An Interview With Future Joy

Up and coming musical duo Future Joy has been blazing a trail of success for themselves for the past 2 years. They’ve began making quite a name for themselves in a relatively short amount of time and have become one of the most exciting funk and bass music duos to keep our eyes on. 

We’re thrilled to say that we’ve recently had the chance to get to know them a little better and ask a few questions in the form of an email interview. The eclectic duo filled us in with the details behind their newest single “Triple Stack” featuring Vibe Street. They’ve also let us in on some of their biggest musical inspirations as well as some backstory on themselves as artist on their journey into and through the music scene both as individuals and as a duo.

Interview: Future Joy

Party Guru Press: Lets start by talking about your newest single “Triple Stack” with Vibe Street. The song is funky and upbeat and seems like it would’ve been a lot of fun to work on…

-What was the best part of working on this new release?

-Is there anything worth telling telling about the creative process that shaped this one?

-What is your relationship with Vibe Street like and are there any plans to work with them again in the future?

Future Joy: We met Ben, aka Vibe Street at Mad Mountain festival in Casper, WY the summer of 2020. We brought our RV/renegade stage and were able to jam with him after his sets. We hit the road full-time shortly after.

In November we headed back to Colorado for some other recording sessions and got word that Ben and our friend Austin were working on music. We drove straight through from Arizona, arrived around 2am and started recording. We spent the whole weekend working on a few different projects but this song was the most fun.

Austin started with a ukulele bass line, Zach laid Baritone sax, Ben did the rap, Emily played the synth line and sang the backups, Kyle was there for moral support- the song was starting to take form. It was truly a family collab! We enjoyed our time hanging at Ben’s studio and I think we would all enjoy making another song together sometime soon.


Party Guru Press: So how did you two meet? what initially sparked your creative flow as a duo?

Future Joy: Zach attended a karaoke night that Emily was hosting in May of 2019. We both sang, then Zach asked her to sit in with his band the following night, and we’ve been making music together ever since. This was just the beginning. Now we’ve been living on the road in our RV for over a year and have played 80+ shows!


Party Guru Press: You are clearly both quite musically inclined; not just with music production but with actual instruments as well. Of course we know you love to incorporate the saxophone, which you seem to feature feature throughout the majority of your songs…

-So where did that all come from? What got you started playing music and specifically saxophone in the first place?

Future Joy: Zach started playing saxophone in fifth grade. Emily started piano lessons in grade school and classical vocal trining in high school. We both spent the last 10 years as club/bar DJs. So we were well trained in the dj/electronic side, as well as many other genres of music.

Zach has always been playing sax with DJs, so combining the live element with the tracks just made sense. Emily had been singing in bands, and playing bedroom piano, so it also made sense to start combining everything. We added the piano to the set last winter and its been fun to watch the project grow.


Party Guru Press: How has your creative process evolved since you originally began your musical journey? Do you have a routine for producing? Also how does that reflect in your newest project?

Future Joy: Our only routine for producing is to get friends involved. Collaboration is really what takes our songs to the next level. On this project Ben and especially Austin wanted to stay behind the scenes though, so you only get his first name and no artist name. Hehe..

Party Guru Press: Who are your biggest influences or other artists within your genre that have helped inspire your style of music? And do you ever take influence from artist that aren’t necessarily in the same realm or genre that you produce? Have any of them added any additional inspiration to your new release? Or any of your releases?

Future Joy: Zach grew up in Denver playing funk, jam, and electronic. The scene in Denver is so eclectic it really helped him expand his sax playing and enjoyment of many genres. In electronic Music; Daft Punk, Deadmau5, and Excision are early inspirations. On the Sax Sonny Rollins, and Skerik are his big inspirations.

Emily grew up outside Chicago and House music runs through her veins. She had the chance to see world-class acts come through the city and takes inspiration from Anabel Englund, Nicolas Jaar, and Disclosure. She spent the past 9 years DJing and singing at weddings and corporate events so musical diversity was important. It’s fun to be able to play funk, pop, dance, house, rock, hip hop, dub, and bass all at the same party. We strive to stay eclectic in our Future Joy sets too.

Party Guru Press: So 2021 looks like it has been a busy year for you two… Whats been some of the biggest highlights so far?

Future Joy: We had some great shows and festivals this year. Notably: Fool’s Engagement Festival in Branford, FL and being able to fill-in last minute for Russ Liquid, opening for Manic Focus in Gainesville. FL. We also had a blast at our Denver homecoming at Your Moms House in July.

Party Guru Press: We see that you have a show coming up in Denver on October 15th at Summit Music Hall… Are you excited for this one?

-What can we expect to hear from you that night?

-Any chances of bringing out Vibe Street when playing that new tune?

Future Joy: We are sooooo excited for Summit! We got to link up with Float Like A Buffalo in Tulsa, OK last week and the show was huge energy. Denver get readyyyy!!! We plan to play high energy and show Denver a taste of everything we got. We brought Vibe Street to play the collab at our headliner back in July, but since we’re opening we probably won’t have features on October 15th at Summit. We may or may not be joining the Float guys for a special encore though, wink wink. Its also our last show in town before we head south!

Party Guru Press: Anything exciting happening for the remainder of the year? What plans or goals can you share with us regarding performances or new music leading up to 2022 and beyond?

Future Joy: Performing at Summit in Denver and then we truck it to 10.23 at VooSwar in Atlantic Beach, FL and then 10.28 we’re bringing our renegade RV stage to Hulaween. After that we have some festivals in December and February already coming together in Florida. We don’t want to see anymore snow, so find us down south for winter. 🙂 We have big plans of hitting every festival we possibly can next summer!

Party Guru Press: So tell us… how is your biggest canine supporter, Gus doing? Still Repping the “Future Joy” merch?

Future Joy: Gus is the best!!! We adopted him last October while on the road in Virginia. So he was there while the song was created. He loves the road and we truly think he saved ussss!!! FurrGusSon Joy our saviorrrr!!

Party Guru Press: Lastly, we’d love to know… would you two consider yourselves “Party Gurus”!?

Future Joy: We Definitely consider ourselves Party Gurus! We linked up for a stream back in 2020 and we’ve been on the guru train ever since. Woo! 

With all the excitement around their newest single as well as their ambitious plans for the coming year, Future Joy is without a doubt among the most exciting up and coming duos to look out for. Their future shows featuring their marvelously wide range of genres and high energy performances are something worth getting excited about. 

Their desire for a friends and family environment within each of their projects is admirable and inspiring, as is their passion for collaboration with equally exciting artists. Its clear that they thrive off of the creative freedom that comes with sharing thoughts and ideas with like-minded artists who share similar musical visions. That is something that reflects highly throughout their latest release. 

We’d like to thank them for their time spent getting back to us for the interview, and we thoroughly look forward to watching the progress of this incredibly promising duo. We’re wishing them the very best with all of their future endeavors. Thank you, Future Joy!









DISCOvery Ghost Club: A Club That Doesn’t Exist

music industry. The CDC has banned live shows so artists have been forced to get creative. Mahesh Patel and Kostas Kouremenos teamed up with Global Dance Festival’s production help to create a secure social platform for people to come together and enjoy live music. The pair has spent the last 4 months creating, correcting, and perfecting the DISCOvery Ghost Club for music lovers everywhere.

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A Conversation with Levitation Jones

After finishing up two nights at The Black Box and having an EP on the way, Levitation Jones has been making some serious moves. Responsible and socially distance that is. Selling out four shows at Black Box Denver, Levitation Jones has started off 2021 with getting to show what he can do. We recently had the chance to sit down with him to have a quick conversation. As we get into this interview we learn a ton about the new EP, how he spent his days of 2020, a standup act that may be in the works, and much more. Read everything that was talked about in the full interview below.

Party or No?

The conversation starts off like any other would, with some “Hey, what’s up?” and “How have you been”. As hellos have been exchanged we dive deep into the questions. We ask if his shows at The Black Box were some of the first that he is doing with Covid restrictions.

Levitation Jones responds with, “I’ve been taking opportunities. I find that with the concept of prohibition dosent work, people are going to party whether you tell them to or not. Why not go be a good influence, ya know? I played a show and the promoter pulled me to the back and asked if there was anything they could do differently? I told him, to be honest they didn’t push the mask recruitment thing hard enough but the distancing was fine. We played a show the day before and masks were super enforced. For that exact reason people were more comfortable dancing near each other, while giving space, which made for a way more energetic crowd.”

“The promoter said thank you and he would enforce mandatory masks. I felt that was a good influence, i’m not a hero for doing this but I feel it’s in my heart that I gotta do. I’m also trying not to get evicted, it’s not like I can make a million dollars right now to pay rent. I don’t have that option, I am kinda back against the wall. There is a lot weighing against me but I don’t blame people for being mad at me in a way. I’m still not going to listen to it. I’m not a Covid denier, I just feel there’s something weird going on here that we aren’t seeing. I am kinda trying to stay out of everyones way.” Brian tells.

Day Job

We continue on the chat asking Brian if he has a day job. “You know when Okeechobee came around I quit my day job. I sometimes have a day job I sometimes don’t. Since I have lived here I started working at this place that was walking distance away. It was great at first because I was having the hours to allow me time to work on music while also being able to get hours in at the job. They started to ask for more hours and I was definitely trying to get less hours. Then I played Okeechobee and I thought, I am going to try to do music full time again. So I have forever been here, trying to survive.”

“Do music full time during a pandemic, real genius move, right?” Brian jokes.

Livestreams and Live Sets

“You have been doing quite a bit of livestreams during this all haven’t you?” Patrik asks.

“At first they were okay. If you caught somebody on payday you’d probably be alright, or if you had some sort of established following. I can’t get more than 20 people to get on my stream at a time now and it’s not like any of them are really donating. But that’s fine! I like practicing and playing for people. Sometimes you’ll get a nice day where you’ll make $20-$40 which is always cool. As the governments been less generous and everyone has been struggling, I know I haven’t been the only one out here struggling. It’s been pretty obvious in donations and what’s available as an artist.”

Our conversations begins to lead into the direction of live sets, as Levitation Jones recently sold out two nights at The Black Box. “How did it feel from playing these livestreams to playing sold out shows in front of a live audience?”

Levitation Jones responds, “It was really cool, ya know? I definitely enjoy the fact that people get it enough to buy tickets to a show of mine during an experience like this. I am the right guy to play a seated table show. It feels like I got the right tunes for that attitude and I think everyone had a pretty good time with the experience. There are some other people out here selling out shows also which makes it feel good to know that you aren’t alone here.”

Standup Act

Activities that one may do in their free time can range from a number of things. For Brian it is working on a standup bit, “I was thinking about starting to do open mic nights. I have been writing some standup bits, unrelated from bass music. I have like eight minutes, I haven’t even practiced it at all. It’s very interactive and physical with the crowd, it dosent really work unless you can watch me up on stage being a dingus.” Brian jokes.

“We are going to see if it’s alright first. I am going to be super humble about it. If it’s alright like people laugh, we’ll run it. If it bombs we can say that we tried and it’s not for me.” Brian tells us.

We then ask Brian about what he has done with his time during quarantine. “I felt very comfortable executing on creating listening music instead of club music. That is something that I always wanted to do, I say always all the time, it is something that has been in almost every release. I put in some sort of chill song or laid back song that is not meant for the club. For this upcoming EP called Morality is Subjective, it has four songs that are all very chill and downtempo-ish. It’s all very different influences of stuff that you might not normally hear at a dubstep and/or weird bass event. I am excited to introduce a lot of that, my fans may not know a lot of these wave sounds so we will see how that goes.”

EP Coming Soon

Now, about the upcoming EP. We are insanely curious as to more details about it. We question Brian with, “Touching on the EP a bit more, when is it supposed to come out.”

“We’re making sure that it is perfect, which is always a conundrum and oxymoron. I have a certain vision of how I want the master to sound on each track. Two of them are done and we are waiting on two, one I am very back and forth on. We want to make sure it’s good. It’s all very awesome already and I am confident in the music as far as what I want to listen to. I tried to make music that I wanted to listen to or music that you could hangout with. It’s nice thinking tunes.” Brian says.

“Would you say that you are starting to develop your own sound if you haven’t already?” Patrik questions.

“Yeah! Some random kid at one of my shows told me he heard my new EP. I had played a few of the tunes at the club that night. The kid tells me, I don’t mean this in a weird personal way, this is kinda you starting at square one again. I was like I get it. Yeah, it was a bit weird to hear that right after a set but I was like okay I do get that.” Brian tells us.

“This is the first time I have released music after cutting my hair, it’s kinda a reset on who I was trying to be and how I was trying to approach the music industry. I don’t have an agent now and it’s a lot of changing points. I think i’m a lot more confident in my music production now than I was before. At this point I believe I can be taken serious as a music producer with this release.” Brian shares.

Behind the Scenes

Touching a bit more on the two nights at Black Box with Levitation Jones, we asked about how he chose the artists to open up for him. We also asked if he booked all his own gigs since he doesn’t have an agent.

“I came up with all the themes, I did do a lot of the communication, and handpicked all of the openers. No I didn’t do all the work.” Brian laughs.

“Yes, I wanted to go with people that I have been a fan of for awhile. I am a huge fan of a lot of artists from the Denver local scene. There is so many artists from Denver who go under the radar who nobody really cares about. If these guys moved to Connecticut where I am or Rhode Island where I was coming up, they would be doing great! There is not a lot of music producers out here doing okay. There is a handful that are and are very talented but it’s not very competitive in a way. You can stand out very quickly if you’re making really good music. Tons of these people are.”

MYXED UP and QILIN were very awesome openers. I have known them for a long time and have been supporting them for a long time. Putting them in my mixes and all that good stuff, we slowly started talking more and more and to be honest they were some of the first people that I thought of. They played great!”

Music Scene of Connecticut

Finally we ask, how the EDM or bass music scene is out where he lives.

“It’s interesting you know, there is a real EDM blanket scene everywhere. The underground bass scene is very Tipper oriented, that’s a good baseline. There is a lot of Truth’s Deep Dark and Dangerous energy up here, there’s a lot of roots connected with their business in this area. You see a lot of your standard deep dubstep and squishy bass and psychedelic stuff. It’s cool because there is a bit more of a crowd for the downtempo community.”

Brian shares with us a story of before Covid when he was able to play his music. “I would be playing house parties, pre Covid of course, where it was big cuddle puddles and mattresses on the floor where I would be playing three hour sets into the sunrise with these nice big windows. Everyone is hanging out listening to music. Very beautiful. It is a much smaller community up here.” Brian tells us.

“The people don’t really like me up here honestly” Brian laughs. “They don’t understand my jokes really. They like me everywhere else in the country a lot more than here. Which it’s weird why I am from here!”


Growing up listening to artists such as Deftones and The Prodigy, Brian says these were a few of his influences. He also watched Jackass and Viva La Bam heavily growing up, which he says could be some of the reasons for his shenanigans. This four track EP is to be on the lookout for, you will not want to miss this.

Levitation Jones was on the radio at the age of 18 putting on a radio shows, he started creating music around that age as well. “These parties are sick, they’ve made me feel at home. You know, I’ve never really felt too comfortable around anyone before.”

“I have been making music for over 10 years.” Brian shares with us as we begin to finish up this interview. “I give my music out for free, I don’t believe in my music being exclusive to a vinyl or to rich people. If you are homeless and have an MP3 player, bump my tunes homies!”

Something to go and check out after this is Levitation Jone’s podcast! You can find that linked here. Jerseys are on the way and much much more music. On behalf of myself and everyone at Party Guru Productions i’d like to thank you for the time to allow us to do this. If you’re still reading this Brian, i’d still like to be one of the first to know about that standup.

Photos From Levitation Jones

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Pump Up The Volume With These New Electronic Music Releases

This summer has been extremely different when comparing it to those of past years. For those in the music community, it has seemed almost desolate at times without the presence of live music, shows, and festivals. However, this change of pace has allowed many producers time to finally hunker down in the studio and get creative.

For instance, this past week was an incredible week for electronic music. Artists of all subgenres released long-awaited singles, EPs, and albums. If you’re a fan of electronic music, keep scrolling to view a list of last week’s fresh releases.

Illenium: “Nightlight” featuring Annika Wells

Illenium‘s most recent single is titled “Nightlight” and features vocals from Annika Wells. This is not the first time that these two have worked together on a song. Remember “Crawl Outta Love“?

This is Illenium‘s first release with 12Tone Music Group. The beautiful melodic sounds from Illenium pair perfectly with Annika Wells‘ soft, breathy vocals to make for a truly enchanting love song. As a matter of fact, many listeners and fans have noted the resemblance between this song and his first major album, Ashes. Seeing as this track is the precursor to his upcoming fourth studio album, we can’t help but be excited.

Listen to “Nightlight” featuring Annika Wells here!

Porter Robinson: “Mirror”

Porter Robinson is a spectacular world-class electronic music producer. His debut album, Worlds, was released in the year 2014. Since then, he’s put out a collection of singles and EPs. In addition, he also works on another project under the name Virtual Self.

Mirror” is a single from his upcoming album, Nurture. According to Porter, this alluring track is “a song about the costs of being hard on yourself” and self-reflection. To clarify, “it can be really liberating to recognize that most of the time, we’re only letting our own thoughts get in the way, and we can do something about it.”

Listen to “Mirror” here!

Disclosure: ENERGY


It’s been five long years since the Lawrence brothers, known as Disclosure, have released an album. And, boy, was it worth the wait. ENERGY is their third studio album. It is composed of 20 songs with a few short interludes mixed in.

Furthermore, this deluxe album incorporates a slew of collaborations. Channel Tres and Kehlani are just a few of the artists that Disclosure got to work with. Even more so, this versatile album features a lot of different sounds including tropical house and R&B. Moreover, intricate percussion is constant throughout as this album proves the diversity of Disclosure‘s sound.

Listen to ENERGY here!

Lane 8 & Friends: Cross Pollination

Lane 8 has become widely known for his peaceful trance music that utterly enchants listeners. For the past seven years, his music has been released via the British record label, Anjunabeats. Additionally, he also has his own label, This Never Happened.

This past week, Lane 8 graced listeners with a mini-album packed with seven different collaborations titled Cross Pollination. His track with Massane, “And We Knew It Was Our Time“, is brand new. In contrast, other tracks have already been out for various amounts of time. Artists that appear on this album include Kasablanca, Yotto, and a handful of others. This album is definitely easy-listening as a result of the repeating elements of soft percussion and piano. On the other hand, “Out Of Sight” with Hexlogic provides a darker feeling track to listen to.

Listen to Cross Pollination here!

Bob Moses: Desire

Bob Moses‘ album Desire is stunningly dark and seductive. The album’s concept came to life after the duo worked with ZHU on the title track, “Desire“. Each track focuses on a different element of the idea of desire when it comes to the lyrics.

This underground masterpiece is designed to be listened to in order from start to finish. According to Bob Moses, the album flows from one song to the next. For example, the feel of a true DJ set was used as inspiration for the album structure. Each song blends together perfectly with the next one and there is no silence between songs. Unsurprisingly, thirty-nine minutes breeze by while listening since this feels like a live mix.

Listen to Desire here!

DVBBS: Nothing To See Here

DVBBS, pronounced “dubs”, is a Canadian electronic music duo that has been releasing music since the year 2012. Their music centers around both big room house and dance-pop genres.

This album contains the perfect mix of high energy vocal-filled tracks, lower tempo R&B sounding tracks, and even some bass-heavy tracks. Additionally, collaborations include BRIDGE, Saro, and more. In short, DVBBS‘ album is absolutely perfect to listen to as summer comes to an end.

Listen to Nothing To See Here here!

Oliver Heldens: “Break This Habit” featuring Kiko Bun

Oliver Heldens is a producer and DJ from the Netherlands who spreads “good vibes & addictive funky beats”. This is a perfect description of his music and sound. That is to say, practically every track will get listeners out of their seats and moving.

During a music writing trip to Ibiza in 2018, Oliver Heldens and Kiko Bun worked together on this upbeat, dance-worthy track. Oliver Heldens states that the uplifting Latin-house sound of the song contrasts nicely with the more serious lyrics. Specifically, the song focuses “around struggling with certain habits and balancing the good with the bad”. This song is in partnership with Payback Records to raise money for those facing addiction issues as well as families affected by COVID-19.

Listen to “Break This Habit” here!


Finally! Electronic duo We Are Fury has released their debut studio album via Seeking Blue Records. This fifteen-track album is the result of about two years in the studio.

We Are Fury made a post on their Facebook explaining their graciousness for the completion of the album. “Releasing an album was something we always wanted to do…thank you for letting us grow as people and artists, thank you for letting our music be attached to memories and moments in your lives.” Surely, the vocal-filled melodies, bass-filled dubstep, and big-room synths make this a very multifaceted album. Overall, this album is great for listeners of many genres.

Listen to DUALITY here!

Blanke: “Alchemy”


Blanke, pronounced “blank”, is an electronic producer and DJ from Australia. Blanke doesn’t focus on just one genre when creating music. In fact, he has melodic, dubstep, and drum-and-bass tracks to his name.

Alchemy” is the second single that he’s released from his upcoming EP Change & Decay: The Fall. Specifically, this EP will consist of six tracks and will be under the Deadbeats record label. Synths, catchy vocal chops, high tempo percussion, and a piano outro are all elements of “Alchemy”. In conclusion, if you’re a fan of melodic music or drum-and-bass, we definitely think this track deserves a listen.

Listen to “Alchemy” here!

GRAVEDGR: “CAME FROM HELL” featuring Hekler and Natalie 2V

GRAVEDGR, Hekler, and Natalie 2V came together for this massively heavy track. The insanely high energy banger was released via Heavyweight Records. “CAME FROM HELL” is one of the few singles that followed his album 6 FEET UNDER, released earlier this year.

This track is four minutes of pure madness. Starting off slower with slightly distorted vocals, percussion and low synths slowly build-up to the chorus. After that, the tempo increases to a loud drop complete with drum-and-bass elements. Later on in the song, the second drop is even more intense as the same sounds from before become gnarled and choppy.

Listen to “CAME FROM HELL” here!


The summer hiatus that artists have been forced to take from touring has resulted in some unbelievable releases. Consequently, new music has been produced left and right throughout the summer. It’s clear that producers have taken time to brainstorm new techniques and sounds. Even more so, they’ve been able to focus on refining their sound.

This past week alone, countless different artists debuted new music. However, there is so much more to be discovered! If any of these tracks above peaked your interest, click the links underneath the reviews. Then, choose your prefered listening method.

Keep up with Party Guru for news, features, live streams, and more!




Nightfall Music Festival Experience

Nightfall Music Festival

Immerse yourself within the 15 acres of scream-worthy terror at NightFall Music Festival this upcoming November 1st through the 3rd! Make your way down to Denton, Texas and prepare yourself for a thrilling music experience unlike any other. That’s right folks, this is the ultimate horror-focused music festival, featuring a cemetery, wandering cannibals, sanitarium horror tours, and an outdoor horror flick theatre. Not only do you have the opportunity to experience the fear the festival has to offer, but you also have the chance to become apart of the experience itself! NightFall is a three day camping event. If you are looking to boogie down at this Halloween town checkout details below!

Experience Nightfall

Nightfall has set its focus on creating an immersive Halloween-inspired environment that is sure to push the envelope on your comfort zone. This horror experience is based around the disturbed soul of Mary Parker’s multiple victims and their suffering. Take a tour through the cursed grounds of the Parker cemetery. As if things won’t be dreadful enough, apparently there is a band of cannibals that occupy the surrounding woods. Just be sure you don’t munch on any of their cooking! You can plan on multiple encounters with terrifying actors that will have you screaming and sprinting to your next set. Don’t worry too much, the characters are there for your entertainment, no attendee will be harmed in the creation of your horror experience. One thing is for sure, the moment you feel safe there will be another gruesome horror just around the corner.

Of The Trees

The NightFall experience features a full blown electronic music festival on its grounds. Unfortunately, only the first phase of the lineup is public. Luckily, the lineup is pleasantly unusual! Each music lover can expect plenty of dubstep, a dash of trance, a hint of psychedelic deep bass, and a pinch of jam bands. NightFall 2019 will feature artists like Moody Good, Of The Trees, Drippy, Megladon, and so many more. Nightfall is sure to hit you with the phase two line up soon!


Tickets & More

Now, let’s move onto the logistics of the event. The Nightfall experience provides a few ticket tiers for their eager attendees. First off, the general admission three-day camping pass costs $110 on the festival’s website. The general admission pass provides full entry to the event. The pass also provides access to the haunted attractions, the silent disco, and the outdoor movie marathon. The three day VIP experience goes for $200 on the website. The VIP pass has the same amenities as the general admission, with the exception of favorable camping grounds and restrooms.

Planning on bringing the RV down to Denton? The RV camping pass sells for $250, but be aware the festival will not provide sewer or water hook ups! When it comes to single day passes, they typically go for $60, with the additional expense of a $25 parking pass for the day. Be sure to visit the NightFall website for further details.

There you have it! Are you a horror gore fanatic? Do you go to way too many music festivals? Then this is certainly the event for you! Get scared and get down on the Parker grounds! Grab your tickets on the Nightfall website and check out the FAQs tab for any questions or concerns. Make sure to keep an eye out for the phase two lineup announcement! Til next time ravenous readers!

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