Late Night Radio: The Exclusive Interview

Late Night Radio comes to The Ogden for his long-awaited return on November 20th. Joined by the infamous Michael Menert, Bad Snacks, Def3, and Kaptain, the electro-funk DJ is a local favorite and never fails to put on a blast of a show every time. The budding producer and DJ, who’s real name is Alex Medellin, grew up around music, attending church and experiencing live music from a very young age. Gospel progressions, hip-hop, and funk sounds have played a huge role in influencing Medellin’s sound.

The multi-faceted and genre-bending DJ brings a fusion of live instrumentation plus the more electronic elements which combine to create sets of pure magic. We sat down with the artist to chat about his upcoming Ogden show in Denver! Check it out below.

The Man Behind The Beats

Getting Into the Interview

Late Night Radio: The Official Interview

Party Guru Press: Hey there! We’re stoked you’re coming to The Ogden. What do you remember about your Denver fans that you’re ready to experience again on November 20?

LNR: The feeling of community and family.

Party Guru Press: What is one memory you have from Denver that you’ll always remember?

LNR: The Sunday release party will always have a special place in my heart.

Party Guru Press: How would you say your style has evolved since you first became an artist?

LNR: Really I’m just more comfortable in doing whatever I feel at the moment.

Party Guru Press: How will this set differ from your last?
LNR: New music….

Party Guru Press: Do you have any upcoming releases or projects we should know about? What about merchandise?
LNR: Ya, I’m in the process of wrapping up my new bass heavy Ep Back Around 

Party Guru Press: What does a typical day in your life look like?
LNR: I’m pretty much either holed up in the studio or romping around a river somewhere in the mountains fly fishing. 

Party Guru Press: If you could describe your sound in 3 words, what would they be?
LNR: Keep Soul Alive

Party Guru Press: Where do you see yourself as an artist in the next 5 years? 10?
LNR: 10 years ago I could have never imagined being able to have the life I have now so I have no idea. 

Party Guru Press: Any upcoming festivals or events you’re playing?
LNR: NYE Philos Takeover in Detroit is going to be one for the books. 

Party Guru Press: Last question…do you consider yourself a Party Guru?
LNR: Well since I can count the amount of afterparties I’ve been to my entire career on two hands I’d say no. 

Photos Provided By Late Night Radio

We’d like to say thank you to Alex for taking the time to chat with us before his headlining show. We’re stoked to check out the infamous Late Night Radio at one of Denver’s best venues, The Ogden Theater. If you enjoy funky beats and DJ’s that bring a level of talent unlike any other, this show is for you. Grab your tickets below before they sell out!

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Funky Night with Defunk

In the beginning to start the night off right, Party People opened. This is a trio that includes Mikey Thunder, Mr. Bugatti, and Benjamin’s Vibe. The Party People, a funky group coming out of Denver, Colorado, “are gaining huge ground in the electronic music arena. Their sets are deeply fused with retro hip hop, modern synth designs, and a strong anchor in funk, blues, and jazz.”

Indeed, they were showing the crowd why they are called the Party People! Scratching with a live MC, they added spitting freestyles with some glitchy dub sounds thrown in there as well. They were a perfect vibe to start the evening off right!

Next up was Homemade Spaceship. Likewise, he really knows how to get a crowd going. Rab Revere is the man behind the Spaceship. He has a fascinating way of mashing electronic bass music with instrumental and melodic sounds. He stated some of his influences are Blink 182 and Dennis Rodman.

The crowd was going insane! The Party People and Homemade Spaceship really knew how to get everyone going and ready for Defunk.

Funky Night with Defunk

When Defunk came out and the audience went wild. In fact, we could feel the venue moving! It was quite the party. That is Defunk’s style, as well as the openers. To get the people going, making everyone wanna dance all night.

Originating from Calgary, Canada, Defunk has taken funky bass music to a whole new level. Best known for his attention of bringing elements of funk, jazz and blues into heavy bass music, he states he “constantly strives to develop new sounds with new elements based around the idea of groove.” He adds all of the elements needed in order to essentially blow the roof off the venue! Disco, funk, jazz, then followed by some filthy drops.

The lights and visuals Defunk had during his set were awesome. Even more, at one point there was smoke shooting out of the ground, with confetti flying everywhere, absolutely bonkers! We don’t think anyone can go to a Defunk show and not want to get down. This is why people love him and what he does so much. People can leave their stress at home and wind down, (or in this case wind up), to some funky dub music. He embodies what the purpose of music is: bringing people together in universal harmonic sounds.


It is a whole vibe and you should try to catch one of his next shows! His tour is almost over, but Defunk has three more shows in Charleston, Atlanta, then Chicago. Don’t miss out.

Photos by Ash Daniels