Recap of Krushendo Direct Support for ILLENIUM @ X Games in Aspen, CO at Belly Up

Our boy Krushendo was lucky enough to be selected for his remix of ILLENIUM’s Story of My Life, he brought his melodic heavy sound design up to Aspen, CO for X Games with the legend ILLENIUM himself for two dates in the most intimate mountain venue in Colorado. The Belly Up is a staple for large acts touring through the US and an absolute must see for yourself.


Krushendo opened up the first night with some very catchy vibes and finished off strong playing some originals that I believe are not released yet. Night two Krushendo brought out Alexander Cruz on guitar of ZOA and Cheyenne Duba of Silver Siren on vocals. They played a 2020 release that reminds me of old Porter Robinson live, Cheyennes voice was excellent and the tune set the tone for Krushendo to play once of the wildest sets in recent memory.

Catch Krushendo headlining Cervantes Otherside in Denver, CO on March 3rd with Prismatic, NGHT OWL, Jakattak, and Docfunk for a night of eclectic bass music. You might recognize Prismatic, he put out an EP with the legend Au5. He has been making his own waves in Denver for quite sometime.


What is Ambient Dubstep?

One of the new rising dubstep sounds is ambient dubstep. With many artists like Illenium, Said the Sky and even Zeds Dead incorporating these sounds into their online mixes, this style of music incorporates chill and melodic beats. Although it’s been around for years, in recent years it has gained some popularity due to EDM’s increasing focus on atmospherics and ethereal qualities. This genre can incorporate aspects of all types of music from techno to classical to pop, and most importantly it does not lack bass despite its mellow sound.

How ambient dubstep came about
Zeds Dead

Before dubstep ever had a name, people were experimenting with adding drums to electronic music. From drum ‘n’ bass-inspired beats to house beats, producers took their favorite tracks and chopped them up into samples. As more producers embraced synthesizers and programming, a new movement began – one that continues to thrive today as ambient dubstep. While there are many variations of ambient dubstep, let’s take a look at some of its most distinctive characteristics and most popular musicians. Traveling can be fun and exciting if you plan it properly – but those jags and time zones can really knock you out! Use an ambient dubstep mix like the Zeds Dead one below when traveling.

Stream Catching Z’s Volume 1 by Zeds Dead Mixes

How it differs from other genres

You’ve probably heard dubstep before; it’s a genre that brings heavy basslines, deep kicks, and rumbling synths to dance floors around the world. But as of late, one sound has been growing quickly: ambient dubstep. Hailing from artists like Illenium and Said The Sky, ambient dubstep incorporates these elements but adds melodic beats which bring out more of an emotional aspect. In some instances, you can just lose yourself in these grooves.

Signature sound

The sound of ambient dubstep combines epic bass, mellow melodies, and stunning ethereal vocals. The ambient nature of its sounds makes it an apt soundtrack for relaxation, helping you disconnect from life’s hustle and bustle and find peace with your surroundings. The lyrics are reminiscent of those heard in pop music, with songs about love and other emotional concepts. However, these sentiments are delivered in a more relaxed fashion, complementing perfectly what would otherwise be a fast-paced genre. Some might also recognize elements of classical music in ambient dubstep. Similar to how electronic dance music incorporated elements from classical pieces throughout history, some artists use parts of modern orchestral arrangements or melodies to add interest to their tracks.


As mentioned, ambient dubstep has been popularized by many producers in recent years. One of these artists, Illenium, is a dubstep and electro house producer from Denver. His big hits include tracks like “Free Fall” and “Falling Down” which have over 7 million plays on SoundCloud to date. Other popular ambient dubstep artists include Said The Sky and Brian Eno. Unlike typical EDM genres such as hardstyle or drum & bass where every song sounds similar because it’s supposed to be loud and fast, different types of ambient dubstep songs have varying levels of energy depending on what kind you listen to—if at all. Even within one artist’s repertoire, you can hear a sudden change in energy. A song will start out soft, then gradually get louder and more intense before becoming calm again at its climax.

Said the Sky at Red Rocks

As of recently, ambient dubstep has been on a rapid rise to fame. There have also been many rumors on Zeds Dead adding more ambient tracks to their online mixes, as well as getting their label Deadbeats to put out some artists that use these kinds of beats in their music. Although there isn’t a specific genre for them yet, it is obvious why these ambient sounds are becoming so popular among newer DJs and producers.

Photos by Party Guru Press

The Top 5 Music Festivals To Attend In France

Les Plages Eletroniques Festival

France is known around the world for its food, wine, art, and literature. In addition to these French staples, the country also has many excellent music festivals that attract tourists from around the globe each year. Here are the top five music festivals in France that are worth traveling to see at least once in your life!

1) Tomorrowland Winter

The seven-day festival, taking place in March, is held in the beautiful village and mountains of Alpe d’ Huez. The festival features some of today’s top electronic dance music DJs including Oliver Heldens, Steve Aoki, Afrojack, and more. More than 15,000 people attend this music festival each year to enjoy music, skiing, and snowboarding. Tickets are sold out for Tomorrowland Winter every year so make sure you plan ahead!

2) Lollapalooza Paris

Since its debut in 2008, Lollapalooza Paris has steadily increased in popularity. The festival takes place in July each year and features a wide variety of genres such as electronic dance music, rock, hip-hop and reggae. Headliners for 2022 include Malaa, Illenium, Pearl Jam, and Imagine Dragons, to name a few. It’s held at Hippodrome de Longchamp in Paris with an audience capacity of about 90,000 people. Bands typically perform on two or three stages during Lollapalooza Paris. Typically, the event sells out within hours, so make sure you’re up to date on your purchasing opportunities if you’re determined to go!

3) Les Plages Électroniques

This three-day electronic music festival takes place in mid-July. It is located on an island near Cannes and features many renowned DJs such as The Chainsmokers and Martin Garrix. It started in 2006 as a beach party and grew to be one of Europe’s top festivals for electronic music. The atmosphere at Les Plages Électroniques is colorful, friendly, and high-energy. There are many different stages that host DJs, dance acts, and more. This makes it easy to move around during your visit so you can check out all of your favorite artists. You can also enjoy live art, fashion shows, food vendors, and much more!

4) Main Square Festival

This festival, hosted in Arras, Flanders, attracts more than 65,000 people over its span of three days. The Main Square Festival is a massive pop/rock music festival that brings together some of the most popular bands in Europe and North America. It also hosts top DJs to provide a well-rounded cultural experience. First, it began as an alternative music festival with graffiti workshops and live performances by up-and-coming punk bands from across Western Europe. Today, it has transformed into a major mainstream event showcasing big names like Rihanna and Paul McCartney to name just two.

5) Hellfest Open Air Festival

Founded in 2008, Hellfest is a heavy metal music festival that occurs annually at La Porte du Hainaut, Clisson, France. The first edition of Hellfest included Iron Maiden headlining along with King Diamond and Immortal. The festival has since grown tremendously and now attracts over 100,000 attendees yearly.


The French have a long and storied tradition of fine food, wine, music, and art. With these cultural touchstones comes a vibrant summer festival calendar. France is home to many world-class music festivals that are well worth visiting—and if you’re lucky enough to attend one, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

Photos by Hellfest, Les Plages Eletroniques, Lollapalooza Paris, Main Square Festival, Tomorrowland

Krushendo is back with Melodic remix of ILLENIUM’s “Story of My Life”

Krushendo is back with another amazing melodic remix this time for ILLENIUM’s SKIO contest of his tune with Seuco and Trippie Redd entitled,”Story of My Life”. He headlines Cervantes Otherside in Denver, CO on March 3rd, 2022 with Prismatic, NGHT OWL, Jakattak, and DocFunk.

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Want to help him win? Head over to the SKIO contest and listen there! Comments, likes, and streams will help Krushendo get a better ranking in the voting.

Exact Steps to Vote:
1.) Go to SKIO website & Register
2.) Check email to confirm
3.) Go to Story of My Life contest
4.) Find Krushendo’s Rekrush
5.) Listen, like, comment! Krushendo Join my Newsletter to stay informed about tunes and shows!

GOLDRUSH MUSIC FESTIVAL – A Wild West Renaissance The Desert Needed

Main Stage @ Goldrush

It’s been a long time since Arizona has seen an EDM festival of this magnitude. The most recent event resembling something on this scale was Decadence NYE 2019. But, unfortunately, we all have had to endure seeing the world turn upside down and living through unprecedented and uncertain times since then. Thankfully, the sun always shines after the rain, and that sun finally shined brightly (literally and metaphorically) this past weekend at Rawhide Event Center.

For the first time, Goldrush Music Festival took over Arizona’s premier event center for three days from September 24-26th, 2021. Goldrush packed the house with top-notch stage production and dedicated EDM fans from all over the country. The festival’s creators would make this the most unique and Arizonan event in the Southwest. It was complete in a Wild West town that will make you feel like you’ve turned back the clock to the 1800s. Also included were a circus and rollerskating rink.

There was something for everyone, with artists ranging from experimental bass like Clozee on one end to techno legend Seth Troxler on the other. With three main stages, a local talent stage, a silent disco area, and an art car, the bass was pounding from every corner of the festival grounds as the party continued through the night.


The festival’s first night featured Illenium, who inspired the crowd to raise their hands in solidarity for Nightlight and sing along to one of his most popular songs, Crawl Out Of Love. Earlier, Jauz and Kayzo took the stage. Jauz and Kayzo were tearing up the crowd with filthy sets of house, dubstep, and a dash of hardstyle.

Pioneer’s Peak, directly across from the Megastructure, was packed with bassheads headbanging and breaking rails to Tynan, Virtual Riot, and Svdden Death. However, for those that felt like the heavy bass wasn’t their cup of tea, just steps away was The Hideout, where Technasia and Camelphat graced the stage. It was the spot where househeads could enjoy the hi-hats and snare drums.

Although the festival officially ended at 2 a.m., some festival-goers wanted to continue dancing into the early hours. Instead, they were greeted with an after-party in the Rawhide warehouse. Which featured an extraordinary b2b set with Kayzo and Cray that lasted until 5 a.m.


Night two brought near-perfect weather and a plethora of fire from all directions. Some consider Wax Motif b2b Chris Lorenzo to be the night’s first main attraction. Which was a rare set propelled by North America’s massive tech-house movement. But, following shortly after was a familiar sight for regular AZ festival attendees as Troyboi took the stage. He performed his third consecutive Goldrush with a refreshed set, with the crowd vibing the entire time.

At Pioneer’s Peak, Kill The Noise and Getter brought window-shattering bass to the dance floor. While The Hideout crowd was grooving to French house sounds sponsored by Dombresky. Megastar Zedd closed the night at The Golden Gorge. He performed some of his most iconic and sensational hits like The Middle and Clarity. For those who thought Zedd wouldn’t be able to satisfy their bass needs, Nghtmre at Pioneer Peak was dishing out some filthy dubstep that fans adored.


Although, Sunday commenced with unusual rainy and dreary conditions for September weather in Arizona. Fortunately, the rain ceased as the doors opened, and the puddles vanished as quickly as they appeared. Starting off the night at the main stage was Dabin. Dabin is an award-nominated music producer and instrumentalist hailing from Toronto. He is known for his melancholy “sad boi” songs and beautiful live performances. Shortly after was one of the most anticipated weekend sets by Zeds Dead b2b Griz. The trio went all out with a breathtaking and legendary set. A set that fans will never forget, accompanied by lasers and pyrotechnics.

Pioneer’s Peak was packed with a freeform bass roster, including Inzo, LSDream, and Clozee. Over at the house stage, Dirtybird stars Walker & Royce and legend Green Velvet kept the vibes immaculate to close out the weekend. Finally, Diplo, a nearly 20-year veteran of the electronic music industry, closed out a spectacular weekend on the main stage. Despite some rain causing technical issues initially, Mad Decent put on a fantastic tech house-influenced set.


In the opinion of many Arizonan festivalgoers, Relentless Beats presented the best conceivable festival to return to in a post-covid era. After 14 months of cancellations and despair, Relentless Beats made a point of returning with a statement that would result in one of the best-produced large-scale events the Grand Canyon State has seen in recent years. According to Jason Euler, an experience creator behind Goldrush and other AZ events, “No one will be sleeping on AZ by the end of this year.”

Til’ next time, Rawhide!

Photos by Alexander Peet

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Goldrush Music Festival: The Countdown Begins For an Epic Weekend In The Desert

Flag flown at Goldrush 2019

The dusty and arid landscape of Rawhide Event Center will come to life in just a few days! With the return of one of Arizona’s most beloved electronic dance music festivals of course. Relentless Beats is promising to live up to the anticipation of Goldrush‘s biggest edition yet, with a brand new layout and some of the best event production seen in the state. If you couldn’t feel the excitement already in the air, Relentless Beats made some game-changing last-minute announcements that will undoubtedly make this a landmark weekend for Arizona’s EDM scene that will be cherished for years to come.

Those who have attended Goldrush in previous years will notice that the familiar grounds will look quite different this year. However, those who came out for the Summer Series events will be greeted by the remarkable megastructure that became symbolic! The Golden Gorge Megastructure will welcome some of the country’s top artists, including Illenium, Jauz, and Zedd, with ambitions stage production design that has never been seen.

Another stage that can be found is named The Hideout. A stage with an all-new VIP & table experience replete with booths on stage and a three-level deck. Goldrush’s fourth annual edition will certainly bring the innovation to the table.

Normally, the festival would wrap up at 2 AM every night. This year, concert goers can stick around for a treat on the first night. A special back-to-back afterparty set with the love duet Kayzo and Cray will keep the bass pumping till five a.m.. So, keep your stamina up for the first day so you don’t miss out!

Photos by Jacob Tyler Dunn & Mia DeMello

Keep up with Goldrush‘s pages throughout the week into the weekend to stay posted with some potential last-minute surprises! See you all there!

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