An Interview With Future Joy

Up and coming musical duo Future Joy has been blazing a trail of success for themselves for the past 2 years. They’ve began making quite a name for themselves in a relatively short amount of time and have become one of the most exciting funk and bass music duos to keep our eyes on. 

We’re thrilled to say that we’ve recently had the chance to get to know them a little better and ask a few questions in the form of an email interview. The eclectic duo filled us in with the details behind their newest single “Triple Stack” featuring Vibe Street. They’ve also let us in on some of their biggest musical inspirations as well as some backstory on themselves as artist on their journey into and through the music scene both as individuals and as a duo.

Interview: Future Joy

Party Guru Press: Lets start by talking about your newest single “Triple Stack” with Vibe Street. The song is funky and upbeat and seems like it would’ve been a lot of fun to work on…

-What was the best part of working on this new release?

-Is there anything worth telling telling about the creative process that shaped this one?

-What is your relationship with Vibe Street like and are there any plans to work with them again in the future?

Future Joy: We met Ben, aka Vibe Street at Mad Mountain festival in Casper, WY the summer of 2020. We brought our RV/renegade stage and were able to jam with him after his sets. We hit the road full-time shortly after.

In November we headed back to Colorado for some other recording sessions and got word that Ben and our friend Austin were working on music. We drove straight through from Arizona, arrived around 2am and started recording. We spent the whole weekend working on a few different projects but this song was the most fun.

Austin started with a ukulele bass line, Zach laid Baritone sax, Ben did the rap, Emily played the synth line and sang the backups, Kyle was there for moral support- the song was starting to take form. It was truly a family collab! We enjoyed our time hanging at Ben’s studio and I think we would all enjoy making another song together sometime soon.


Party Guru Press: So how did you two meet? what initially sparked your creative flow as a duo?

Future Joy: Zach attended a karaoke night that Emily was hosting in May of 2019. We both sang, then Zach asked her to sit in with his band the following night, and we’ve been making music together ever since. This was just the beginning. Now we’ve been living on the road in our RV for over a year and have played 80+ shows!


Party Guru Press: You are clearly both quite musically inclined; not just with music production but with actual instruments as well. Of course we know you love to incorporate the saxophone, which you seem to feature feature throughout the majority of your songs…

-So where did that all come from? What got you started playing music and specifically saxophone in the first place?

Future Joy: Zach started playing saxophone in fifth grade. Emily started piano lessons in grade school and classical vocal trining in high school. We both spent the last 10 years as club/bar DJs. So we were well trained in the dj/electronic side, as well as many other genres of music.

Zach has always been playing sax with DJs, so combining the live element with the tracks just made sense. Emily had been singing in bands, and playing bedroom piano, so it also made sense to start combining everything. We added the piano to the set last winter and its been fun to watch the project grow.


Party Guru Press: How has your creative process evolved since you originally began your musical journey? Do you have a routine for producing? Also how does that reflect in your newest project?

Future Joy: Our only routine for producing is to get friends involved. Collaboration is really what takes our songs to the next level. On this project Ben and especially Austin wanted to stay behind the scenes though, so you only get his first name and no artist name. Hehe..

Party Guru Press: Who are your biggest influences or other artists within your genre that have helped inspire your style of music? And do you ever take influence from artist that aren’t necessarily in the same realm or genre that you produce? Have any of them added any additional inspiration to your new release? Or any of your releases?

Future Joy: Zach grew up in Denver playing funk, jam, and electronic. The scene in Denver is so eclectic it really helped him expand his sax playing and enjoyment of many genres. In electronic Music; Daft Punk, Deadmau5, and Excision are early inspirations. On the Sax Sonny Rollins, and Skerik are his big inspirations.

Emily grew up outside Chicago and House music runs through her veins. She had the chance to see world-class acts come through the city and takes inspiration from Anabel Englund, Nicolas Jaar, and Disclosure. She spent the past 9 years DJing and singing at weddings and corporate events so musical diversity was important. It’s fun to be able to play funk, pop, dance, house, rock, hip hop, dub, and bass all at the same party. We strive to stay eclectic in our Future Joy sets too.

Party Guru Press: So 2021 looks like it has been a busy year for you two… Whats been some of the biggest highlights so far?

Future Joy: We had some great shows and festivals this year. Notably: Fool’s Engagement Festival in Branford, FL and being able to fill-in last minute for Russ Liquid, opening for Manic Focus in Gainesville. FL. We also had a blast at our Denver homecoming at Your Moms House in July.

Party Guru Press: We see that you have a show coming up in Denver on October 15th at Summit Music Hall… Are you excited for this one?

-What can we expect to hear from you that night?

-Any chances of bringing out Vibe Street when playing that new tune?

Future Joy: We are sooooo excited for Summit! We got to link up with Float Like A Buffalo in Tulsa, OK last week and the show was huge energy. Denver get readyyyy!!! We plan to play high energy and show Denver a taste of everything we got. We brought Vibe Street to play the collab at our headliner back in July, but since we’re opening we probably won’t have features on October 15th at Summit. We may or may not be joining the Float guys for a special encore though, wink wink. Its also our last show in town before we head south!

Party Guru Press: Anything exciting happening for the remainder of the year? What plans or goals can you share with us regarding performances or new music leading up to 2022 and beyond?

Future Joy: Performing at Summit in Denver and then we truck it to 10.23 at VooSwar in Atlantic Beach, FL and then 10.28 we’re bringing our renegade RV stage to Hulaween. After that we have some festivals in December and February already coming together in Florida. We don’t want to see anymore snow, so find us down south for winter. 🙂 We have big plans of hitting every festival we possibly can next summer!

Party Guru Press: So tell us… how is your biggest canine supporter, Gus doing? Still Repping the “Future Joy” merch?

Future Joy: Gus is the best!!! We adopted him last October while on the road in Virginia. So he was there while the song was created. He loves the road and we truly think he saved ussss!!! FurrGusSon Joy our saviorrrr!!

Party Guru Press: Lastly, we’d love to know… would you two consider yourselves “Party Gurus”!?

Future Joy: We Definitely consider ourselves Party Gurus! We linked up for a stream back in 2020 and we’ve been on the guru train ever since. Woo! 

With all the excitement around their newest single as well as their ambitious plans for the coming year, Future Joy is without a doubt among the most exciting up and coming duos to look out for. Their future shows featuring their marvelously wide range of genres and high energy performances are something worth getting excited about. 

Their desire for a friends and family environment within each of their projects is admirable and inspiring, as is their passion for collaboration with equally exciting artists. Its clear that they thrive off of the creative freedom that comes with sharing thoughts and ideas with like-minded artists who share similar musical visions. That is something that reflects highly throughout their latest release. 

We’d like to thank them for their time spent getting back to us for the interview, and we thoroughly look forward to watching the progress of this incredibly promising duo. We’re wishing them the very best with all of their future endeavors. Thank you, Future Joy!









Mile High Concert with Em Possible, Know Self

Last Sunday, singer-songwriter extraordinaire Em Possible put on a mesmerizing concert. It was at Mile High Spirits in downtown Denver. She hails from the mile high city herself. Em has been singing since before she could talk. She’s spoken and performed at TEDx events. You might have seen her at Denver’s Stars and Stripes Streetfest this summer. Now, her albums Stupid Love and Time are available everywhere.

Following Em tonight was talented rapper Know Self. He formally calls himself Knowledge Thyself. During the concert, the rapper translated his name into his art exceptionally. Know Self‘s mission is to heal and activate through music. His top songs are “Conscious Thought” and “The Healing.” Clearly, his music is full of philosophy and enlightenment. Check out his recent album Flight of the Phoenix.

Accompanied by a lively band, Em Possible’s voice hypnotized the audience immediately. Ranging from sweet and raspy to funky and resounding, the artist defined herself tonight as truly genre-defying. Her performance was sweet yet spicy. It was girly yet, funky. Also, soothing yet, invigorating. Above all, angsty electric guitar accentuated powerful vocals perfectly. The downtown street echoed her unique sound as concertgoers enjoyed the show. Ted Kleist on the guitar truly showed out.

Em’s most entrancing moment was her performance of “Monday Morning.” Raw emotion from the singer filled the venue during this song. Immediately, the funky ballad echoed an excellent combination of soul and rock. Then, she closed her part of the concert with a cover of Emotional Oranges’ “West Coast Love”. Em’s voice complemented the lyrics and vibes with perfect precision. The artist added an edgy twist to the cool beach bop.

Em Possible and Know Self performed a surprise collaboration. Her lovely vocals and his hype lines bounced off each other in awesome harmony. The intimate venue glowed with pink and purple, blue and green lights. Enchantingly, the unexpected duo collaborated onstage. In conclusion, this collaboration cemented the night as fantastically genre-defying.

Spiritual rapper Know Self followed Em’s wonderful set. Refined and uplifting, Know Self’s lyrics took Mile High Spirits on a journey of encouraging enlightenment. It is no exaggeration to say that Know Self was absolutely spitting bars. Continually, I was impressed by his smooth voice and flawless delivery. DJ Roadhouse’s harmonic melodies complemented the rapper’s words. The lyrics were enlightening. Vulnerably, his words were raw and real. No doubt about it, Know Self is a rapper to look out for.

Chat With Em Possible

I caught up with Em Possible after her captivating set. Have a look into her artistic development:

Question: Who inspired you to make music?

Em: My friend Craig in high school taught me how to play a little bit of guitar. Unfortunately, he passed away a year after. I felt like I had to keep going for him.

Question: Which person would you love to collaborate with? Dead or alive?

Em: Amy Winehouse! Someone alive, though, who inspired me to step outside my comfort zone, would be ZZ Ward.

Question: How would you describe your music?

Em: Funk rock!

Party Guru has a full interview with Em Possible by Danielle Sparano here.

Go check out these two superb artists!

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Barbed Wire Reef: Finding Success In A Pandemic

The constant beat from the DJ in the corner by the bar sets the mood for the lounge atmosphere at the Barbed Wire Reef restaurant and bar. Owner Rico Aragon began the story of Barbed Wire Reef (BWR) in 2011 using a friend’s pickup truck and trailer which they brought to festivals. After about a year and a half, he worked his way up from that truck and trailer to his first food truck. Then as his popularity grew, one truck became two, two trucks became three, and finally, he was able to realize his goal of opening his own restaurant. From those humble beginnings to the main restaurant, the secondary location at the Edgewater Public Marketplace, and a small fleet of food trucks, this culinary experience has become quite popular with the Denver restaurant and bar crowd. Although, BWR’s growth has not come without its share of challenges.

As with any restaurant, the coordination of opening a location can be quite daunting. Building permits, staff, and ingredient sourcing are difficult enough and anything extra could be the straw that broke the camel’s back. How much more devastating is a worldwide pandemic? For BWR it meant laying off 85% of the staff. However, out of tragedy comes innovation. The dining space at BWR includes two large bay doors that extend out onto the patio opening the entire building. This has the effect of being reminiscent of large seating tents at festivals. Moreover, the bay doors help accommodate ventilation and social distancing. To hear Rico put it, “People are eager to have something to do. We can have good social distancing, a great vibe, good food, good drinks; I think we can make it happen”. That is exactly what they have done with their environment and their cuisine.

For instance, BWR is making this happen with events that will safely allow people to go out and have fun. Recently, BWR and Party Guru Productions hosted an event called Friday Night FUNKtion ft Britton Lee & Que. At the event, guests were encouraged to reserve tables that they would be seated at for the night. When not eating or drinking guests had their masks on. Additionally, a sanitation station was provided. Events like this may become more commonplace as the pandemic continues. Rico hinted at a couple of similar events like a Taco Tuesday or a Wing Wednesday. While the atmosphere is good, the food is better.

To illustrate how good the food is, BWR has a wild game menu which includes: Elk, Venison, Wild Boar, Buffalo, Rattlesnake, and Kangaroo. The rattlesnake comes as a peppery bratwurst garnished with sauerkraut and mustard set on a flaky split-top bun. The rattlesnake brat is tender but has a peppery bite which is highlighted by the sweet but slightly tart pinch of the sauerkraut and the robust heat of the mustard. At the same time, the kangaroo burger stands out in its own way. The burger comes on a soft roll with lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, grilled jalapeno, avocado, and Mexican asadero cheese. Surprisingly, kangaroo meat is sweet. Combined with the toppings the burger comes out exquisitely creamy thanks to the cheese and the avocado. There are notes of tart caramelized onions and a touch of heat from the jalapeno

Photos By Jesse Haswell

In summary, the great food, atmosphere, and care for their customers has helped Barbed Wire Reef overcome the challenges of operating in the middle of a pandemic.



The Funk Hunters and Westwood Records Takeover the Ogden

The Funk Hunters, an innovative Canadian based producer-duo, took the Ogden Theater by storm on Friday night. Which, included Defunk and Moontricks, all artists on Westwood Recordings. Westwood, founded by Nick Middleton of The Funk Hunters is a label that curates the freshest and hottest new talent. Their movement has been making a statement globally and their artists are a staple in the festival scene. No doubt, the show offered funky and heavy grooves that made for an irresistible dance party. And don’t forget, Denver based Ryan Maher kicked off the show with his blissful bass fusion. There wasn’t a single dull moment. The show definitely proved to be an immersive and dynamic experience that explored the boundaries of bass, glitch-hop, funk, and blues.

The Experience

The Funk Hunters, Defunk, & Moontricks showcased an international fusion of roots sentiments, funky grooves, and modern production. The flow of the show was thoughtfully designed and it seemed like all three artists were performing one big setlist. However, each act had its own distinctive performance and style. Starting off, Ryan Maher brought the party to life with heavy bass and impressive guitar chops. Following him, Moontricks engaged the audience with their addicting backwoods blues and bass. Despite still being early in the night, the whole crowd was stomping their feet and singing along with huge smiles on their faces. Moontricks have figured out how to delicately combine the raw and the refined sides of the musical realm. Overall, their performance offered a journey through the heavy emotions of roots music and the stimulation of modern EDM. 

Next up, Defunk stepped up to the plate. His performance really glued the whole show together. Clearly, Defunk is very versatile. Not only does he have heavy drops to please the rowdiest headbangers but he also has tasteful electronic that melts with funky grooves. He was able to maintain the euphoric vibe that Moontricks set had while building the energy before The Funk Hunters unleashed the climatic performance of the night.

The Funk Climax

By the time The Funk Hunters went on, the crowd was warmed up and ready to get the funk down. Production kicked in full force. Their set was full of surprises and included a drop in from Dominic Lailli of Big Gigantic on their new collab “Higher”. In fact, there is no doubt that The Funk Hunters have an incredible ability to work a crowd and the extensive repertoire to back it up. Plus, they are able to wrangle in a wide variety of fans from drum & bass heads to mainstream listeners.


All in all, the show was a memorable experience and introduced more people to the Westwood Recordings movement. It’s not often you attend a show that is so cohesive yet, offers such a depth of talented production, musicianship, and crowd interaction.

Photos by Patrik Essy / Written by Justin Long

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Your Next Favorite Band: Tnertle Funks Up Cervantes Ballroom

About the Band

Tnertle is an eight piece Electro-Funk and Hip-Hop group based out of Denver. The band was formed by childhood friends Trent and Kyle who both attended Berklee College of Music. Shortly after graduation, the band was officially debuted. Since the formation in 2012, Tnertle has evolved into a bigger beast with a full horn line, rapper, and more. They are building momentum nationally and their hometown shows are a rowdy spectacle that simply can’t be missed. The show at Cervantes last Friday was no exception. The night was strong from start to finish with refreshing opening sets from Telemetry and Melody Lines.

The Show

Tnertle’s set was a serendipitous Funk-athon with captivating dynamics and theatrics. Their rock-solid rhythm section lead by Trent Campbell delivered a powerful foundation. Meanwhile, the upper registers were occupied by irresistibly catchy horn melodies. 

Often, instrumental bands lack the delivery that lyrical content provides, but Tnertle never seemed to lose the audience’s attention. Consequently, their funky melodies are uniquely memorable. For instance, as soon as my attention showed any sign of fading, Ray Salzar would pop on stage and throw down high energy bars and jolt me back into the groove. The band’s groove was always in the pocket and the crowd was getting down as a whole. Everyone’s eyes were focused on the band who dominated the stage with a squadron of charismatic heavy-hitters. In addition, their costumes embodied the vibe. Trent was wearing a headband and goggles in true ninja turtle fashion. And the rest were dressed in flashy and distinguishably unique apparel. 

Organizing and writing as a normal band is not an easy task. However, Tnertle adds in electric cello, a full horn line and electronic tracks on top of that. Despite being a massive band with so many moving parts, they are able to maintain a clean, cohesive sound. Clearly, all of the members have incredible listening skills and a dedication to the overall sound. In addition, the band refrains from prolonged jams helping them steer clear of the jam band enigma that turns away many mainstream listeners. For Tnertle, it’s all about the groove. They produce seamless, funky, Hip-Hop beats that make for a crunk-d up and electrifying dance party.


Overall, Tnertle has found their niche in a thriving music scene. Furthermore, the mixture of EDM, Funk, and Hip-Hop proved to be the perfect recipe to keep Cervantes’ busy late into the night. Regardless, if you are looking to just dance or enjoy virtuosic musicianship, a Tnertle show offers it all. Undoubtedly, Tnertle will remain relevant for years to come.

Article by Justin Long | Photos by Patrik Essy

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Break Science: Back in Boulder on Friday the 13th

The funky electronic duo, Break Science, brought their best when performing in Boulder at the Fox Theatre last Friday. Also bringing along some friends, MIDIcinal and GODLAZER, the show was sure to cater to all funk, jazz and disco fans. Production was nothing short of great as the lasers cast above the crowd. Being in the middle of Boulder, even walking to and from your car was beautiful as the city was prepped for Christmas. From playing classic songs to the old ones that the fans love, all artists made sure to play everything in between. Being signed to Pretty Lights Music, Colorado is a special place for this duo having come out of Denver. They brought in the crowd, making it even more special to see their home state support that strong.


MIDIcinal sat down with Party Guru Productions not too long ago for an interview. During the interview he shared that one of his friends was coming to town that day. That friend ended up being GODLAZER. It made for an even more interesting show when MIDIcinal brought him out as a guest DJ. Along with him came a bass player which added an even more funky original element to the set. Living in Denver, Boulder must of been a special performance for him. Not being too far away from home, more friends are able to make it out for support and to enjoy the music! MIDIcinal will be a part of a toy drive coming up; you can read more about it on his social media pages below!

Break Science

For being Friday the 13th, there weren’t too many spooky things happening. The lasers were twisting in directions my camera has never seen before, but we can blame that on the music. Break Science has also performed at this venue before around this time last year, making it very clear during the show that Colorado is one of their favorite places to perform. To see more about Break Science and where you might be able to catch them live check it out below!

Photos By Patrik Essy

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Mile High City Experiences Break Science and Friends

It’s no secret that the Mile High City, aka Denver, is the bass music capital. However, you also don’t have to go far to see that the city’s denizens love to get funky as well. Perhaps no show emphasized this more than Break Science and friends at Mile High Spirits.

Mile High Spirits is known as a wonderful concert venue, and is loved by artists in the funky genre. Last time Party Guru Press visited Mile High Spirits was when Michal Menert was in town. The venue was perfect as an after party spot for the Griz show at the Fillmore. The attendees experienced a flurry of funk jams, bass beats, and incredible feel good vibes at both shows. Not only did the crowd witness the sounds of Break Science (composed of members from Pretty Lights Live and Lettuce) but the Denver-based support was also a joy. Namely, Shuj Roswell, Underlux, and Since JulEYE.

Photos by Ash Daniels

The Funk Begins in the Mile High City

First up brought us Mile High City resident Since JulEYE – an eclectic multi-genre mix of turntabilism, keys, and music production and mixing. The three piece live band left a great impression as an opener and set the mood off right. While only on the scene since 2017 – the group sure didn’t sound like it – polished and high energy, they were a blast. They did a great job off filling out the Mile High Spirits’ garage.

Following up the group came Underlux, offering an equally eclectic mix of musical influences. Having started in Hip-hop but moving into accessible EDM while swaying into dub, DNB, funk and trap, he did a great job of captivating the crowd. During this time, we witnessed quite a few people stream in from the outdoor patio during his set. Another perfectly fitting act that help catapult the crowd’s energy into the next act.

Photos by Ash Daniels

Soon after Underlux finished up entered Shuj Roswell and crew. A diverse range of musical artists appeared – from live drums, to keys, to sax and trumpet – it was a party. The group fused traditional sample based hip-hop with warm analog sounds, as well as hard hitting beats sets, which they call Funktronadelic. The drummer for the group was particularly electric, keeping the crowd moving and grooving throughout the entire show. The live brass was also a welcome addition, adding some depth into an otherwise already great performance. Saxophone and trumpet fused together to breath life into the room. It is no wonder Shuj Roswell has worked along the likes of Michal Menert, Exmag, and STS9.

Break Science at Mile High Spirits

Finally, the moment the Mile High City was all waiting for – Break Science. Both Borahm Lee and Adam Deitch took the stage and the crowd swelled. There is a reason these guys are labeled as electro-soul pioneers. Jamming and weaving in and out of familiar hits, such as “Once In a While,” “Brain Reaction,” and “Cruise Control,” the pair lit up the room with their subtle but effective video panels and soaring melodies. Trip-hop, dub, and jazz were bountiful, while break-beat drumming kept pace throughout the night.

All and all, the Mile High Spirits knows how to throw a party. The lineup was perfectly curated. The lineup built on top of each other from beginning to finish. Each act was intentional about creating the perfect atmosphere, and the venue was extremely conducive to the vibe that was created. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing any of these acts, do so ASAP, as you may not have truly lived until you do.

Bonobo with Planes Blows Our Minds Away

The event of the year just passed through Denver, and if you missed out that’s too bad! Bonobo brought his Outlier tour to Air over the Rockies Air & Space Museum and did not disappoint. The venue was absolutely insane! All the party-goers were tucked inside of an actual airplane hanger, with jets and planes sorted out all around and hanging from the ceiling as well. The sound production was not something to mess with either, they brought a top notch system so fans really got to hear all the bangers. The lighting and stage production were beautiful as well, the featured artist were on a lifted stage so everyone could see from any point of view! Bonobo hosted an A-1 opening line up that consisted of Catching Flies, B.Traits, Quantic Music, Mall Grab and of course, the queen, TOKiMONSTA.


Photos by Roberto Loya

Catching Flies and B.Traits both performed a live set that was absolutely killer and the best way to kick off the night. Quantic Music played a DJ set that got the crowd really moving, playing original tracks and also bringing some funk heat from his newest album, Atlantic Oscillations. Quantic really showed his diversity from the group and stood out by letting his fun, funky, story-telling style shine through. Next up was Mall Grab who turned the night into a whole different direction! The Australian producer did not come to play around. Mall Grab played techno hits one after another, not giving the crowd any down time. Denver was lucky enough to catch some of Mall Grab‘s recently released hits from his newest EP, Growing Pains.

Before Bonobo we were blessed with the queen herself, TOKiMONSTA. TOKiMONSTA never fails to throw an unforgettable set, and this was not an exception. The Grammy nominated producer played some of the crowd favorites, such as “Rose’s Thorn,” . TOKiMONSTA was the perfect lead into Bonobo. Bonobo is the god of his downtempo style, and his air and space museum performance did nothing but solidify that. Bonobo did not let us down, he brought everything that we love so much about him. Keeping things interesting and almost telling a story through out his whole set. It’s was a night nobody wanted to end.

Photos by Roberto Loya

Bonobo is on his “Outlier” tour, bringing along different friends to select cities. Bonobo will only be on this tour for a couple more stops, and it is a guaranteed night of fun. If you want to check out this rad show, click here to see if he’s coming to a city near you!

Same Same But Different Festival 2019

Are you ready for Same Same But Different Festival?!

Nominated for 2018’s “Best New Festival” – XLIVE FestX Awards

Same Same But Different (SSBD) is all about respect and individuality of the mind, body and spirit, while exploring new or different genres of music.  SSBD wants everyone to dance and be silly and give more than you get! Explore and be free on the beach, swimming in the ocean water or climbing the mountains. 

Seriously, whether you want to listen to various styles of electronic music, funk, or even unique singers, while paddle boarding or lounging in a hammock in the woods, you can actually choose between them all here. If you have the Party Guru in you, squeeze in all of the activities. Bring your RV or enjoy GA camping with the rest. You even have a huge Yoga Lounge and a Coconut Club at your fingertips, and plenty of space for an RV if you buy a pass. Check out the festival map!

Lineup includes:



A record producer in the EDM scene since 2011. House, Grime, Trap and Hip Hop

(One of my personal all time favorites!) BEATS ANTIQUE:

An electronic dance group hailing from Oakland, CA that has graced the festival scene with their futuristic historical vibes since 2007.  Featuring multi talented performance artists. They will also be headlining Arise festival next month! (8/2-8/4)


A funk band from upstate New York that has released 4 albums since 2011.  They have played many festivals and shows across the U.S. and sure know how to get the party grooving


A jazzy, modern hiphop style live band that has played with the likes of Gramatik and Griz.


A magical electronic percussionist that plays many covers and originals.


 According to her bandcamp(edited):”Minneapolis-based producer and vocalist Megan Hamilton fulfills her mantra of “causing funky riots and catchy house tunes” with her newest EP, Feed the Animals, out now on Gravitas Recordings.  Megan’s two biggest influences are midtempo glitch hop and house music.”









an americana, folk, funk, jam, rock, songwriter, traditional group from San Diego, CA.


a high-energy live band from San Diego, California with new school ‘Feel Good Funk & Soul’ 


According to their site “The four members make Coral Bells, an indie folk-and-roll tribe of vinyl junkies and dreamers.” 


Garage pop from Ocean Beach, CA


Indie surf rock from San Diego


a heavy psychedelic-progressive rock band that came to life in Ocean Beach, California.


Singer, lyricist and poet that brings in soul, blues, jazz, trip-hop, electronica, spoken word, and psychedelic music from San Diego, CA.  



To convince you to join this festival even further, check out the recap from last year!

2018 RECAP:

– All ages, under 18 must be accompanied by adult. 21+ to drink. More information, details and FAQ here

– 2018 Photos and Recap available here

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Lettuce Illuminates Red Rocks

Lettuce has been pushing the boundaries of classic funk for over two decades, and their passion and cohesion were undeniable during their most recent show at Red Rocks, on June 15th, 2019. Drummer Adam Deitch, guitarists Adam Smirnoff, bassist Erick “Jesus” Coomes, keyboardist and vocalist Nigel Hall, saxophonist Ryan Zoidis, and trumpet player Eric Bloom—the band consistently displays an applauded mastery of their respective crafts, but it is evident that their brilliance rests in their seamless unity as a band.

The night began with a lively performance by The Soul Rebels and then a seamless hour of TAUK. Lettuce divided their session into a Jerry Garcia Band set that was followed by Pure Lettuce! The crowd was under a spell; mesmerized by all three bands exploration and dive into the construction of the music for the night.

Photos By Summer Taylor

Leaving Red Rocks that night, we looked around and saw people glowing with the experience they had just had. Some bands bring out the magic of Red Rocks, and this band certainly understands its place among this beautiful outdoor theater. It was a night not to miss and a concert that will not be forgotten by many.

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