on the “Get Involved” page. 

Party Guru Press: What will make this event different from other art and music events that take place in the Denver Metro area?

Noah Levinson: Quite frankly, everything about this will be different. We’re so proud to be working with the Levitt Pavilion, which up until recently didn’t really bring electronic acts to its stage. For many, this will be their first time attending something at Levitt. Musically, there aren’t any other experiences in Colorado that focus so specifically on this style of music. You can find it occasionally at a one-off concert, but this is the first time that you’ll be able to experience a full day of chill, genre-blending, live-performed vibey electronic music.

Finally, we have a narrative that’s fused deeply into all aspects of High Ground. We used the spirits of animals native to Colorado to tell a story of powerful story of rebirth, togetherness, and collective positivity to beckon a greater world for ourselves. We hope this is the most beautiful music festival you’ve ever attended.

“Do What You F*cking Love”

Party Guru Press: There is a lot of uncertainty about events in the face of the COVID-19 Delta Variant. What safety measures do you have in place?

Noah Levinson: We will follow local, state, and federal municipality guidelines, as well as Levitt Pavilion & industry standards to protect our attendees, artists, staff, and everyone else on-site. With the recent full FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine, we strongly encourage attendees to get vaccinated and stay masked so that our community as a whole can continue to move in a positive direction.

Party Guru Press: What do you hope for the future of High Ground? Does this event have the potential to turn into a multi-day festival eventually?

Noah Levinson: Eventually, I think High Ground could totally become a multi-day music & arts festival… maybe even with camping? But at the same time, it’s most important to us to grow steadily and cultivate a strong community of Revelers. High Ground is special, and we don’t want to make massive leaps at the risk of losing the aspects that make us special. I envision that someday, High Ground will expand beyond electronic to include some elements of psychedelic rock and hip-hop (which we’ve sprinkled in gently this year).

Party Guru Press: Would you like to give any words of advice, or motto, to encourage others to remember as 2021 comes to a close?

Noah Levinson: I don’t mean to sound cliche, but do what you fucking love. I have so many friends that complain about their 9-5 jobs, and I’m like “just do what you love” and they don’t seem to understand how a little leap of faith can turn your passion into your career. Take what you love, combine it with the things you’re good at, and DO IT.

Words Of Gratitude From A Fellow Party Guru

Party Guru Press: Is there anything else that you’d like mentioned that hasn’t yet been discussed? 

Noah Levinson: My mom is my business partner. GANG GANG. But in all seriousness, Jobi Halper is so insanely smart and creative, and as a lifelong music lover with 25+ years of legal and business experience, she’s the best partner I could ask for and I wouldn’t be able to produce this festival without her.

Party Guru Press: Final question, would you consider yourself a Party Guru?

Noah Levinson: I’m a fucking weirdo who revels in the face of live music. There are certain forms of energy that exist only within live music, and more than anything, I love creating these environments for people to experience something profound. I am a party guru.

Until October…

After getting to learn all about the event from Noah Levinson himself, we cannot wait for October. High Ground Music & Arts Experience is an innovative, unique event that celebrates music, art, and colorful Colorado. A strong community of Revelers is already forming, ecstatic about what’s to come.

If you want to experience this brand new event first hand, there is still plenty of time to purchase tickets for you and your friends. Click here to secure your general admission and VIP tickets. We’ll see you at Levitt Pavilion!

Photos by High Ground Music & Arts Experience

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WHOM?’s Debut Album, Shibari, Is On Its Way

WHOM? Is a San Francisco based producer and DJ who focuses on making beats with nostalgic sounds and sexy minimalism. His mantra, “heavy on the hips, easy on the neck” means that his music is made to dance to, not thrash to. WHOM?‘s unique take on bass music explores various genres, satisfying the ears of countless listeners. In fact, his recent track titled “Twisted” has already received glowing recognition.

On July 9th, WHOM? is set to release his debut album, Shibari. Ahead of the release, Party Guru Press was able to ask him a few questions via email. Keep reading to learn all about WHOM?, his debut album, Shibari, and what he’s working toward in the near future.

Get To Know WHOM?

Party Guru Press: Can you please introduce yourself and tell us how you got your start producing?

Jeffo Shatzen (WHOM?): I’m Jeffo, I grew up in the suburbs of ATL and I’ve been super into music since I was like 2 years old. My parents still talk about me learning how to use the stereo when I was a toddler so I could cue up “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cydni Lauper…I guess that’s besides the point lol.

WHOM?: The WHOM? project just started as me DJing in my college town of Athens, GA from a music business project my friends Chris and Ciara did to practice running a collective. I didn’t get interested in production until I saw Detox Unit for the first time. I may have been heavily intoxicated during his set, but it was the first time I had heard original beats in my head – and in that moment WHOM? became less about DJing and more about production.

WHOM?: I goofed off in Ableton with my free time but didn’t really start making and completing music I liked until this year. Burnt out on work and looking for a change – I started putting all my free time into learning and crafting my sound and this album is a direct result of that hard work.

“Music That Makes You Move”

Party Guru Press: For anyone who has not heard your music yet, how would you describe its sound and feel? What track best showcases this?

WHOM?: So I would normally say my music is genreless, because I kinda just make what I want, you know? Like I think genres are pretty dumb, I feel like I hear and see people arguing about genres all the time and I’m just like ‘Who fucking cares?’

WHOM?: I just try to make music that makes you move – aim for the hips…not the neck. This album however is a tribute to all things 140bpm so there is a definite wobbly vibe to most cuts on this project. Who knows what my next project will sound like haha. But I think “Listen” Is a really great example of a dubstep track that is more about dancing instead of the ‘break your fucking neck open up the pit’ vibe that has become so popular in bass music.

Party Guru Press: I saw that your debut single “Twisted” from your upcoming album, Shibari, has been streamed over 7,000 times on Spotify and Soundcloud combined since its release. How have your listeners reacted to the track?

WHOM?: So I wrote that track in like 6hrs one day in January and it was so inspiring to see it go ‘crazy’ immediately. I say crazy in air quotes because getting 3k plays in a week or 2 is nothing to so many producers but I was so overwhelmed with the support I got on that choon that it literally inspired me to write this project. Also the Spotify support was so sick – I see so many of my peers with a bigger followings than me struggling to get Spotify plays so it was really cool seeing people who like electronic music and people who don’t both appreciate the same song.

Incoming: Shibari

Party Guru Press: Your album is scheduled to release on July 9th, 2021. What is a track from the album that you’re excited to release?

WHOM?: “Bop It” is honestly such a vibe, I think the kids are going to eat that shit up – I don’t think Bobby (Aptic) or myself normally make tracks with that kind of ‘EDM Festival Banger’ energy but we have both worked on that track so much and still love it so I think it’ll be one of the most well-received tracks on the project…that feature from Brandon (Wreckno) definitely doesn’t hurt either.

Party Guru Press: Is this album going to be different from your previous releases? If so, how?

WHOM?: FOR SURE, this is a super different direction than my previous releases, much more focused and clean. Tons of bass but not poorly mixed like a lot of my older releases haha. I’m looking at this project as a more…professional starting point in my music career. I also listen to this project every time I go to the gym and I normally hate my music so I think the ‘re-listenability’ is super strong with this project.


Insane Collaborations

Party Guru Press: I saw that you have a few collaborations on the upcoming album with various artists including Wreckno. Congratulations! How was it working with these other producers on tracks for your album?

WHOM?: The collabs are some of my favorite moments on this album. Josh (Grayskale) and Bobby (Aptic) are both such incredibly talented UNDERRATED producers. Producers know who Aptic is but the listeners don’t really know him yet..like his bass patches are too much for my smoothie brain to comprehend. Constantly blown away by what he does.

WHOM?: And with Grayskale…that man has glitch-hop down to a science. Both of those boys can produce better than me with their eyes closed so I’m so honored they were down to work with me. And like…what can I say about Wreckno that hasn’t been said before…man could read a grocery list and I’d be like “…this MF spittin’.”

Party Guru Press: What other producers would you like to work with one day? Any dream collabs?

WHOM?: I have been trying to work with VCTRE since like 2017…lol – I wanted him on this project so bad but my deadlines did not align with his schedule so we’re rain checking that one, that man is a legend in the making so I’m trying to make something saucy enough for him asap. Less realistic collabs I’d love to land would be with Detox Unit, Pheel..maybe Ooah..love his pantyraid stuff.


Regaining Motivation

Party Guru Press: When producing, what is a random studio-essential item that you must have? Ex. candles, a certain type of food or drink, a beanbag to sit in while taking breaks, etc.

WHOM?: My Puffco Peak, my water bottle, microdose capsules, and my vape pen lol. Whole lotta vapor going around in the studio – I almost put a shoutout to 710 Labs in my liner notes for how much their rosin helped me get through the writers block when I had off days – even named a track after one of their newest strains ‘Gak Smoovie’.

Party Guru Press: What has gotten you motivated this year to get back into the grind of regularly producing music?

WHOM?: I was so disappointed with how little I focused on my passions in 2020 with the pandemic. I feel like I had all this free time and I really just dicked around playing video games with my girlfriend and when 2021 was coming up I was like ‘I don’t really like “resolutions” but I love a good remix’. So I decided I was going to remix my life and focus on my passions more. Started going to the gym again and dedicated (at a minimum) 1 full day a week to working in Ableton on production.

WHOM? Is A Dog Dad

Party Guru Press: What hobbies do you enjoy aside from music?

WHOM?: I love to cook, my dad was always working in restaurants when I was growing up so I’ve been cooking since it was safe for me to handle a chef knife. I’m not like amazing at it but I’m a pretty good cook. Love going to the movies, and dancing in dark clubs with my GF, eating interesting food is always fun.

WHOM?: I feel like outside of music my hobbies might not be that interesting lol…Oh how could I forget! I love taking care of my dogs and plants – just got an Aussie doodle puppy in January so that’s been…an adjustment to the freedom I had before – but raising a dog is honestly so rewarding and has been a real test of my patience…I swear she’s making me a better human…at least I think.


Up Next for 2021

Party Guru Press: What goals do you have for 2021? What do you hope to accomplish?

WHOM?: Well my main goal was to write this album this year and now that it’s done I think I’ll probably write an EP with a less focused sound. Just want to show off more vibes I am keen on. A big goal would be a festival booking. Maybe Solasta will call me back soon…or one of those DEF HOUSE shows in ATL…Those look crazy, serious back alley boiler room vibes.

Party Guru Press: Will you be playing any shows or livestreams this summer? If so, where?

WHOM?: SHOWS ARE BACK BABY! I just got my first direct support booking for this Wreckno show in September with Sound System Cultures and then I have another set of booking a few weeks later in ATL and AVL…It’s like a baby Southeast album tour. I’m so stoked for those to happen, gonna be making a bunch of flips, remixes, and live edits until then.


Final Thoughts

Party Guru Press: Would you like to give any words of advice, or motto, to encourage others to remember during 2021?

WHOM?: After the pandemic comes the renaissance…also fuck Donald Trump, stop Asian hate, black lives fucking matter, and ACAB.

Party Guru Press: Is there anything else that you’d like mentioned that hasn’t yet been discussed?

WHOM?: I’m releasing my album on vinyl so if you are fan of vinyl get yourself a copy while it’s available. Probably only going to sell it for a limited time. 

Party Guru Press: Final question, would you consider yourself a Party Guru?

WHOM?: Hahahaha amazing question, yes.


After getting to know WHOM? on a more personal level, we can tell that he’s a genuine guy that is also crazy talented. Over the years, his music has evolved to become more clean and focused. However, he still stays true to not fitting into just one genre.

Shibari is set to be released on July 9th, and we are so excited to hear each funky, wub-filled song in it’s entirety. Hopefully, WHOM? will be adding more shows to his summer schedule so that everyone can see him perform live. Regardless, we highly recommend taking a listen to his current tracks and following him on his social media accounts listed below to keep updated. Bass music lovers, mark your calendars for July 9th. WHOM? is coming.

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