There Was Nothing Natural About Supernatural Festival

There Was Nothing Natural About Supernatural Festival

There has been an ongoing tradition in Denver that no matter which corner you turn, the best artists will show face. This is all because Global Dance ensures each holiday is spent dancing under the stars. This year’s Halloween shindig was no exception, with headliners Subtronics and Madeon. Most importantly, the lineup was stacked all the way around for Supernatural.

The Lineup

There must be an extraordinary mention that the lineup was a thriller worth traveling for. Pulling Gareth Emery, Ray VolpeLil Texas, and Madeon is a huge pull that not most festivals can make. Most of these acts are headliners alone, but pulling them onto one lineup is a game-changer. It really showcases the power that the Global Dance scene has.

Madeon Gave A Performance Of A Lifetime

Madeon is one of the most exciting acts on the scene. He showcased his versatility by playing heavy dub and his own classics. In a total trance, the crowd was always left guessing where Madeon was going next. From Flume to 80’s hits, he came out in full strength and kept the audience jumping. There also was no holding back as he went into heavy dub to bless the bass capital with what we’re known to love. This showcased why he is a top talent in the scene and how lucky we were to have him come to Colorado hot on his tour.

Subtronics Showed Why He’s Atop Of The Game

There’s no more prominent name in the dubstep scene than Subtronics. This is because he has consistently proven that he can show up to the most prominent stages and put on a show. Coming in hot off of Lost Lands and other major music festivals, he was able to make a stop in Denver for Supernatural. An artist that has sold out Denver venues showed up with poise. There was not a drop in his set, and he even incorporated new elements into his groups.

He showed his style’s versatility and brought dubstep into the light while having party tunes. Only the most skilled can bring this to the table, and he proved exactly why he was the right person for the job. Nevertheless, Subtroncs has a solid future headlining Denver, which was a testament to that.

Global Dance Throws the Best Parties

What would almost seem impossible to bring these top artists together on one lineup, Global succeeds. Not only did they make it sexy, but they went above and beyond. Pulling this caliber of artists was something of the stars. With their headliners putting on sets to remember for years to come, there is no doubt that the place to be is Supernatural Festival.

Photos by Josh Klein {photographer_name}

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Afterhours In Denver Have Reached New Limits

Afterhours In Denver Have Reached New Limits

Underground parties have been a staple in the EDM scene for years and years. Most notably now with Denver’s rise in population, the growth in the dance scene has led back to the roots of the culture. We’re fortunate that we can bring out any name in the scene at any point to play warehouse parties. It’s a true testament to that growth, and why Denver is a scene to watch.

Promoters across the state have been working diligently with new event spaces to put on the best possible experience for all involved. This is further emphasized by 128 Productions who put on an absolute heater of a party recently. It’s no easy feat to throw a large-scale party in an event space that is used primarily for events outside of concerts, to begin with. With their credentials, they were able to get the bid to host CID at National Western Stockyards Event Center.

National Western Complex

What a turnaround for events this past year with the new developments of the National Western Complex. Most notably these grounds have been around for decades, but across the 20-acre plot of land, they have been developing consistently. With that being a trend it has garnered the attention of large-scale events. The newest addition to the grounds, The National Western Stockshow Event Center is a space that pairs lovely with the growth of after-hour parties in Denver.

128 Productions and National Western

Being able to host thousands of occupants comfortably from the hours of midnight and beyond is a true challenge. National Western Stockshow Event Center became the perfect spot for such a task before even walking into the building. The typical shortage of parking at most after-hour events was thrown out the window on the grounds of the complex. On the inside, the event center provided a coliseum atmosphere to go along with the killer sound system, and a large amount of open space. This was the perfect canvas for 128 Productions to take the lead on throwing the party of the year.

128 Productions and All Their Glory

Locally founded 128 Productions made a statement that they know how to throw a party. All of the great features of a facility depending on the host’s vision to make the most use of them. 128 Productions made their vision clear to provide a space where up-and-coming artists such as Josh Fedz, Londen Summers, and THATZ HOT can shine next to Grammy award-winning artist CID.

All of the performances brought it out in front of a massive crowd, where the energy was very much alive on the dance floor. From the unique house style of THATZ HOT to the disco house of Londen Summers, and Josh Fedz mixing it up with some tech house there was no shortage of entertainment before CID. Once CID took the stage his award-winning approach to house music was on full display. With popular remixes being thrown in, while also hearing newly released tracks such as “Deep In Your Heart“.

Afterhours By 128 Productions Is Something We Hope To See More Of

From taking this blank canvas of potential to painting after-hours energy is no simple task. 128 Productions proved that they can step up to the plate and do just that. From talent buying to finding the perfect warehouse event space, they had everything down from the jump. Most importantly their execution shined in providing the perfect warehouse vibes.

Photos by Darren Lee

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Carl Cox Brought High Energy To The Fillmore Auditorium

Carl Cox Brought High Energy To The Fillmore Auditorium

Who Is The Legendary Carl Cox?

Carl Cox is a staple in the techno scene. He was born in Oldham, England and started with a mobile DJ setup at the age of 15. Being inspired by disco, Carl Cox had a knack for dance music and keeping the party going. Simultaneously, this is where we saw the rise of the Chicago House scene and the Detroit Techno scene. Afterwards, Carl Cox pioneered both genres into the Britain rave scene. From there, he immediately became one of the mainstay names whenever brought up in a conversation.

In his prolific career, we have seen Carl Cox on the top of many major EDM music festivals lineups. Carl Cox even had his own stage, “The Carl Cox and Friends Stage” at Ultra Music Festival. His influence is so strong that he has influenced DJs such as Loco Dice, Maceoplex, and Richie Hawtin. Now, he has graced us with a special night at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, Colorado.

The Production

The last time we saw Carl Cox, he was playing at the EXDO center. Many wondered how the Fillmore Auditorium would be able to replicate that classic warehouse vibe. The sound system was so heavy, that there wasn’t a spot in the venue where you couldn’t stop dancing. A large amount of space allowed Carl Cox to go free with his lasers and provided enough space for the crowd to move freely.

The Juicy Part

Kicking off the night was Denver local fan-favorites The Bordas Brothers. They just came off opening for the legendary Boris Brejcha and have been crushing it. The Bordas Brothers started off playing some deep hits with Connor Mac, which was the perfect start to the party. Now, queue the fantastic UK grime queen Maya Jane Coles. Everyone once her mix of Bubble Gum, by Uniiqu3 came on immediately got lost in the music. She brought everything out on the table, which was so special to see in such a short span of time.

The Legend Takes The Stage

Carl Cox started off with heavy Techno to keep the energy at an all-time high. As soon as you think that the show is slowing down, he picks it right back up with Tech-House. This is someone who is a master at their craft, and he proved that at the Fillmore Auditorium. The most special part is how Carl Cox, was able to create a theme halfway through his set kicking it off with “Better Off Alone” by Alice Deejay. This carried straight through to “(You Are My) All and All” by Joyce Sims, showing his absolute insane range of knowledge of music. We ended up in Carl Cox‘s house, and it’s a shame we couldn’t stay in it till the sun came up.

This Was His House

The Fillmore Auditorium broke ground this weekend on something special. They proved that they can handle providing a very strong warehouse experience, with the bonus of their insane production. We certainly hope that this is a continuous trend for larger-than-life techno acts across the board. The only downside is the limited set-times due to city ordinances, but that’s something hopefully, can be worked out for the future.

The performances by all artists Saturday night were something special, as they all brought it. Carl Cox provided one of his strongest sets to Denver in a very long time. He proved that he is aging like fine wine, and is continuing to grow his craft. Now with the growth of the scene, it’s even more fantastic to see what Carl Cox is doing with all the production capabilities. It was amazing seeing how immersed the crowd was, and everyone truly was in his house. Would we give everything to do this all over again? “Oh-yes-oh-yes-oh-yes”.

Photos by Venceas Whipple

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Moving To The Sounds Of The Underground: Body Language Festival

Moving To The Sounds Of The Undergound: Body Language Festival

The first ever Body Language Music Festival popped off without a hitch. This three day festival is hosted by Relentless Beats and RBDeep. They brought the house down to Tempe, Arizona this past weekend. House heads and Techno fans from all over the country were ready to get their fix at this new festival. Overall, RB’s vision for Body Language was perfectly executed.

Location, Layout, And Production

Body Language called Downtown Tempe home for the weekend of March 4th – 6th. This unique location was able to capture the essence of a big festival, while bringing in the intimacy of a night out in tempe. This layout held three stages, multiple vendors, art installations, VIP areas, water fill stations, and plenty of spaces for attendees to relax in. I appreciated how organized and open this layout was. There was a designated drop off/pick up area for Rideshares, along with multiple parking lots and garages in the surrounding area. 

Another aspect to this festival layout that Relentless Beats was able to incorporate was the Sunbar Tempe. This is a very popular restaurant & venue that is a local favorite here in the Arizona scene. Sunbar typically hosts many artists of all genres in the EDM community and is also a great choice for a night out with friends.

Line Up

This first-time festival featured some of the world’s heaviest hitters in the Underground & House music world, including world-renowned and dance music pioneers. 

Bringing the groove to the stage, attendees were able to experience Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Boris Brejcha, Malaa, Wax Motif, Dombresky b2b Noizu, Shiba San, Kaskade (redux), and more. Some local and upcoming DJs also made their contribution this weekend like JUR, Hitta b2b Swave, Jeff O’Neal, Elwer, and more. 

36 hours of House and Techno filled the streets of Tempe. Just for a few moments, people were able to speak with their incomparable dance moves and feel a sense of community that this scene has been craving.

Sponsors, Vendors, And Art

Body Language was blessed by how many big name sponsors were there to show their support of this new festival. Some were handing out merch, while others held informational booths and perfect hangout areas for attendees. Crowd favorites included BeatBox, Trendsetters, Sunday Goods, Bud Light Seltzer, Dime Industries, and Torch.You can check out all the sponsors here

Food and drink this past weekend included Sonoran Grill, Italian sandwiches, gourmet soft pretzels, and plenty of vegan and vegetarian options! I personally enjoyed the Sonoran cheeseburger and the vegan ramen. Also, attendees got to choose from a wide variety of liquor including, hand-crafted cocktails, seltzers, BeatBox, and premium Bud Light. In addition, there were vendors such as Blvcklist and Moon Lvnding for apparel and other items of rave-wear fashion. 

Some art installations included a mural presented by Bud Light Next and a giant sprayed painted cactus letting attendees know that “YOU ARE AMAZING” by

Bringing art to life this weekend, the Weird & Wonderful Cast also took stage alongside artists and performed in various locations throughout the festival grounds. Fans were able to interact with this ensemble for an unforgettable experience.


I would definitely recommend any of my fellow festival lovers to attend Body Language Music Festival! I am looking forward to all the new and exciting events Relentless Beats has planned in the future. Also, I am interested in seeing how they will expand and grow from this event for next year. Be sure to follow all of Body Lanuage’s socials along with Relentless and RBDeep so that you don’t miss a beat for their next move.

Photos by: Alexander Peet

Phoenix Lights: Altered Orbit Beams Down On April 1st and 2nd, 2022

Phoenix Lights: Altered Orbit Beams Down On April 1st and 2nd, 2022

Beaming back down onto Earth, Relentless Beats just announced Phoenix Lights: Altered Orbit. This reinvented event will be crash landing onto the new festival property, the Phoenix Raceway in Avondale, AZ. The event takes place on April 1st and 2nd, 2022. Previous attendees are already raving about the return of this infamous festival.

Line Up

Filling the stage at this two-day festival are some out-of-this-world artists. Griz will be making his return to the Arizona scene along with Liquid Stranger, RL Grime, Zomboy, Rusko, Flosstradamus, Champagne Drip, and more.  

RB is also bringing back the superstructure stage that was featured in their 2021 concert series and Goldrush. Phoenix Lights: Altered Orbit will be their first show which kicks off their 2022 spring concert series that will premier many different artists and genres till June.

Tickets And Info

Tickets are on sale as of Friday, March 4th, at 10:00am MST. Types of tickets include GA, which grants you entry into the festival. GA+ passes include everything that a GA pass includes PLUS – Express entry & private restrooms. And VIP passes include everything that a GA pass includes PLUS – Express entry, a commemorative lanyard, access to VIP Deck with a premium view, premium bar, and VIP lounge. You can purchase tickets and get more info on this event here. Please note that this is an 18+ event.


Be sure to follow Phoenix Lights and Relentless Beats on all their socials for the most up-to-date info regarding this festival and future events that will be happening very soon!

BIJOU’s Fire New 6-Track Release: Street Knowledge EP

House heavy-hitter BIJOU (Benjamin Dorman) continues to dominate the electronic music scene with his hip-hop and bass house-infused style, releasing countless bangers off of his very own label Do Not Duplicate Records, and strengthening the G-house genre with his constant production talents. This year is no different, with his new EP, Street Knowledge which was released on September 17th this month. The 6-track masterpiece features rhythmic bass paired with notes of hip-hop and rap, each song better than the last. Street Knowledge features a refreshing twist to the oversaturated bass music scene by adding rappers into the mix, including Rick Hyde, Tony Watts, Youngworld, ElCamino, and more.

House Heavyweight Brings the Heat

The Phoenix, Arizona-born house DJ has risen to fame in recent years and continues to push the boundaries of what defines house music in today’s growing electronic scene. “Roots are a nod to where it all started, and that’s what this project is all about. I took it to my roots in Phoenix and Buffalo. Two cities that are often overlooked and slept on,” says BIJOU.

“I had the opportunity to work with some of my favorite rappers each one having their style while keeping things raw, street, and no BS. “Street Knowledge” is unequivocally every piece of me, what I’ve been through, and where I am now.”

Party Guru Press: The Official Interview

Artist name: BIJOU

We had the chance to chat with Ben Dorman (BIJOU) at Party Guru Press about the release of his EP. Check it out below!

Maddi: Thanks so much for chatting with us today. So this EP is a pretty big deal – 2020 was a crazy year for all of us, especially artists – and some might say 2021 has been equally as challenging. How would you say the past two years have influenced or shaped your sound? Or your vision for this EP?
Dorman: I would say it really gave me more time to sit back and dial in a full-on concept. From the music to the art, to the artists that I worked with on the project, the vision included every single piece of the puzzle and allowed me to really flush it out how I intended to.

Maddi: Where do you see BIJOU heading next – any merch drops or concert tours we should be looking out for?
Dorman: I’ve been on the road pretty much every weekend since mid-May its been CRAZY. There have been glimpses of time off but we’ve been full force playing shows to really get back into the market we didn’t have for almost two years. Merch wise we’re going hard this year. We did the BIJOU The Valley Jerseys last month and they sold out in 4 days. Next up we have hats and quite a few concepts this year. Everything is going to be super limited so once it drops you only can get it during that one time on sale.

Maddi: Where do you see yourself at the end of this year? What about in 5 years?

Dorman: At the end of this year I see myself really digging into the next body of work for me musically. I already have the concept dialed in so now it’s all about executing that vision. In 5 years I see myself deeper into the hip-hop world. It’s something that Has been part of the plan from the beginning.

Maddi: How would you say hip-hop has influenced your sound as an artist over the years? And how does this ties into Street Knowledge specifically?
Dorman: I think it’s allowed me to think outside of the box. I bring sounds and different parts of that genre into what I do which is totally separate from your usual dance or house music lane.

Maddi: What would you say your number one inspiration in your life right now is?
Dorman: My mom and dad. They continue to support and push me to the next level.

Maddi: How do you remain motivated to create?
Dorman: My love for the music. I LOVE producing so it’s easy to sit down and be like okay I’m making this today. Part of it too is that I don’t only produce house music so I never really get burned out on one thing.

Maddi: Where is one place/venue you’d like to perform that’s on your bucket list?

Dorman: Tomorrowland – looks like such a cool festival.

Maddi: What is one goal of yours as a DJ?

Dorman: To have my own festival.

Maddi: Name 3 words you think best describe your sets.
Dorman: Energetic, smooth, & intoxicating.

Maddi: The last question… do you consider yourself a true Party Guru?
Dorman: You Know The Vibes.

BIJOU has been consistent in proving to his fans he is one to keep on the radar. We are so excited to see his international and national performances come this Fall. Be sure to keep up to date with his recent releases and all press coverage right here at Party Guru Productions.

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