Sfam And Friends With A Spicy Guest

Sfam And Friends With A Spicy Guest

Sfam headlined Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver bringing a spicy special guest along for the night.

The Openers

Starting the night off was Contra Scandal. He is a Denver local producer known for producing deep bass tracks and incorporating the violin into his live sets.

The next act of the evening was Big City. They are a duo based out of Virginia producing experimental bass music. Big City really got the crowd moving. They are known to release a lot of music with Meso’s music collectiveSpicy Bois.” They have also released an EP with Boogie T’s Label “Drama Club Recordings“.

As the night went on UM.. (um dot dot) graced the stage. They have so much original music released independently. In addition, they have released music on labels such as “Electric Hawk” and “Dead Beats”. All in all, they really set the tone for what was to come.

Photos & Article By: Ethan Klement

Once the time came for sfam, they wasted no time to get into their set. These guys didn’t come to the bass capital to not drop some heavy-hitting bass. They also debuted multiple unreleased IDs and collaborations such as a new song with fellow New Orleans producer Tvboo, getting a cheering reaction from the crowd.

Aftersfam concluded their set, they were preparing to bring out the special guest they’ve been teasing for a few days prior to the event.

As they announced that they had brought Meso founder of music collective “Spicy Bois” out to play the remaining hour slot of the night, the crowd went crazy. Throughout his hour-long set he played out his newest collaboration with LSDream “Love Rocket.” This lineup of artists was all around stacked for some up-and-coming experimental bass producers to push their sound.

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New EP from Mize Captivates the Music Scene

Mize is an emerging experimental bass producer from Alabama. During the past few years, he has won over the electronic music community with a magnetic appeal that comes through in his innovative style of music production. 

This week, Mize returns to the music scene with a highly anticipated EP, Balancing Act. His innovation and talent are obvious throughout this EP as Mize demonstrates his unwavering ability to create music of exceptional quality. This EP takes listeners on a journey filled with peaceful atmospheres and whimsical melodies, complete with exciting and energetic drops. Balancing Act is now available to listen to on all streaming services.

Mize’s Creative Journey

Ian Evans started producing music in 2012. For the first several years into his project, he went by the alias ‘ianqt.’ Eventually, he changed his name to Mize to memorialize his grandmother’s last name. 

Mize discovered his signature style by pushing the boundaries of electronic music and experimenting with sound designs. He was inspired by genre-defying artists such as Tipper and Netsky. Mize spent years mastering his craft, developing a sound that combines psychedelic downtempo and melodic dubstep with hip-hop influences.

In 2020, Mize debuted with WAKAAN when he released his single and follow-up EP titled ‘Thought Process.’ In February 2021, he released ‘Satori,’ a collaborative single with Super Future. This was the first single released on Liquid Stranger’s new downtempo label, SSKWAN. Now, Mize is returning to SSKWAN with his EP, Balancing Act. A testament to Mize’s ever-growing talent, this EP demonstrates his potential to become a top artist in electronic music.

“Balancing Act is both a call back to some of the sounds and places that made this project come together in the beginning as well as a foreshadow of the new ideas, techniques, and themes I’ve been diving into as of late. Constantly as I grow older I notice that many aspects of my life are endless periods of balancing many things whether they be relationships, work, leisure, time, and even things as simple as taking care of your own body. I find that sometimes being an artist can be a Balancing Act of adopting new ideas while also attempting to keep the essence of what brought me here alive.” —MIZE

Photos Provided by SSWKAN


The incredible talent of Mize is undeniably inspiring a new generation of music producers. We are so excited to see what he does next. Click here to listen to Balancing Act, now out on all streaming services!

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