BIJOU’s Fire New 6-Track Release: Street Knowledge EP

House heavy-hitter BIJOU (Benjamin Dorman) continues to dominate the electronic music scene with his hip-hop and bass house-infused style, releasing countless bangers off of his very own label Do Not Duplicate Records, and strengthening the G-house genre with his constant production talents. This year is no different, with his new EP, Street Knowledge which was released on September 17th this month. The 6-track masterpiece features rhythmic bass paired with notes of hip-hop and rap, each song better than the last. Street Knowledge features a refreshing twist to the oversaturated bass music scene by adding rappers into the mix, including Rick Hyde, Tony Watts, Youngworld, ElCamino, and more.

House Heavyweight Brings the Heat

The Phoenix, Arizona-born house DJ has risen to fame in recent years and continues to push the boundaries of what defines house music in today’s growing electronic scene. “Roots are a nod to where it all started, and that’s what this project is all about. I took it to my roots in Phoenix and Buffalo. Two cities that are often overlooked and slept on,” saysBIJOU.

“I had the opportunity to work with some of my favorite rappers each one having their style while keeping things raw, street, and no BS. “Street Knowledge” is unequivocally every piece of me, what I’ve been through, and where I am now.”

Party Guru Press: The Official Interview

Artist name:BIJOU

We had the chance to chat with Ben Dorman (BIJOU) at Party Guru Press about the release of his EP. Check it out below!

Maddi: Thanks so much for chatting with us today. So this EP is a pretty big deal – 2020 was a crazy year for all of us, especially artists – and some might say 2021 has been equally as challenging. How would you say the past two years have influenced or shaped your sound? Or your vision for this EP?
Dorman: I would say it really gave me more time to sit back and dial in a full-on concept. From the music to the art, to the artists that I worked with on the project, the vision included every single piece of the puzzle and allowed me to really flush it out how I intended to.

Maddi: Where do you see BIJOU heading next – any merch drops or concert tours we should be looking out for?
Dorman: I’ve been on the road pretty much every weekend since mid-May its been CRAZY. There have been glimpses of time off but we’ve been full force playing shows to really get back into the market we didn’t have for almost two years. Merch wise we’re going hard this year. We did the BIJOU The Valley Jerseys last month and they sold out in 4 days. Next up we have hats and quite a few concepts this year. Everything is going to be super limited so once it drops you only can get it during that one time on sale.

Maddi: Where do you see yourself at the end of this year? What about in 5 years?

Dorman: At the end of this year I see myself really digging into the next body of work for me musically. I already have the concept dialed in so now it’s all about executing that vision. In 5 years I see myself deeper into the hip-hop world. It’s something that Has been part of the plan from the beginning.

Maddi: How would you say hip-hop has influenced your sound as an artist over the years? And how does this ties into Street Knowledge specifically?
Dorman: I think it’s allowed me to think outside of the box. I bring sounds and different parts of that genre into what I do which is totally separate from your usual dance or house music lane.

Maddi: What would you say your number one inspiration in your life right now is?
Dorman: My mom and dad. They continue to support and push me to the next level.

Maddi: How do you remain motivated to create?
Dorman: My love for the music. I LOVE producing so it’s easy to sit down and be like okay I’m making this today. Part of it too is that I don’t only produce house music so I never really get burned out on one thing.

Maddi: Where is one place/venue you’d like to perform that’s on your bucket list?

Dorman: Tomorrowland – looks like such a cool festival.

Maddi: What is one goal of yours as a DJ?

Dorman: To have my own festival.

Maddi: Name 3 words you think best describe your sets.
Dorman: Energetic, smooth, & intoxicating.

Maddi: The last question… do you consider yourself a true Party Guru?
Dorman: You Know The Vibes.

BIJOU has been consistent in proving to his fans he is one to keep on the radar. We are so excited to see his international and national performances come this Fall. Be sure to keep up to date with his recent releases and all press coverage right here at Party Guru Productions.

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Klingande Brings a New Style of Crowd Engagement to Denver

Some artists will crowd surf to the front row and back, some will crowd surf on top of something, but not Klingande. He showed love to the fans by jumping into the crowd to play one of their hit songs while being blasted by C02. The place was going absolutely wild.

Of course that place I am talking about is Temple in Denver. Temple night club surely brings the party with hard hitting House music to keep the crowd going all night. Birthdays were also celebrated by bottle ladies creating a glowing line of passage to the drink table. In fact, Temple actually has two separate rooms creating two stages in total. In one room, LED screens stretch from floor to celling. While the other room has light strips stretching across the floor and walls until they reach the back. Temple always seems to get a great turnout with the artists that come through there, even with it being a 21+ club. Down below you can check out their monthly calendar to see who will be playing there! Who knows, maybe your favorite artist is there next weekend.

Photos By Patrik Essy

Having support from friends made this show nothing short of impressing. Joined by a violin player and saxophone player it made for an even better performance. In short, melodic House music was the main genre for the night as even the opening DJ played hit after hit of House music.

Cedric Steinmyler, the main man of Klingande, has a good amount of club and show experience as he has performed many different times all over the world. In 2019 Klingande released his most anticipated album; with that album release he also had 10 brand new productions created. As such a big name you can catch Klingande almost everywhere. One of his biggest gigs for this year seems to be Tomorrow Land Winter; you won’t want to miss that. In conclusion, bringing his new production and album to the table, he’s sure to be an artist that you’ll come to love!

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Day of the Deadmau5

Canadian native Joel Zimmerman, better known as the major music pioneer, Deadmau5, just rocked Colorado with two undoubtedly mental nights at America’s favorite venue. Deadmau5 delivered one of the most innovative productions of our time: the Cube v3. In fact, it was coded and mastered by the king himself. When Deadmau5 revealed the new Cube v3, Denver could only pray for the icon’s return to Red Rocks in 2019. Zimmerman is seemingly a perfectionist, as many would guess, crafting and coding every tiny detail of his newest baby. The Cube has the ability to spin on its axle, as well as cater to “on the fly controls” for the screen. In short, that means that they can put anything on the screen and do anything with it at any given time.

day of the Deadmau5 night one at red rocks amphitheater

Besides the beauty of the visual production, the sounds captured the hearts of all those who attended the winter party. On the first of November the attendees were hit with below-freezing temperatures, but Zimmer was in his element as he ostensibly loves performing in the cold. The two-day extravaganza showcased many different sounds from open to close, hosting quite the selection of Mau5trap family. Direct support consisted of the rapidly exploding techno killer, i_o, as well as the ever-so-creative Getter. The line up also brought in heavy hitter’s Callie Reiff and LIGHTS.

Banging Tunes

Once doors opened, a flood of energy entered the sold-out show as the sounds of Callie Reiff began to play. The multi-talented woman kicked off her career in 2016 with the release of “Tin Machine”. The New York native is a power house, with releases on A-Traks Fool’s Gold Records and notable recognition’s from EDM front-runners like Diplo. Callie Reiff came at us both nights with major hits and a variation of banging tunes. The self-taught drummer added live aspects to her set by including a drum pad, making her insanely fun to watch.

Deadmau5 performing night one at red rocks amphitheater

Unparalleled Alt-Pop

Based out of Toronto, LIGHTS filled all our alt-pop needs. LIGHTS boasts an impressive one million monthly streamers and over a hundred million US streams total. LIGHTS released “Skin&Earth” which pushed any limitations and exceeded all expectations, further proving her uniqueness in the scene. The high energy performance was not something to be reckoned with as it created an unparalleled experience for show goers.

Dark Techno Killer

The highly anticipated i_o made his Red Rocks debut on Friday night. Without a doubt, he demonstrated exactly why he has blown up into the dark techno killer that he is. i_o collab’d with Tommy Trash in 2017, really providing the most exposure to launch his stellar career. On Friday night we got techno two-stepping as his set was absolutely absurd, dropping new and old tunes. i_o will only continue to flourish with his death-defying tech. 

Getter, who ended his most recent tour early after tough criticism of his changed sound, did not come to mess around. This show was his first performance on the Rocks, making this set a mile-stone in his career. The “Visceral” artist bumped out major new heater “Heartless” which came out in the middle of last month. Getter played a variety of different sounds, even mixing in some crowd favorite “Terror Reid” stuff in the last fifteen minutes to everybody’s surprise.

Deadmau5 night one at Red Rocks Amphitheater

Deadmau5 Cube v3 Masterpiece

The forefront of all things progressive-techno has Deadmau5 written all over it. The meticulous producer never fails to bring the best of the best to his shows. He always pays the closest attention to detail: whether coding his cube, scrutinizing every sound in his music, or even shaping the mau5 head into the lasers. It is impossible to deny that the human dynamo brings nothing short of a story-telling rather than just a set.

The visuals on his cube were images of the year; capturing popular meme’s and opening his set with scenes from notorious video games. Getting the full experience, it was only proper that Deadmau5 bring out a vocalist to sing his Grammy nominated tune, “Raise Your Weapon”. This Day of the Dead weekend was nothing short of perfection, furthering the belief that Deadmau5 is one of the largest pioneers in dance music. 

Photos By David Cohn

The group will continue to perform on tour around the country, bringing in other Mau5trap family as well! The Cube v3 is enough of a show for anyone as it provides one of the most innovative ideas to the dance music scene. If you would like to check out more tour dates go ahead and click, here!

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Supernatural Festival 2019: A Frightening Night of Tricks and Treats

As the sun set over Denver on October 26th the piercing sense of Halloween spirit was in the air. With Halloween only a few days away, festivities were underway across the state of Colorado. Denver music fanatics embraced the holiday spirit. Ready to experience Supernatural Festival 2019, all the ghosts and ghouls, witches and warlocks, and every creature in between descended upon the National Western Complex. The spookiest night of the year for the Denver EDM community had finally arrived.

Doors to the event opened at 7pm as all the eager Halloween ravers started to arrive. Upon entering, you were greeted by the infamous Iron Throne from the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones. With menacing dragons on either side, party goers lined up to have their pictures taken and prove that they were worthy to sit upon the life-sized throne. The throne, of course, was a nod to Game Of Thrones actor and “Rave of Thrones” DJ, Kristian Nairn, who took the Supernatural Arena later that night.

Kristian Nairn taking over the Supernatural Arena

A Haunting Arena

Walking around the event you were sure to find something frightening lurking in the shadows and something excitingly spine-chilling around every corner. From the arena ceiling hung giant chains with menacing gargoyles on either side of the stage. Over at the Spider Cave, a flurry of spider webs stretched above your head. Some devilishly stylish dancers graced the stage to dance the night away upstairs in the Dreamspace room. And sheer terror was brought to the bass stage. The heavy bass music itself was enough to leave even the most experienced headbangers with chills up their spines! Both the Spider Cave and Afterlife Pass stages were handmade. In fact, they were run by a few of Denver’s best local DJs and stage designers, including everything from the LED boards to the speakers. Every stage appropriately embracing the Halloween theme.

Porter Robinson at Supernatural Festival
Porter Robinson performing in the Supernatural Arena

Superstar Production

Kicking things off in the Supernatural Arena was a b2b featuring Denver locals Trajikk and EKG. Following them was a performance from masked Monstercat artist CloudNone who brought the chill vibes and helped mellow the crowd. Thus, setting the stage for one of the biggest and most highly anticipated sets of the night from none other than Porter Robinson. Due to scheduling conflicts Porter had an earlier than expected time slot at 8:45. However, the stage production was ramped up to full blast and the EDM superstar got the appropriately over-the-top production that any superstar DJ deserves. He even threw a few unexpected twists at the audience dropping both Drum N’ Bass and Psytrance into the mix. A style that isn’t typical for the award winning DJ, however a welcomed surprise that fed the energy and ravaged the minds of the crowd.

Superbass Hall

The chilly October night was heating up over in the Superbass Hall with performances by Bandlez, and Dodge & Fuski. The stage began to fill up quickly in anticipation for Megalodon, as well as one of bass music’s youngest and fastest rising stars, Dion Timmer. What came next was a b2b from Dubstep royalty Barely Alive and Virtual Riot. The heavy-hitting back to back set sent our minds into another dimension with bloodcurdling beats to close out the stage for the night.


Meanwhile, at the Dreamspace stage, the Denver Trance Family was dancing their hearts out to the sounds of The Thrillseekers, and Roger Shah. Closing out the stage was Dutch trance sensation RAM who brought the uplifting vibes we all needed. Being sure to hit us with some classic hits like ‘RAMsterdam’ and ‘RAMazing’.

Megalodon at Supernatural Festival
Megalodon performing on the Superbass stage

The Final Hours

Back in the Supernatural Arena following Kristian Nairn, fans gathered for a performance by Dharma Worldwide label founder, KSHMR. He kept the party going with his usual blend of Electro House, Big Room, and Psytrance. As KSHMR finished, the Panda Funk squad assembled for a headlining set from the Panda king himself, Deorro. With lights, lasers, and CO2 cannons in overdrive Deorro kept the arena bouncing for the final hour of the night.

As the night came to an end, all the creatures of the night began wandering off to the places from which they came. Overall the hauntingly electric night was a doubtless success. Another one in the bag for the team at Global Dance and enough spine-chilling memories to last until next years spooky season. It’s been said that this year’s rendition of the festival was the biggest to date. And as the event continues to grow and evolve we eagerly await seeing what lies ahead for Supernatural Festival.

Deorro At Supernatural Festival
Deorro closing out the night in the Supernatural Arena

Ubbi Dubbi Music Festival’19

Just this past April, the Party Guru Press team had the opportunity to hit up Ubbi Dubbi Festival at the Panther Island Pavillion, in good ole’ Fort Worth, Texas. The festival was on the smaller scale, but great things come in small packages! The festival lived up to it’s unusual dubbing by supporting their “out of this world” origin story. The tale starts with two seemingly virtual creatures named Ubbi and Dubbi, who were set to travel the vast universe and find the perfect place to party. The dynamic duo ended up stumbling upon a portal, and once they reached the other side they discovered Panther Island! The partners in crime found small, strange creatures, spectacular stages, and mind melding music unlike anything they have ever heard before. Ubbi and Dubbi knew they had reached their final party destination. With a line up including artists like Zeds Dead, Boombox Cartel, and Illenium, Ubbi Dubbi was sure to bring us all a good time.

The Ubbi Dubbi Festival grounds was set up across a long stretch of land right on the water, and nestled right under the Dallas, Texas city skyline. Once the Party Guru Press team received our wristbands, we walked across a small bridge to be greeted by a large LED Ubbi Dubbi sign, with Ubbi and Dubbi on either side. As we explored the festival grounds, we discovered LED trees and a disco ball pyrotechnic structure, surrounded by geodomes perfectly paired with hammocks inside. The festival added some flare into their production with live performances from stilt walking Ubbis and Dubbis all through the grounds. You could smell the food in the air, you could hear the music traveling across the festivals, and you could see the happiness on everyone’s faces.

The stage production at Ubbi Dubbi Festival was nothing short of exemplary. The DeadBeats main stage, otherwise called Dubbi’s stage, was set up right in front of raised train tracks. The press team even had the pleasure of watching a train slowly make it’s way behind the stage, as Peekaboo was rocking the stage against the back drop of a beautiful Texan sunset. The stage itself had three large LED screens, multiple light rigs, stellar lasers, and pyrotechnics. The house stage, under the alias “The Zoom Room,” was set under a circus tent-like structure. The stage was seamlessly paired with the Team-EZ crew providing entertainment. Last, but definitely not least, the third stage, named Ubbi’s stage, was the most impressive. The Ubbi stage featured 20 long, thin LED panels crowning the stage. A single large, visual LED screen was right in the middle, pyrotechnics, and even firework rigs! Illenuim dominated the stage with an absolutely flawless headlining set, accented with perfectly timed fireworks. Over all the production was an absolute 10 out of 10 in our book.

The best part of the weekend was the music! Day one featured big time names like Galantis, Nghtmre, Joyryde, Space Jesus, Keys N Krates, and so many more. Unfortunately, during the day one headliner’s sets, an unexpected lightning storm hit Panther Island and the festival was forced to evacuate. So Zeds Dead’s, Galantis’, and Claptone’s sets were cut by about half an hour. Luckily, on day two Ubbi Dubbi Festival made one hell of a come back! Day two featured artists like Illenium, Tchami, Borgore, Ganja White Night, Slander, Decadon, and so many more! The Party Guru Press team is so grateful to have had the opportunity to share such an amazing experience with the Ubbi Dubbi crowd.

Photos by JT Van Winkle

Ubbi Dubbi brought us great music, delicious food, shopping, and just a little rain. Ubbi Dubbi Festival brought us all an experience thought up outside the box and the universe for that matter. Huge thanks to Ubbi, Dubbi, and Disco Donnie Presents for making this wonderful event a reality. Til’ next time ravin’ readers!

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