San Holo’s Euphoric Sounds Are Coming To The Mission Ballroom

bb u ok?

This Thursday, November 11th, San Holo is bringing his bb u ok? tour to Denver, Colorado. In just a few days, the Mission Ballroom will be filled with euphoric, future bass music and thousands of loyal fans.

Light“, “We Rise“, and “lift me from the ground (feat. Sofie Winterson) are just a few of San Holo‘s iconic original tracks. This Dutch musician, producer, and DJ has been releasing music for the past seven years. His first official release was his Cosmos EP in 2014. Soon after, he put out music on various labels including OWSLA and Monstercat. Since then, San Holo has gained worldwide recognition for his unique, electrifying sounds that bridge the gap between different genres.

His debut album, album1, premiered in 2018. In June of this year, he released his second album, titled bb u ok?. San Holo is also the founder of the label bitbird. In addition to self-releasing various tracks on the label, artists including Taska Black and Droeloe have also found success through bitbird.

About The Show

Kasbo, Chet Porter, and Rome In Silver will also be playing on Thursday night. These artists all have a similar sound to San Holo, making them perfect additions to the event’s lineup. Furthermore, these three artists all have a connection to San Holo in one way or another. For example, Rome In Silver’s latest release is out now viabitbird and Chet Porter has a track with San Holo on bb u ok? titled you’ve changed, i’ve changed“.

The Mission Ballroom is located on the North end of the RiNo Art District. This revolutionary venue opened at the end of 2019 and is owned by AEG Presents. One of the most unique aspects of this new venue is the fact that the stage has the ability to be moved in order to adjust the capacity for each show. This way, each show will feel more intimate and engaging. Moreover, there is a large tiered seating/standing area in the back of the venue along with two VIP balconies so that everyone can have a great view of the stage.

If you plan on attending San Holo’s bb u ok? show this Thursday, keep in mind that proof of full COVID-19 vaccination is required. The physical vaccination card will be accepted as well as a photo of the card or a digital copy via the MyColorado app.

Get Ready To ↑%

Now, we hope that you’re ready to enter the mesmerizing world of San Holo this Thursday at the Mission Ballroom. His beautiful music accompanied by bright visuals and live instrumentation are sure to make for a memorable night. It’s been a while since San Holo has played in Denver, so the anticipation is high. If you want an insider’s look at how bb u ok? was made before you attend the show, check out his album documentary on Youtube, filmed by Haley Lan.

Click here to secure your tickets for the show. You can also pre-pay for parking if you don’t plan on using rideshare services. Finally, follow the social media links below to keep up with San Holo and, of course, stay vibrant.

Photos by Haley Lan, San Holo

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Top Brahman’s Latest Releases Have Gained Some Serious Traction

Melodic, happy, and feel-good are all words that describe the music of Top Brahman. This Denver, Colorado-based producer and DJ has gained some serious traction within the past year. His high energy music is complete with pop vibes and has captured the attention of many listeners, artists, and record labels. Some of Top Brahman‘s latest releases include “Love Me, Hate Me” featuring Cadence XYZ and “Pull Me Out” with Tima Dee.

Party Guru Press was lucky enough to get a quick phone call in with this skilled producer. Keep reading to learn more about his history in music, the success of his recent tracks, and what goals he has for 2021.

Introducing: Top Brahman

Vinay Krishnan produces music under the name of Top Brahman. Vinay himself was born in Colorado. However, his whole family is originally from India. They were born into the caste system of the Brahmins, which he used to take a spin on Top Ramen. This play on words formed his artist name: Top Brahman.

Vinay has always been passionate about and involved with music. Back in high school, he listened to a lot of metal music. He was even a guitarist and vocalist for a heavy metal band. Once he reached college, he discovered electronic music and the culture surrounding it, which he quickly fell in love with. In fact, the first EDM show that he attended was Skrillex on Halloween of 2010. “I was just hooked after that. I just kept listening to it nonstop,” he said.

Vinay bought his first mixer in 2017 and started learning how to DJ. In January of 2018, he bought Ableton and began to mess around with producing. Within a few months, he was producing every single day. He is constantly working to perfect his skills and discover his sound, with the goal of producing music as a career.

Melodic Music To Make You Melt

Vinay describes his music as “super melodic, future bass vibes with pop vocals, and it’s a little bit of a melodic dubstep vibe as well.” If you have yet to hear any original Top Brahman tracks, he suggests that you listen to his latest release “Pull Me Out” with vocalist Tima Dee. This track is stunning, to say the least, and it does a perfect job of encapsulating his sound and feel.

There is no denying that this was a massively successful track for Vinay. Since it’s release, it’s been streamed over two hundred and sixty thousand times on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Youtube combined. Even more so, Alison Wonderland added it to her Spotify playlist titled Wonderland Secrets and played it on two of her mixes as well.

Pull Me Out” was released via Proximity, which was insanely huge for Vinay. He had come across an opportunity to connect with Proximity‘s founder and CEO, Blake Coppelson. After sending him an email with “Pull Me Out” before it was released, he got an amazing response. Blake immediately loved the track and wanted to sign it. Shortly after, he asked Vinay if he would be okay with NGHTMRE possibly doing a collaboration on the track, but that wasn’t successful in the end.

Not only have Vinay’s recent tracks been well-received by friends and family, but also by the music industry as a whole. The success of this release has already started opening new doors for him. A handful of artists have reached out to him to ask him to collaborate or do official remixes for them.

What’s Next?

The next release that you can expect to hear from Top Brahman is scheduled for March 8th. This is his remix of “Drown” by Stryer & Mary Sweet. Earlier this year, LabelRadar hosted a remix contest and Vinay won first place. Aside from that, Top Brahman has ten original tracks that are complete and waiting for a release date.

Top Brahman also has a few things that he’d like to accomplish in 2021. “My main goals are one million Spotify streams, and then I want to get a release on NCS (NoCopyrightSounds), Monstercat, and Lowly Palace, and then collab with a bigger artist,” he said. In order to work towards this, he’s been finishing a song every week since the beginning of the year. “This year’s pretty much going to be focused on just pumping out as much music as possible,” he explained.

When asked what other artists Vinay would like to work with in the future, he didn’t hesitate by naming NGHTMRE. Additionally, he hopes to work with Alison Wonderland, Ekali, and so many more.

This year, Top Brahman also wants to focus on strengthening his marketing, promoting, and social media skills. By doing this, he hopes to organically reach more new listeners and build up his social media presence.

Words Of Wisdom

One of the last things that we asked Vinay was what advice he has for those wanting to get into producing. “You just have to start and don’t wait for the perfect time, and you’re never too old”, he said. “I look up to all these other artists like Martin Garrix. He was like fourteen when he started, and I was just really discouraged,” he explained.

He went on to say that the first year or so of producing will be rough. “You’re going to want to quit so many times…but once you get past that, you just blow up,” he noted. In the end, all of the hard work will be worth it. If you want to start producing, just do it!


Top Brahman is undoubtedly an artist to watch. His first official release was only a few years ago, and he’s already had releases on record labels including Hegemon Select via Artist Intelligence Agency, and Proximity.

His ambition and drive prove that he is truly passionate about what he does. Top Brahman is ready to make a name for himself in the music industry, and his beautiful, seamless production is doing just that. Anyone that listens to his music will immediately become hooked and hungry for more.

Keep an eye out on Top Brahman this year, and get ready for lift off!

Photos By Top Brahman

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