Evanoff’s Debut Album, SINGULARITY, Is Here On March 2nd


Evanoff’s Debut Album, SINGULARITY, Is Here On March 2nd

Get To Know Evanoff

Evanoff is a Colorado-based trio that produces and performs music under the self-proclaimed genre “dream rock”. Their electronic-rock hybrid sound has attracted listeners within Colorado and throughout the United States. Their mission as a band is to provide euphoric and uplifting experiences through their music. But, that’s not all. Evanoff also strives to break down cultural boundaries and create a community of like-minded individuals in order to help the world better understand humanity.

Over the past few years, Evanoff has really worked to push their unique music, sound, and inspiring message. Specifically, they have performed at venues across the United States, creating a cult following of sorts. They already have a sold-out tour under their belt which was their most recent tour, the Fall tour.


On March 2nd, 2022, Evanoff will release their debut album, “SINGULARITY”. This album is highly anticipated by listeners everywhere. According to Evanoff, “SINGULARITY” isn’t just a collection of songs. Instead, “it is a concept album that flows as a single piece of music and brings to light important conversations about society that we need to be having.”

For their debut album, Evanoff is going back to their roots and incorporating elements from their early musical influences as opposed to the jamtronica that they’ve been focusing on most recently. When listening to “SINGULARITY”, listeners will be reminiscent of the sounds of Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Metallica, and Led Zeppelin. In othe

r words, this album is going to be heavy-hitting and full of energy. For example, the first track of the album, titled “Zizkov”, does little to ease you into the album and comes out strong from the get-go.

What To Expect

SINGULARITY” is a glorious work of art. Truly, it proves to be an emotional listening experience from start to finish. Evanoff combines soaring lead guitars, massive drums, and intelligent sound design in each and every song. In fact, this is the type of music that you can expect to hear at huge stadium rock shows.

Throughout the album, different monologues and interludes are included. The purpose of these is to remind listeners of the approaching singularity. The term singularity can be defined as “the moment in which technology and humans become one”. Some of the topics that are brought up during the album are serious and can be controversial. However, Evanoff isn’t trying to take a stance on the varying topics. What they are trying to do is remind people how important it is to have these conversations with others.

“The Future Is Now”

Evanoff‘s upcoming debut album, “SINGULARITY”, does a wonderful job of sharing the band’s mission with its listeners. Furthermore, it provides a beautiful and emotional listening experience full of important topics relevant to the world as we see it today. On March 2nd, listeners will finally have this masterpiece in their hands. It’s only a few days away!

Currently, Evanoff has a few upcoming tour dates scheduled. On March 5th, they will be performing at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver, CO. After stopping in Steamboat Springs on March 12th, they’re off to tour the East Coast as well as the midwest. Great news; they’ll be back in Colorado this summer for Sonic Bloom!

To keep up with the band, check out their website, social media accounts, and music streaming pages below.

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