In a Yeehaw State of Mind After Goldrush: Sonoran Skies!

In a YeeHaw State of Mind After Goldrush: Sonoran Skies!

As golden hour descended upon the desert, Goldrush: Sonoran Skies unfolded over the weekend of October 7th and 8th. This two-day annual festival, organized by Relentless Beats, was held at the Phoenix Raceway in Avondale, Arizona. The event boasted an impressive lineup, multiple stages, a variety of vendors, and engaging activations for festivalgoers to savor. Let’s delve into the full experience. 

Layout and Production

Goldrush featured three main stages: Paradise Prairie, Moonrise Mountain (sponsored by Beatbox Beverages), and Coyote Cove. In addition to these, there were other attractions, including the Sound Cabin art cart and the Cowboy Corral, which was a silent disco. Each of these spaces was adorned with captivating elements such as LED screens, spotlights, lasers, and pyrotechnics, adding to the overall immersive experience.

Relentless Beats hosted over 100 artists throughout the weekend, spanning a wide range of genres, from drum and bass, dubstep, house, techno, trance, and more. The diversity of music genres provided attendees with fantastic opportunities to explore new sounds and discover emerging artists while eagerly awaiting their favorite headliners later in the night. 

Line up

Attendees had the pleasure of witnessing DXNTE, SVNDAY DRVR, ANATTA, Austin Feldman, Sed’s Vortex B2B PRETTYHARD, and Michael Hooker kickstart each day, setting an atmosphere that would endure into the night. These talented artists played a crucial role in sustaining the high energy and positive vibes that defined the entire event.

All of us were eagerly awaiting the performances of renowned artists such as Tïesto, Cloonee, ZHU, Kai Wachi, Dabin, Zeds Dead, Alison Wonderland, Dion Timmer, Hamdi, Dombresky and Pawsa. With their massive fan bases and unmatched talent for keeping the party alive, these artists were bound to ensure an unforgettable night.

A few fortunate attendees also had the opportunity to win meet-and-greets with Lady Faith, Brondo, Kayzo, Nostalgix, and KHIVA.


As fans roamed the festival grounds, they had the opportunity to browse and support various businesses, including Beyond Earth, Kandies World, Daytripper, Moon Lvnding, Blvcklist, SLY Apparel, and others. These pop-up shops offered a diverse range of rave attire, from trendy bucket hats and handcrafted T-shirts to hand fans, kendamas, hydration packs, pins, prints, sunglasses, and any other essentials you might require for your memorable nights out.

Conveniently located vendors were scattered across the festival grounds, offering a delectable array of options. Thirsty attendees could choose from an assortment of drinks, including sodas, smoothies, Red Bull, Beatbox Beverages, various seltzers, beers, and mixed drinks. When it came to food, festivalgoers had a tempting selection of options, including Wetzel’s Pretzels, loaded nachos, chicken tenders, pizza and fries.


Voodoo Ranger hosted a 1UP arcade where attendees could enjoy video games, sample beer, and win prizes. Everyone had the opportunity to score items from their free claw machine, such as sunglasses, T-shirts, and a Voodoo Ranger POP!

Instax Fujifilm provided a special pop-up area for you to capture Polaroid moments and preserve those memories for years to come. Fans also had the exciting opportunity to win exclusive experiences, getting to hang out with their favorite artists. You could play a game of dodgeball with ATLiens, embark on a taste-testing adventure of BeatBox Beverages with Riot Ten, share a shot of tequila with Ship Wrek, or enjoy some arcade gaming with Slushii.


Phoenix Raceway provided ample free parking for general admission attendees, with a dedicated section for premium parking and ADA accommodations. The box office was conveniently located, and security lines operated efficiently, ensuring a quick and safe entry.

VIP ticket holders enjoyed a separate entrance with expedited access to the venue. Both Paradise Prairie and Moonrise Mountain featured exclusive VIP areas, offering amenities like prime viewing spots and dedicated food and drink vendors. Extra perks included massages, air-conditioned bathrooms, a beauty bar, and photo opportunities.

Paradise Prairie even offered a special area for platinum tables that was situated in front of the stage. They also provided fans with the unique opportunity to be at the side of the stage for an up-close experience during their favorite artists’ performances.

Additionally, numerous free water stations were available for attendees to refill their hydration packs or water bottles. Multiple restroom facilities were also conveniently located throughout the venue.

Last but certainly not least, the RB Rangers were a constant presence throughout the venue. they are dedicated to the well-being of all attendees! They offer assistance from providing water to keeping you cool and guiding individuals to the ranger station for a moment of relaxation and rest.

Goldrush was an unforgettable weekend and I loved being able to experience it! Be sure to follow @RelentlessBeats on all social platforms to keep up to date on future festival announcements and info.

Photos by Alexander Peet